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This two days Baidu K a large number of Web sites, pregnant with worry, be K's affirmation in the heart, not involved, do not relax! Yesterday 14:11, Baidu Lee issued a statement, but also to the two times K Station description bar!

In the original look here: http://bbs.zhanzhang.baidu.com/thread-6533-1-1.html "

The article says is in order to enhance the Baidu user experience, has updated the cheating strategy! Search engine in progress, this is actually good news, before Baidu's many criticisms let the general stationmaster "relish", all hope Baidu can provide relatively accurate search information like Google, then also can understand Baidu's this update behavior! Of course, Update will inevitably have some error handling, Baidu also did some processing! The webmaster who was accidentally injured can also complain!

A5 Homepage has an article "on ' Baidu official 628 update explanation ' Some ideas and suggestions", a friend called Nanjing Ancient Confused boy wrote, see he means: He is very objective analysis of this Baidu update things, but many friends do not agree, think he is Baidu, in the help of Baidu said good word ... In fact, we do not need to do so, as long as the webmaster has been a lot of Baidu has a great resentment, this is normal, because Baidu's technology has not yet reached the ideal state!

This time Lee said: This update for the low quality site in search results show more of the situation was controlled; low-quality site refers to: No original, or false original (little original content, a large number of collected content or machine generated/modified content); This site is not designed for end users, And just to get traffic from the search engine.

In other words, for the non original Spam site has been more intensity of the elimination algorithm, you can understand it!

The webmaster community has a friend complained:


Original address: http://bbs.zhanzhang.baidu.com/thread-6582-1-1.html

Lee said the meaning of this sentence, the second half of the meaning of far more than the first half of the sentence! That is, the user is more than everything! This is also the original design direction of the search engine!

I am here to simply say that the "original" view: Original name is the first to create something, unique, not before, then China's commonly used Chinese characters so much, how to be considered original? We have a lot of SEO may be copied by a word to Baidu to see if there is duplication to determine whether this content is original, this method is very simple, but is not the intention of the search engine!

Lee's original, I think more important is ' quality ', not ' is unique '! Just like the one above who complains about original content: Big industry stations basically cover the entire industry's information, how can we create unique content?

If we start with the quality, we will be relatively easy to solve a lot of: as long as we ensure that our content is not collected, not through the machine generated, not to make up the rubbish content! As long as the content is useful to the user, valuable, worth watching, it can be said that this article is a good article, saying so many of the webmaster friends punished, First of all, look at their own web site in the creation of content when it is how to do, is in a kind of heart? Is it that most of the content is done by heart? At the very least, make sure that users who come in can take the time to see it!

We can cite an example: a friend asked my Lenovo Notebook blue screen What's going on?

Zhongguancun, bubble, and so on large websites have an article about all the reasons for the blue screen failure!

This time I thought, how should I get rid of the influence of the big website, create the content that search engine likes?

I can learn more about the specific symptoms of this computer and some other conditions, and then based on experience to eliminate most of the cause of failure, determined that the system is unstable caused by the blue screen!

Although my content and Zhongguancun have repeated, but relative to this question, my answer is more valuable, more in line with his needs, if this can not be counted as a high-quality content, I feel really no discussion of the necessary!

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