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Recently, people often give cold water.

The most likely to be poured cold water is this sentence:

E-commerce develops fast, has potential and opportunity, so we have to ...

"E-commerce develops fast, has potential, have the opportunity"? I assume that this conclusion is correct.

The problem is that there are too many such phrases on television, in magazines and on the internet.

Even if it is right, this is not a secret.

Not a secret, it means that you think of other people also thought of.

You reason so, others reasoning like this.

You want to do, others want to do it.

Although the cake is expected to grow larger every year, the number of people who grab the cake will increase each year, the cake assigned to him for each competitor is actually the same - or even smaller.

When people were singing B2C four or five years ago, it was meaningful when they said, "E-commerce develops fast, has potential, and has opportunities." Because you see opportunities that others can not see.

Now, it should be entirely from the business point of view, assuming that the competition will become more and more intense (meaning that although the market becomes larger, but if there is no special advantage, nor is it a special effort, divided into their own market does not Bigger), do not ever think that "getting into a growing market will grow with the market" - the time window is gone. Under this premise, consider whether to do or not and what to do - maybe the final conclusion is the same, but the new conclusion is more solid.


Strategy, Strategy, Strategy.

Has done quite a long time strategy, returned to some companies have also done this consultation.

The beginning of the time is always filled with a group of MBA framework, the classic frame one by one. After a long time, they will not use those beautiful frameworks and PPTs. They will not go through the macro analysis from the beginning. Instead, they will directly ask, "What is your special resource and competitiveness?"

You have a blog, 300,000 people visit each day, which is also unique competitiveness.

Your company to make clothes, the kind of fabric and texture only your production line and your skilled workers can make it, which is also unique competitiveness.

Your brother-in-law is the vice chairman of the National Toy Chamber of Commerce, which is also.

Your store covers every district in some cities, each with more than 3,000 stores, covering up to 90% of the main urban area. That's it.

Your brand is very famous in the designer, we all heard, and this is.

You own the entire supply chain, so your costs are lower than everyone else, and that's it.

You have money ... a lot of money, this can count.

In short, let's see if you have any special resources. The more "special" means that the more difficult for others to copy in the short term, the more "resources" give you the greater advantage.

Know your own resources, then go to consider what the market has the opportunity to match, it will depend on a little bit.



One night I bought something at a website and found myself missing a call at noon the next day. The call was over. The angry courier was complaining loudly about why I did not answer the phone. I said you could put something on the front desk. He said I To wait for you to pay ah blablabla, I said I paid for the money, his argument becomes the case of the front desk you do not recognize how to do, the more the more fierce ... ... because of the site and understand, but also understand Courier's hard work, so I told him to calm down for a moment.

Put down the phone to say, if I have no connection with this site, just an ordinary customer, then what will happen, I feel no longer in this house to buy things - so many online stores, why not find their own breath It Send this experience to Twitter, someone immediately replied, "I also because of this reason is no longer here to buy things."

The courier - especially in the e-commerce courier - is the company's image representative, who casually focus on a single point, much more directly than the soft-line effect of the Internet.


One night, L students happily phone over "You XX network is great!"

Listen for a long time, reason to clear as follows:

He and his friends set a machine in Dell after two weeks to check the status, found to be "in production" apart from collapsing, they go to the YY under the net after a single order to XX network parity and found XX network cheaper, so XX Net single back to the YY network to cancel the order and found can not be canceled, the phone asked customer service that can only be rejected View YY network terms of service found fierce words "no reason to reject ...... Division I ... deduct points ... ..." back To XX network, found that the clause is "when you receive the goods, you can refuse without reason, do not need to take any responsibility for this." (Note: After I checked, did not find such a good article)

So the classmate moved to call me in the middle of the night ... ... and said, "I have already promoted with several people!"

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers to their blog own blog, full to promote the story, the impact of millions of people is not a problem.

MKT estimates of the two companies do not know the skull would like to know so offended and won such a client.


Long, long time ago wrote B2C e-commerce website coupon marketing and fate cards two articles, are their own brainstorming fun, think of some may lead to word of mouth mechanism.

I heard that recently there is a home delivery cake B2C cake shop - the request is sent to the Party, get 20 people at a time, each a small cake. The purpose is to take advantage of this crowd gathering opportunities for everyone to try their own cake, anyway, the marginal cost is not high.

Always feel like this is difficult to control costs (did not find the store specific rules of the event), want to say you can actually improve - the first step is to send his cake so chaotic, so that more people know, only short-term (such as two weeks , Even if a little money, but also make people discuss the things that fall from the sky), and then stop the activity. The rule is that if there is someone's birthday on the scene, free delivery of 20 small cakes; the second step is to take a free increase in the number of people holding a cake after the change to distribute coupons, coupons have a date, if you have The coupon for this date, and the person who has the date and birthday on hand, sends the cake (with the new coupon attached to the 20 cake boxes). Initially, coupons are distributed in the coming weeks (increasing the probability of being retained and used), waiting for a longer date after more people are available - such coupons are generally not reserved for use, I hope some of them will go back to their circle of friends and ask, "Is there any birthday number XX? I have a coupon here and can get 20 cakes for free on that day." Wait until this matter is widely disseminated (estimated to have lost a lot of money), you can then change to give their VIP customers such coupons as a gift, rather than random hair.

Just brainstorm fun, the estimated feasibility is not high, huh, huh.


Korean Night back ... ... every two weeks there is a XX night, eat food from all over the world, play games in different countries to see GGMM dance. J classmates interest has been stimulated, they began to cover the "night of Sichuan", supply of spicy food, and then to ask - "Better to sing a bangs scene bangs cut firewood?" Khan. Speaking occasionally to teach with a university issue, a title of "Distinguished Professor" is still very satisfied with my vanity ... just do not know if they would not give title. Has been included in Baidu K, included only 30, worried Is not even sit, and be cautious to all the links in the site have been deleted Baidu K, after two hours and then look, included into 25 @ @ __ @ We care about distant people, concerned about dramatic scenes , Concerned about the tragedy on the screen, at the same time, but not necessarily concerned about the roadside frozen trembling tramp, that politics has nothing to do with you, did not sponsor hometown distant relatives out of school children. Zhicai Cairis most terrible. . . After listening to a Zhou Haihong's "Into the music world," I have to say that he was very strong in speaking skills, not only makes sense, but also said a very strong entertainment - total audience audience Is nodded while laughing ... ... after the thunderous applause for a minute. It would be perfect if there is no Q & A that is too divergent later on. They were also said that the face was not good recently ... ... Did not sleep well, the result was given melatonin five @ __ @ see their big picture appeared in the magazine, but the article was changed a bit unreasonable :( Listen to the EU president before speaking A class, half did not understand ... accent is too heavy .group mate said very looking for fight words: "I want to buy an iPad, because my laptop is too thick and thick." Problem when her laptop is Mac BookAir ... .A dinner table heard a classmate said to an Indian classmate, "We all want you to be the leader because you are very talkative", a meal almost spit it out .In non-native language fun place is everybody's words are very direct. More and more of the world's top 500 companies in the high-level, Internet company executives, turtles MBA also to play e-commerce. The former EU president invited to do the professor ... ... Unfortunately, I listened to two nights I Did not understand how much, the accent is too heavy: (Yesterday, the student's day, went to the Sky Bar, once again confirmed that he is an aborigine ... or do not think it is fun clubbing | -) one morning with coffee in one hand and holding Two big meat buns nibble, I feel very Western and Chinese: P See an e-commerce company called to invest hundreds of millions to do Web site fragmented in FF ... Occupational disease, as long as the article mentioned any product or brand name will want to say this article is not bad ... Suddenly remembered There are two people at the dinner table to persuade someone to drink, one said "done this bottle, I give you 30,000 your competitor user information," and the other said, "I gave you thirty thousand independent ip visit" , The rest of my sweat that really is e-commerce people eat ah ...... After reading the "Spirit" ... feel writing and story are very flat, dystopian subjects are also quite familiar, the only attractive is his Setting and reality closer to China there is such a strange group of people, itself is the bottom class, interests are being harmed every day, but with the ruling class consciousness in the animal world to find such a mentally handicapped are almost impossible .--- Lin Yutang Science Squirrels will still have quite a lot of fun experimental conclusion: blowing air faster than stirring to allow coffee to cool, then add cold milk to cool the coffee faster than to add cold milk :) Every day See the text Discuss Shanghai Jiaotong University, there are some write directly to the National Chiao Tung University computer department how, I feel like advertising, and huh, hua, Hunan TV as a strong ah, eat when you look at Wang Han Ma crazy insane variety show laugh turned over to Spring Festival Evening to Hunan Just do it. Tuzki version No Body: http://bit.ly/aZz1bJ. Cherish Tsinghua University, Xifeng exclusive; Fudan University, Slightly assertive. Tianjiao generation, Shanghai Jiaotong University, only know breaking the firewall. All go, a number of first-class schools, but also look blue Xiang. - Network, Source unknown Visual Personalized Ecommerce Portal: http://bit.ly/aO6D1ASometimes you win and sometimes you learn. - Robert KiyosakiIf it's a good idea, go ahead and do it. It's much easier to apologize - than you is getting to permission - Grace Murray HopperNever argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. - unknown authorWhen you even live your life in Have-To Land, you put yourself in a position of Jack Canfield asked for an article about hacking writing on Twitter, and the result was immediately messed up to provide a reliable customer essay service - such a marketing story was fine. Remote control aircraft combined with the Argumented Reality iPhone Game ... looks really cool. http://heaven7.biz.st/tech/819/ iPad-based ezine: http://bit.ly/bxEWbu Consider Wang Shuo: http://bit.ly/cT6sF6 From social networking sites and forums to the top 500 b2c increased by 37% (Dec, 2009 vs. Dec 2008), according to Hitwise Similar Sites (somthingstore.com and shopabox.nl), Woot.com also impressed Hipstery.com, quite interesting station to sell T-Shirt, first pick the number and then answer six funny fun questions (collecting information), then they claim to be by scientists Analysis of information to help customers choose clothes (algorithm) ... ... Then, waiting for the surprise at home, full of fun. My dream machine was finally invented: http: //bit.ly/c9hz7A (laser mosquito), I am sure to buy a $ 50 one! Students birthday is very creative, please go to Bath City ... ... the most funny It happened when a group of people in the shower took a weird look at very popular performances. When Shouxing was invited to come to power and said "thanks to the students of CEIBS," when dozens of people at the stage shouted together, "The Yangtze River !, the Yangtze River ... ... ", abruptly put the stolen plank to the Yangtze River body, and then the host is also very pick up the road," Welcome to Cheung Kong Graduate School students. " ^ __ ^ "Unswervingly carry out marketization reform, there is no way out without reform! Without adequate and fair market competition, there will be no quality, no excellence, no employment opportunities, no stability and no real rise of China. The problem is complicated, but one basic point is the restriction of government power and the root of fairness. "Zhang Chaoyang's speech is very good http://bit.ly/dxfKbC The students invented a" use their own country Language sing Happy Birthday song "entertainment ... So every birthday Party have been abruptly stretched for half an hour National Chiao Tung University ACM took the first place, as a former algorithm designed Orsay participants, these big cow always Worthy of worship :) Listen to Xiao Niannian's lecture, I feel very shocked, but his point of view will not be adopted by the government anyway. However, regardless of the correctness of the theory, it is almost impossible for the state to give up the power to exercise monetary policy. One is that too many interest groups are involved and the second is that people who "have a good understanding of economics" will oppose - "The economy is all right How can you do nothing? "The structural and systematic problems can only be solved in a systematic way. The rest are just palliatives. Do not let young people have discretion. Just give them a car and motorcycle star, exciting music, popular costumes, and a sense of competition on the line. Deprived young people of their thinking power, rooted in their obedience to the command of the obedience of the mentor. Let them embarrassed the critics of the country, society and leaders. Let them be convinced of the sin of the minority and heretics. Let them think the idea is different from everyone is the public enemy. - Adolf Hitler According to statistics, Nobita in the "Doraemon Dream" Complete Works a total of 173 beaten Tiger, was scolded 60 times by the teacher, mom scolded 327 times, dog bites 23 times, fell into the ditch 14 Times, we can see how optimistic Nobita is alive and what the difficulties in front of us, I will certainly persevere - the source unknown really profound and unusual insight from the observation system how to shape their own behavior - Donella Meadows filed a tax filing online and was asked "What a big mistake you got after 2009?" With one of the options "dead" ... or bought a Kindle that was comfortable and thin in your hand. Starting today, be a vulgar person. Guoliao over the wall travel around the world. From today on, pollution of food and vegetables. I have a house facing the sea but it has been demolished. - Han Han Alexa really fly ... ... my blog ranking to the world's 50,000. Think of that day Jason Yin to talk about him, "there are too many opportunities in China currently, it is more important to decide what we should NOT do" Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon classmate ... ... chat to hear "the structure of ice is very simple , I would like to do a week can be done ... ... "Joe in the presentation of the rice you mention" leaving Hunan XX ", dinner at the time asked him if he was found to be fellow, and then asked to find or Yale-China School Alumni ,Ha ha. Interesting case, an airline robbed another business, but also in another anniversary to buy a genuine advertisement - "Happy Birthday to you" + "a missing a large birthday cake picture" cruel enough. SixSense technology: http://bit.ly/7UCZmj great idea moonlight market to China MV: http://bit.ly/7jqg9V too fun to think that in recent years, their biggest growth, is not able to put more and more The more things get done, the more peaceful the mind is in getting things that pile up forever.) And chatting with advertisers often concludes that (for China's current advertising campaigns ) Data analysis is very limited: 1. Private relations for the media resources, the price is too large; 2. The flow of water is too heavy, each make up a mess of traffic let you confused; 3. Most of the CEO and the majority Professional marketer do not understand the data. Install office 2010 to play, enter the product key when I see this sentence: "The location of the key is not sure? There is no problem! Not easy to find ... ... usually ...", I feel very considerate - although I find it . See a vicious message, imitating the writers of various names to rewrite the Tianlong Ba Bu Xiqujing, of which Guo Jingming version and the original exactly the same - called a vicious ah, huh, huh Listen to a friend about their diving to catch the happy life of lobster ... Envy Suddenly, I thought, those results that "best match" may not always be the top priority for search results. For example, I search for the image "check", the intention is to search for a "ticked image", but the "best match, most people search," the picture should be "check", the first page should put a lot of check pictures Also put a few "tick" picture. If I meant to search for a check, I could either find it on the first page or I could not find it. I would press "Next Page" (because I think the search engine has understood my intention) and if I wanted to search for "hit Hook ", but also find what you want. The history of the bay is still being written, it's way to early for a conclusion. -piratebay Take a look at what your colleagues are doing, what you need, what you can do to help - http: //bit.ly/68roGA Can save a lot of advertising costs, these two days in intensive reading magazine reading blog, see the "Jingdong" the word more than 50 times ... ... read the watercress sensational stickers "parents said the most touching words" ... to buy The next Tuesday's ticket home. Douban should find Qunar Taobao shop to be divided into the promotion of more than the official website, this is not forcing me to Taobao it. . . Finding the cause from yourself is a more tiring, but more pragmatic, and happy way of thinking so that you will not have too much expectation from the outside world, focusing only on areas that you can assure yourself: yourself. - Conversely, this will make myself very tired, and will miss a lot of opportunities. Soufun website is terrible ... I went to countless times home or give me the default display "Beijing." . . Yesterday evening, I was reminiscing about the "Marketing from large-scale quantitative analysis to qualitative and quantitative analysis of small scale and high frequency" mentioned by Gu Xun's eldest brother (later, he answered questions from the audience as "a qualitative insight into small-scale and very small samples" and "Large-scale, statistical simple data analysis" as an example), feel very good (because I am a data mad). However, product marketing and channel marketing is not the same. This interview is good, economic class, quite real: http://bit.ly/6cuMpn From the Internet: Whenever I feel that I do things particularly unreliable children, I went to see how others do things, Then I knew how much he was a mother. :) Amazon really understand humanity ah ... Buy Amazon Web Analytics 2.0, while single-minded heart that the shipping cost of more than 10 knives I do not buy, the results check out N steps, shipping $ 9.98 ... ... @ __ @ Dubai crisis is Beside, go to consult a company, during which time I accompany them to see the newly rented office - was told that "because of the crisis in Dubai, the original set of doors do not need, so the landlord had no money had rented a house ... ..." Look at Chai Jing write Gu Zhun, wrote that after his wife committed suicide, "to eat rice to eat, eat a few mouthfuls of rice, from sadness, his face fell out loud in the rice bowl" and he wrote, "but I still restrained Live, try hard to finish the meal, I want to live ... ... ". I feel that compared with the history of my ancestors, all these things are just a storm in my teacup. To an advertising company to do a day product consultant, during which I saw a friend to teach a newcomer MM, you can feel the MM just touch the business brain paste ...... After the boss said it was even more nervous has become a cement, Looks pretty poor. Have to say that fortunately fortunately no longer a newcomer. [Geek Humor:] "CSS is like a fine woman ... it has a class, style and all the right attributes! The downside to high opportunity costs is that it significantly limits the choice of tactics to solve problems, and it looks like there are more ways to solve the problem , But after considering the completion of this and the risk, found that really useful, cost-effective method is actually a few .Water to the water dispenser, the result of the lid on the adhesive is always torn unclean make people annoying Said Nestle will not change the water from another home.- marketer to take into account the user when using the product of the entire process (the use of the trouble will be counted in the user's mental account as the cost of the product), but not narrow definition of the product "Water" and then only concerned about the water quality .MarsOcean http://www.yihaodian.com/cms/home.do?faid=1 This activity just fine, the front desk beauty pageant, it is easy to bring a lot of white-collar companies to bring new Egg hair design activity is just fine: http://bit.ly/aXoVl hate those black background white font PPT, eyes have to see blind people tend to pay a lot of costs, to have a lot of things, and finally found , They are just there and never have it .-- http://bit.ly/30kq9Sdebspecs Consumers can communicate with the clerk through skype, and the clerk try to wear eye to see the effect - of course, no other home augmented reality So cool, but also a fun attempt.From the LVMH Group Director's speech just heard, two words of impressions: "We are always dealing with yesterday and today at the same time." And "Retail is an entertain business" prezi.com, PPT Alternatives - Multi-Channel Sales Fusion with a large canvas (zoom in, zoom out): Enter the number of the pharmacy you are shopping online and the online store automatically picks up the medicines you've bought - - save you a search. Http: //snowpatrol.snowvalley.com/blogs/snow/archive/2009/08/24/1354.aspxeyeblaster Proposed a dwell rate concept, used to supplement the traditional CTR, I feel good ideas - but may only apply to rich media ads, the effect of ordinary banner may not be obvious. Here is the report: http: //trunc.it/1pusn Be sure to make those call 2 action button highlights - Other buttons ways is to replace relatively unobtrusive text links. Highlight the shopping and checkout buttons on the product page or the shopping cart page can significantly increase conversion rates. http://trunc.it/1oaqa Estimated that this boring idea has been thought by many people: the use of captcha area to advertise - has been patented by Microsoft. http://bit.ly/15MPAOWelcome Party, engage in a very fun show is the auction, some OK and daring boys and girls on the stage, the audience bidding to shoot "dinner" a chance ... High speculation of four or five thousand dollars a meal, low (boys) there are a thousand or two, a total of tens of thousands for charity fund-raising, quite fun. Hellotee copywriter really beautiful: Http://hellotee.com/blog-4-free-deliveryXBox Advertising: Without any controller, completely by the machine to identify the action to control the game - feeling and science fiction film scene inside more The closer http://bit.ly/RegQ7Zappos PPT: http://bit.ly/balmNsPeople may not remember exactly what you did or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel. - Zappos can actually be in the product Click the comment box after the line "I want to publish a more detailed comment," click on the comment box for different latitudes (price, delivery, fashion sense, fabric ...... According to product characteristics to), allowing customers to fill in specific . Do not know how many people would like to write a comment (if there is no additional incentives), but such comments are more conducive to the subsequent finishing, but also facilitate the search later. Why do you want users to choose between "Red", "Black", and "Pink" text links instead of small buttons in three colors? How many people are using Amazon PayPhrase? Discover Ai Rui is still influential ... ... video interview was seen by high school students, training and promotional messages have been seen by high school teachers. Written online marketing data interpretation of this series of articles, the results of more and more people were mistakenly thought I was a professional WA, in order to reverse this impression, the next speech to prepare for the title into "data-driven e-commerce operations" This is a bit cool, huh, huh. 1. Scrolling the page This action is not an obstacle for the vast majority of users; 2. Relatively less in the first screen to put a little something will encourage users to scroll the page; 3. If you are unfortunate at the bottom of the first screen put a similar horizontal bar Things, the user will think it is the bottom to do without scrolling. It is better to put a big picture (showing some encourage consumers to scroll the page) http://bit.ly/9i9PNX night was repeatedly talk about going to the entrance set to eat bald barbecue, too busy to go, just want to understand that It may be a scam, huh, huh, did not go. The key is not difficult to work, but good partner. . . "Learn to waste space" also e-commerce platform to remind, the product is not more focused on the better the show, so buyers or stroll interested in browsing, according to people-demand design, according to their different needs to provide different entrances, Finally find their own needs. --ChinasjjAlice.com claims not to rely on selling goods to make money, but by: 1. Sell statistics to manufacturers; 2. Help manufacturers advertise (for a specific shopping behavior crowd); help manufacturers make a trial loading (for a specific shopping behavior crowd). Source: http://www.marsopinion.com/2010/04/04/random-thoughts-from-mars/
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