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The industry has traditionally divided internet advertising into brand advertising and effect-type advertising, with the change of the audience behavior, marketing mode, interaction, precision and positioning has become the global network advertising development of the three major trends, not only for product sales-oriented effects of advertising, but also to enhance the image of the brand advertising has brought new opportunities.

This change has directly promoted the integration of brand advertising and effect-type advertising, brand advertisers and effects of the main advertising of the future development is the same, brand advertisers have a lot in the attempt to E-commerce brands, many E-commerce companies are also aware of the need to operate the brand, the effect of advertisers mainly e-commerce vendors, Their pay model is relatively simple, only to CPA or CPS as a measure, but with the continuous maturity of e-commerce manufacturers and increase in capital, they began to slowly transfer to the brand, at the same time, many traditional brand customers are also in the direction of transformation.

1, advertising network and advertising system to aggregate accurate crowd, become the market growth engine

If the advent of Internet media is a challenge to the television media, the emergence of a large number of vertical Web sites is the challenge to the Portal: with E-commerce sites, group purchase sites, micro-blog, SNS Video media, such as the rise of new media and gradually get the advertiser recognition, advertisers to the importance of marketing results increased. Vertical site audience groups can be based on geographical, custom, interest, attribute classification, and traditional media or portal site is very different, the traceability of the network to achieve a better point of the spread of the "' People-oriented ' network advertising to achieve the best standards of precision.

2, the data and the effect becomes the brand advertisement marketing actual combat two main points

From the brand influence and communication power, the network advertising has the effect of data can be monitored, delivery time and content controllable, positioning the crowd more accurate, interactive way rich characteristics, can more reflect the brand value and brand premium capacity. The words with the highest frequency in field interaction are "data" and "effect".

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