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"TechWeb Report" with the financial industry to open the door to the Internet, the internet giant collective financial sector, a group of internet financial products ensued, quickly attract public attention and successfully rob retail funds. Internet finance burst out of the gold-sucking effect shook and awakened the traditional financial enterprises. For them, internet finance is no longer a new concept, but an enormous threat that has grown into a real one. A reflection on the traditional financial industry model has quietly begun, facing the challenges and opportunities brought by internet finance, traditional financial enterprises are making changes. China's peace to become the first crab-eating brave, its way to make a change in short eight words: new and old combination, double jian. New refers to the mobile end of the first financial social application based on beacon technology. The old refers to the Internet finance has not yet arrived before the use of many features to lay a good reputation of the ping an credit card. Ping ' an credit card in the Internet before the advent of the financial system by virtue of many features to lay a good reputation (TechWeb map) in the mobile internet wave, ping An intention is obvious: ping ' an security card to borrow the world and beacon Technology, to create a safe, convenient, intelligent, all-round, personalized credit card Services Redefine the credit card customer service center on the mobile internet, let the ping an credit card public account become the omni-directional intelligent service Steward of every credit card customer, and the birth of Ping An world is a daring wading in the Internet finance and social field. Beacon Technology based on the peace of the world is safe in the Internet financial and social field of a bold wading (TechWeb map) The advantages of such a layout is obvious. First is security. Innovation is not the purpose of the bank, but the innovation based on security makes sense. Customer information security, has always been the tiantiao of ping-an credit card. Ping ' An is a safe and secure platform, using the whole information encryption, customers through Ping An bank credit card public account information exchange is not through any Third-party platform flow, nor stored in any third party, thus providing a real financial level of interactive services. This is fundamentally different from providing financial services through Third-party platforms such as micro-letters. Then there is the convenience. Check the bill in seconds as an example, the customer only need two steps to query the current billing details; the function of lightning repayment is also two steps to achieve, and support, agriculture, industry, construction, Everbright, China Merchants Bank, postal storage and other real-time repayment. It is using the advantages of its own platform, Ping ' an bank credit card system and ping-an world-wide platform docking more smoothly, can provide customers with more convenient services, so that the customer experience greatly enhanced, eliminating the use of Third-party services to provide the cumbersome operation. Personalization and intelligence are also essential. Combined with the typical characteristics of mobile internet personalization and fragmentation, ping an credit card strives to provide personalized credit card services. Already on the line of the appointment callback function, the customer as long as the move finger to submit an appointment order, you can sit at the seat call back, and the upcoming voice menu function, so that customers can complete the credit card service through voice; In addition, there will be a key to the online freezing function, such as customerThrough the credit card the world through the public account quickly freeze cards, so that the security of funds secured. At the same time, Ping ' an has created a robot for customers, it can provide a strong interactive support for Ping-an credit card public number, provide timely and accurate service according to customer's demand, and make human-computer interaction more intelligent. The existence of these advantages makes the combination of credit card and the world become all-round. With the help of Ping an world, ping an credit card to build the first domestic credit card network customer Service Center prototype has now, customers simply through the mobile phone side of the simple control, through the world through the credit card public accounts to complete most of the service needs. With the help of Ping an world, ping an credit card to build the first domestic credit card network customer Service Center prototype has now (TechWeb map) Imagine, at the airport, in the restaurant, in the cinema, in the shopping center ... When customers appear in these places, the smart phone in the safe world to automatically push the corresponding discount, preferential information, the first time customers to find this information, you can choose on demand, and through ping an credit card payment to enjoy these benefits, this innovative financial social platform and service methods, no doubt, the customer experience will be further enhanced. With the beacon technology and the continuous improvement of the platform, there will be more practical and convenient service content is worth looking forward to. Change, has just begun. Click on the link below to download the latest version of Safe World Pass: Https://ibank.pingan.com.cn/ibank/smartphone/Tianxiatong/index.html?WT.mc_id=creditcardoffline
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