A new round of electricity price war again, when the book supplier to participate in the promotion?

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Dangdang book supplier is required to participate in promotional activities, do not agree to bear the promotional costs of the organization book was "off the shelf"

Beijing News (reporter Zhang Liu Lanlan) August 15 of the electricity quotient price war is still in, a new round of electricity price war again, and this is the first to be affected by "book suppliers."

Yesterday, a number of Dangdang book suppliers to the Beijing News reporter said, received dangdang about dealing with vicious promotional price war notice. The notice said that in response to a website provoked by a lower cost of the promotional price war, forced to launch a counterattack, each supplier must bear part of the promotional costs. At the same time, in order to discipline a handful of suppliers who do not participate in their promotional activities, the books of four publishing houses are now being announced.

Yesterday, the reporter dialed Dangdang Vice President Wang's telephone, he said "it is not convenient to talk about this topic." ”

Suppliers are required to cooperate

It is understood that Dangdang from October 22 onwards to launch the 13 anniversary of the celebration activities, related to the promotion of the sale of millions of products, including books, 3C and other categories are promotional plays.

Dangdang set off promotional activities at the same time, a number of its book suppliers recently received dangdang about the fight against the vicious promotion of price war notice, the notice said, "In view of a Web site to provoke a lower than the cost of promotional price war has not been effectively curbed, we can not stand, forced to launch counterattack. Special notices as follows, each supplier must cooperate: In order to defend market share, from now until the end of November, we will launch a series of strong promotional activities, some promotional costs should be borne by the supplier. ”

No promotions will be punished

Dangdang's notice mainly requires all suppliers to attend the store before and after November 9, unless already promised to give 2 months (total book prices) 5% of the return point, otherwise pay the activity period (5 days) Sales code of 20% as promotional expenses.

Notice that, if the relevant conditions can not be met, then when will have to see the specific circumstances of the above suppliers and even all varieties, the shelf time for November months, and according to the circumstances when the right to extend the period.

When also said, before that there is a group of publishers do not give a website or due to a site violation and stop goods, Dangdang decided to the above partners to issue the chairman red Envelopes, bonuses for 100,000 yuan. The first winners were the commercial press and the Chinese children's publishing company.

In addition, when said, "to a few not to stop a website malicious promotional price war, but actively participate in suppliers, do not participate in our promotional activities we will give resolute punishment."

There are four suppliers who are indifferent to the sale of a website below the cost of reverse price also different means to give when any form of promotional costs, so that some of its varieties have been under the frame "to promote their vigilance", the four suppliers are: Shanghai Century Publishing Group, Science Press, Central compiling publishing house, Beijing Fruit Chang Cheng Culture Development Co., Ltd.

Be unwilling to say much by the next publishing house

Central compiled publishing house President Liu Mingqing said, "the matter is being negotiated, inconvenience more said." ”

Science Press release department staff also said, not convenient to say.

And a senior publisher, who has agreed to make the conditions, said, "No one dares to say no." Zhonghua Deputy Editor-in-Chief Gu Qing said, and when there is agreement.

As of seven o'clock last evening, the reporter at Dangdang input "Central compile publishing house", search shows still have 1197 items to sell. Enter "Science Press", search shows 76,802 items for sale.


When or "sword" means Jing Dong

Beijing East said the promotion will follow the plan

Dangdang said repeatedly in the notice, "a website provoked by a price lower than the cost of the promotion of the war has not been effectively curbed." Some industry analysts said the site may mean Jingdong Mall.

In fact, in addition to Dangdang set off a new round of shop celebration, Beijing East has also played "Beijing East book Anniversary" and other slogans, launch promotional.

It is reported that Dangdang this anniversary of the first round of promotional promotions as of October 28, promotional products 10 percent, 50 percent caps, and a second kill, direct reduction, coupons and other promotional methods.

For when the sales promotion, yesterday Jingdong Mall related person said: "Our promotion will follow the plan."

Reporter Login Jingdong Mall home found that the first wave of the Beijing-East book anniversary from October 22 to October 31, book audio and video full of 98 yuan can be awarded best-selling products, but there is no discount, coupons and other activities.

(Liu Lanlan)


Extreme ways to damage upstream interests

The Dangdang to take extreme measures to force upstream suppliers, and announced the four publishing institutions book shelves, for the price of electricity dealers since the rare. Xu Shen, director of the Theoretical Research Institute of the China Academy of Publishing Sciences, said yesterday that it was "not just a matter of disrupting the order of the publishing industry, but of continuing to dip into the antitrust law". ”

The Xu Shen state believes that the price war of the electricity dealers will obviously damage the interests of upstream suppliers. When this is done, the channel advantage is forced to yield to the supplier. (Zhang)

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