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Online about table and Div Architecture page of the debate, in the end, with the rise of div the traditional table architecture to the decline, in fact, this is a good thing, because the table in the page layout because of its own reasons do bring a lot of drawbacks.


At present, the structure of many enterprise websites on the internet is still pure table, table architecture The biggest advantage is the production speed, with the software inserted nested table, set width and height, a few minutes a frame can be put up, and then fill in the text picture, OK, the site template is done. But is such a Web page good for customers? The answer is No.

1, the page loading speed is slow.

When the browser read the Web page code, encountered table tags, only to read to the end of the tag will show the content of the Web page, and when the Talbe has a large number of nesting, coupled with a bit of card, the full opening of the Web page in front of the visitors will be a few seconds, the visitors experience Some visitors may think that the site will not open, not wait until full load halfway off, unless the Web server bandwidth is relatively large (even so you can ensure that the speed of the visitors must be fast enough?).

2, late revision more troublesome.

Because the page frame of the table schema is "towed" by the software, the code will have a lot of table, TR, TD, no one would like to modify such a code, even if the author of the code, this layout, adjust a very simple column will need to find a long time to locate the code, And because the production cost is low and difficult to maintain, many corporate website has become a "dead station", to do small adjustment or modification when the people can not find, even the professional construction station companies are unwilling to receive such a site to maintain.

3, not conducive to the search engine included.

In Baidu, Google and other search engines, table architecture code is not easy to index has been recognized, because the table structure of the Web page can not find the difference between the title and content, and these are the search engine Spiders Crawler index important basis.

For enterprises, the concern is the cost of building a Web site and the end of the browser in the effect, but ignored the enterprise to do the purpose of the site is to promote, is to bring more customers, due to poor quality of user access and search engines and other reasons caused unnecessary losses. Through the ages, not cheap is not necessarily "good goods", but "good goods" must not be cheap, therefore, to do the station must understand this aspect of common sense, do not just use prices to do the basis and ignore the quality.

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