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Since 2010 Weibo as a new medium, more and more people's attention, as a person engaged in network promotion, the use of micro-blog promotion is a very good way, of course, before the promotion of the first is to increase their microblog fans, after one weeks of testing, The number of small left Weibo fans reached 13,540, and I'd like to talk about the way and feel of a quick increase in fans over the past week. Please correct me if you don't speak well.

First of all, to do Weibo, the most basic of course is the need to register a Weibo account, note, register Weibo account, it is best to consider clearly, your microblog will be biased in the future of what direction, although the content may not be able to achieve the theme of the clear, but the heart to have a bottom. This plays a key role in boosting content after a fan's volume.

The second step is to add fans. In fact, at the beginning, most people should be to attract fans through the content, just at the beginning, I have passed such a detour, the actual proof, again good content, no one to see, no one to spread, are in vain. So, adding fans is the first thing to do after registering an account.

There are many ways to add fans, in addition to the use of some of the application of mutual powder, mainly through the micro-group to find and "mutual powder" related to the micro-group, to join these micro-groups, release their mutual powder news, there will be someone concerned about you. and oneself also want to look for in the micro-group to each other powder, actively add the other side attention, generally speaking, in these mutual powder group published information will be back to powder. To pay attention to, Sina fans daily attention to the number of restrictions, but others powder you are unlimited, so you can go first powder others, and other people back to powder you. In addition, the release of information in the micro-group is unrestricted, this can be concerned about the upper limit of course, to leave a message.

When your fans have climbed 2000, relatively speaking, you can gradually improve the content, why say 2000 is a threshold, mainly because the initial, fans are mutual powder, and Sina Weibo everyone's concern is limited, it is 2000 people. How do you not want to be said to be fooled into powder, it can only through the content to retain fans, improve the fans.

There is absolutely no way to do content. First of all, is the selection of micro-blog content, generally speaking, feelings + news + jokes, these three types are more popular. Of course, the need to remind that each micro-blog as far as possible with the picture, as a pictorial increase in the number of Weibo forwarding rate. and the quality of content directly affects whether natural fans increase the key.

Furthermore, we should be good at using the hot Topic list for analysis, participate in hot topics and related topics, carry out certain activities to promote, and the activities of the determination according to their own micro-blog theme of the location-related as well. Promotion of the process, through the cooperation with other Sina friends, improve the frequency of hot topic participation, can lead a short period of time to see the probability of activity information.

Finally, the issue of microblogging forwarding, this requires a strong executive power and combat effectiveness, is definitely the test of time and energy. Really so-called a hard harvest, the best way is the team cooperation, at different times to allow micro-bo can appear in the forwarding queue, you can let micro-bo every interval for a period of time, appear once, improve the mirror rate.

The general content is like this, and finally summed up a sentence: micro-bo as a new media, and constantly develop at the same time, but also to the network Marketing personnel test! The method of Micro Bo communication is also constantly changing, need to sum up and communication, in order to achieve the effect of twice the effort. Article by the Webmaster Bar feeds, reprinted please indicate webmaster Bar (http://www.wzhan.net/Article/12100.html), thank you!

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