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A SEO Beginner's voice

For a long time, has been watching the A5, but has not left their own words, not do not want to say, but do not know how to say. As a beginner of SEO, facing the A5 on the senior old webmaster, deep fear of a sentence will attract a scolding. But today's determination, to represent the vast number of early SEO in this line of friends to express their feelings.

Why to step into the ranks of SEO, because many friends around to do this, out of curiosity, no reason to enter this bottomless abyss. SEO Journey is a long process, for us these beginners, it is bumpy constantly, because after all, we do not have enough experience, often can not be very good to adapt to the changes in Baidu, not to cater to the needs of Baidu, the end of the fate is conceivable.

But as a beginner, I have always maintained a beginner's enthusiasm, from the simplest basic knowledge to learn, a little bit of arming themselves, so that they understand more. But in the face of the changing changes in Baidu, I do not know how long this enthusiasm can be maintained? Last week's Baidu algorithm update, for no reason to make their own web site traffic reduction, ranking decline, this for a beginner, the blow can be said than the avian flu caused by the panic is bigger.

So, as a beginner, in the end to how to face the changes in Baidu, to learn SEO? First of all, you need to know what you are learning seo for? What is the essence of SEO? Some people say that in the world of SEO is "content for the king, outside the chain for the emperor" as long as every day to ensure that their site has a certain original content of the update, coupled with a number of high-quality outside the chain, the site will naturally have rankings. Indeed, the original content of the update this is the most basic, high-quality external chain can also bring a lot of traffic. But one thing that you may have overlooked is that the user experience is the most critical point.

In fact, we do SEO is not for the original content to do, also not for the quality of the outside chain to do, the ultimate goal of SEO is to allow users to our website can have a good user experience, therefore, you must know, do not do seo to do seo, if your location is wrong, The result could be a dismal ending.

Speaking of which, someone might ask, now that the user experience is so important, how do we do the user experience? What is the user experience specific performance? Let me give you a brief introduction:

1, we all know that the original content is very important, but we do not only say to original, original things are not necessarily valuable things, our content must be in line with the needs of users, users need.

2, the user to your website, in addition to find useful things, but also have a very good sense of experience, that is, the appearance of the page to meet the user's aesthetic.

3, the user's operating experience is also very important, we also call interactive experience, the main site to focus on ease of use, such as users to be able to easily find a certain type of content, user login, registration convenience, and so on. These are as easy to use as possible.

As a beginner, there is nothing to share with others. Also hope that you senior old webmaster do not despise the eyes to see me this rookie. Overall, although the SEO is more depressed, but also have some fun. Although I do not know how long the enthusiasm of my study can be maintained, just as we like a song, a person, suddenly, some uncertain factors will lead to this song, the person in his heart position has undergone tremendous changes. But no matter how long I can keep this enthusiasm, I want to say that I am still full of interest in SEO. And will continue to strive to continue to move forward. It cobalt men to join, leading the upsurge of men to join the brand.

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