A summary of the methods to find out the chain resources

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"The content is king, the chain is the Emperor", this is everybody is familiar with a word, because this is a website most basic. Content also know that the best is original good, popular point is their own writing, the most incompetent also need false original, this point does not have the slightest technical content, on their own. So hair outside the chain, I believe often bubble forum friends also know the way out of the chain, nothing more than a network of favorites, forums, blogs, soft text, Wikipedia sites, resources outside the chain of these places, the method everyone knows, sharing more people, but there is no outside the chain of resources, you know more hair outside the chain method and what is the use of it? Here, I have summed up a few ways to find out the chain, I believe we see the following methods can be faster, more convenient, more labor-saving to find more high-quality outside the chain of distribution.

1. The most original, the most stupid way to find-Baidu search, in the relevant webmaster site to find outside the chain of resources, such as A5, the Chinese webmaster.

Analysis: Many webmaster use methods, the most original, the most elementary search method, time-consuming and laborious, and not necessarily able to find a good outside the chain publishing area.

2. I believe many webmaster friends know that many forums are in the advertising zone, Webmaster Forum has soft text publishing area, but want to find one is not very easy things, here I will tell you the most convenient way: Baidu search: "Advertising area by Discuz" "Soft text publishing area by Discuz" " Advertising outside the chain area Phpwind "soft wen area Phpwind", Baidu search results after the chain you want to publish the area.

Analysis: More relaxed, the weight is not too low, is a better way to find out the chain, and search out the weight of the chain is higher, but the "advertising zone" released outside the chain some of the forum may be deleted after a period of time, there is the phenomenon of loss of the chain. "Soft publishing area" is not found at this time.

3. According to the external chain of competitors to find outside the chain of resources: Your site keyword Baidu homepage of the chain is your ideal outside the chain of distribution, since they can send, I believe you can also send out the chain, this is a lot of people's point of view and outside the chain method.

Comments: Personal sense of use value is not good, let alone Baidu for the number of sites outside the chain, details will not be fully displayed, you can not see all the competitors outside the chain, another aspect of the competitor's outside the chain may be you can not post the blog, the need for a high-level account of the outside chain forum, or has changed the rules of the chain of the site, These are the things that you can't replicate, and how can you replicate others beyond? Of course, this is a way to find out the chain of resources.

4. The task of the mission to obtain outside the chain: in Granville Guest post forum posts and other tasks, request in high weight, high popularity of the forum, a post task 0.2 yuan, spend 50 yuan, you will add 250 good outside the chain, this is not the point, it is important that you will get about 250 of the outside chain resources.

Analysis: "People more power," in the SEO industry as important, as a novice webmaster, interpersonal is not extensive, did not accumulate a large number of outside the chain of resources, you can through the alternative "interpersonal" access to the chain of resources, a small cost you will be a lot easier, this is what I currently think the best way to find out the chain of resources.

Well, as a novice webmaster, for the hair outside the chain is also not a rich experience, now I look for the method of the chain to share to everyone, hope for everyone, especially the novice webmaster will help. Article source Xiang Yun Gift net http://www.n6188.com

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