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I 08 years to learn hackers, inadvertently contact with the net earn, do a while to do the CPA task. Finally, due to not much money, nothing. He graduated in 11 and worked in a network company for a year. No SEO, no promotion. Only how to make the interface to customer satisfaction, happy to pay the money. This is the status quo of internet companies in some small cities. There are many times when we are too lazy to add keywords.

12, with the Beijing love story hit, every time to quickly broadcast Baidu audio and video Search the latest time, will enter a variety of ads all kinds of window of the film and television sites, every time to engage in a particularly annoying. Then I wanted to do a similar website myself. The week before the main is familiar with the program, to everyone point in the space of reference, if your collection of film and television close to 6,000, all generated static words (including TV series each episode) will have about 2G size. The site is not all ready before it is best not to mister into static. Avoid repeated generation later, although it will overwrite the generated before, but it is not good after all. After the completion of the website, I will talk about my two weeks of publicity experience:

Baidu Bar: Some popular film and television paste, management is very strict. It is not possible to post a topic without being deleted. If you can in some of the high rate of posts, occupy the first floor of the second floor of this position plus advertising, the effect should be good. Such opportunities may be met with no request. Share: Can be in some less popular paste post Some like to see how many sets, to my mailbox e-mail such a topic. Then you can add an ad to the automatic reply function in the email.

Baidu knows: The management is very strict now. At first, ask a friend for a 2500-point 5. Can be directly affixed to my website URL. Then slowly will not stick. Can only use some Sina, Sohu blog to do a relay. Later is the relay link can only be sent once a day or so. But Baidu know the return is long-term, I asked 8 questions before, now every day can bring me more than 30 IP. Share: Some of the popular film and television problems, the high score and the problem of the click-through relationship is not big. I have a lot of questions to add to 200 points. is also very deserted.

Tencent Weibo: This is the most time I spend on publicity. At first it gives you a false impression, Tencent Weibo an account can add a lot of micro-group. I dreamed of a beautiful imagination in my mind. A micro-group is 10,000 people, 10 micro Bo is 100,000 people, remove 80,000 people do not online, I am an advertisement can let 20,000 people see, it is not ... Four days later through Baidu statistics let me see the reality of cruelty. An average of four IP days per day. Share: Don't waste time on some of the mutual powder groups, and most of them have the same purpose as you. I have more than 600 fans, send a very seductive movie also only to Exchange six IP, sent to more than 10 micro-group as the dead.

Sina Weibo: Relatively strict management, only add 100 friends a day, a micro-group. With the last lesson, I started looking for some big movie groups, and then every day add one, the inside share a good film rhetoric, save. Go to other micro-mass. This effect is not bad, I did not overdo, also bad meaning hair much. Although we are advertising, but must not be able to even see ourselves disgusting. One day can come 30 several IP.

QQ space: Mainly friends around me. After the site was built, no ads were added. Although the site template is not very good-looking, but must not be annoying. The earlier work was done almost. I let them each in their QQ space or Renren to help me send a message: My friend's website, no ads, every day update, like friends to collect. I value the IP quality of this part of the people. In fact, my idea is correct. This part of the people fixed more than 100 IP per day.

Summary: The site in the establishment of more than two weeks, in the promotion of a lot of kung Fu. About SEO, only know the fur of the case, can only believe that not to optimize is the best optimization. Oh to now the situation is good, now Baidu included the home page, Google included more than 600. Finally pay my station: http://www.zhuikan.cc/to see the theater

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