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The author has been doing optimization for some time, the beginning of Baidu K after a few stations, to treat the promotion of customer sites have been cautious, coupled with more than half a year more than 10 stations have not been down the right, a temporary mistake, the hands of a main station has recently been Baidu down right.

First, restore a power down the main station

1, do the promotion before the cautious

In the first half of last year, the author of a main station because the quality of the same IP site is down the right, since then, the author of the site domain name, server extra careful. And the author of this station server is selected in million nets, server stability, and the quality of the site with the IP section has been guaranteed.

and the contents of the station, in addition to product introduction, the other almost original. Because the author intends to build a brand image station, in the content of the full effort. The author's wishful thinking is that the site content is related to the original, and then add a broader chain, in search engines to obtain a more ideal flow. Who knows, the author of a detail did not deal well, the overall loss.

2, small problem, the big defeat

From the domain name, server, the quality of the article to the chain and other aspects of optimization, the author has taken the most conservative approach, and strive to the site's ranking can be long-term stability. But in the keyword density, the author inadvertently, eventually become a catastrophe, as shown in the following figure.


The author's website mainly engaged in a car parking lock products, they did not intentionally accumulate keywords. But the website uses the double navigation + Product List + The article List homepage structure. In the main navigation, the secondary navigation has a car lock in the word, and then the product list, the article List has the word, and then the product picture Alt and so on many places and parking lock this word, resulting in the keyword density is too large and K.

Second, the Web site by K after the reflection

Because this station is the company's main station, the station has contributed to the company a large number of customers, for a time, the company loss is quite heavy. Although the author has a site by K and then restore the overall ranking of cases. But no one is sure of the time to restore the site. Second, the site does not have a day of traffic, the company will lose a day. Based on this situation, the author has taken the following measures.

1, reduce the keyword density, keep the original content of the regular update and the chain to the spider, to static to restore the site.

2, efforts to optimize the two replacement site, for the short-term replacement site to replace the station.

3, the launch of Baidu bidding ads.

About Shift station thinking, is the author last June ate even k a few station of grievances, to the boss put forward the request. Website to do promotion, even if you optimize again white hat, also may be down right, ranking violent fluctuations of the day. Because the algorithm is constantly adjusting, perhaps your technique conforms to today's algorithm, but tomorrow?

Because the key words of the replacement station in the 2nd, 3 pages, optimization to the home page time does not need to be too long, so the company's losses are not too serious. Secondly, the author has done a lot of business-to-business platform and the long tail of the question and answer platform, these outbound promotion can basically bring more than 2 inquiries to the company tomorrow.

Do network marketing, too much of a single channel free source of traffic need to be cautious. Baidu K Station causes the company to lose the example is not the minority.

Third, patiently waiting for recovery

1, Baidu Index is slowly growing state

1 months later, although the site still has no keywords in Baidu rankings, but the bench a station most keywords are entered the home page, the author is not very anxious. Second, the station's content is original, the chain has become a stable and slow growth trend, with Baidu Webmaster tools to check its index as shown in the following figure, and the updated article basic 5h will converge, indicating that the site is moving towards positive aspects of development.


2, do not regularly check Baidu Spider visit

With the replacement station, and then there are Baidu bid to ensure the source of traffic, the author is still more indifferent. Indifferent is not equal to disregard, the author often check the station's website log, found 220.181.108 of the Baidu Spider came more frequently, the IP segment of the spider is also counted as the weight of spiders, which from a side of the site is looking to restore the ranking direction to go forward.


Iv. writing in the final

The hands of some of the site K, have brought me unforgettable memories. So far, I have been K's station, as well as by K or down the right reasons are known to the heart. To do optimization, especially the promotion of the Enterprise station, only the moment to maintain a vigilant heart, in order to avoid similar to the author such a mistake.

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