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I am doing PHP development, catenary station has been a few years, in the university has done several stations, but have no patience to adhere to, hehe.

Recently, the company work more free, so also take time to get a station, just on the line not long, many places are not perfect, Baidu also only included a home page, but I did not how to push, because I still have a key function did not finish. Here want to talk about the main I do station some methods, of course, not necessarily right, hehe, purely personal opinion.

1, site positioning

This is the first step to do the site, first of all to think about what the site is going to do is what the theme, biased in what respect. Two years ago, QQ Station Fire, I also made a DNF related site, hang Gg also earn a bit of money, but then optimization over by Baidu K, I did not go back to it.

According to the current trend of internet development, E-commerce or industry site is a good choice.

The current development of E-commerce is very rapid, of course, our personal webmaster resources are limited, it is not possible to do similar to every guest, such as such a large site, but we can choose a small field to do, such as novelty gadgets, household items, and so on, all of them to their own investigation.

The other is the industry station, the industry station is actually big, small, small, we can only do a small place (of course, to ensure that there are enough Internet users) of the industry station, such as XX real estate network, building materials network. I feel that the current health station is very good, I do is a health class site, called "Fashion slimming Net", of course, like the beginning of the article, I just started to do, hehe.

Now the internet has been a great development, webmaster personal ability is limited, do not think today to do a netease, tomorrow to do a Sina, not realistic.

2, the choice of the website procedure

Do the website of course to use the program, now if only use HTML to do the website, that is really "God-man".

The website procedure aspect choice is quite many, like Dede, the Empire as well as the Sing series and so on, I advocated is chooses oneself familiar or is easy to start. Of course I chose Dede at first. At the beginning of the time is to think it easy to use, but it is a coincidence that I changed jobs to a company when the company's resources site is also used to do two of Dede, so now has been using Dede products, two times to develop faster.

The new words I also recommend to use Dede, or a reason, start fast. Of course, it also has some drawbacks, the data will be slow when the volume is large. The right one is the best, at the beginning, choose a product can be quickly.

3, promote the optimization

The website will be promoted after the online, otherwise people do not know it.

To be a webmaster, to begin to understand a lot of terms: keywords, PR, outside the chain, as well as soft, and so on, to know what they have, what is the use of your site to help, on the promotion of this aspect of things I understand is also relatively few, just say some of my general practice it.

First of all to do a good job of the title of the page (title), Keywords (keywords) and description (description) of the writing, to let them with your site or the content of the article, set the right to do not arbitrarily change, and other search engines to include, then targeted for a slight optimization, But don't be too overweight to be K's.

The second is to find friends of the station or other webmaster Exchange some links, it is best to find the site with the theme of your site to add friends chain, the best way is you can write an original article to the weight of a relatively high site, such as Chinaz, admin5 to go, so that the search engine will soon go to "crawl" your site. I was in Chinaz sent a "tidy up the present found Dedecms small problem" on the Spider to my website "Fashion slimming Net" went, the original article is to be effective, to use this method more.

Finally to do your site map, Google likes this stuff, but relatively domestic stations are more attention to Baidu, but the site map this thing can not be less.

The above is my own to do some summary of the process, of course, there are many deficiencies, but also because my knowledge is not comprehensive caused, we have a good method is also welcome to share out, common progress.

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