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Zhou knows that website optimization is a long-term work, this work whether for the physical test or the test of the mind for our optimization staff is a very difficult test, I think that the site optimization from the previous coolie life slowly elevated to a thinking activities and mental activities, Now the optimization of the puzzle is to optimize the idea of the user experience, all day will only be simple hair outside the chain, hair article this era is gone forever. Today, I mainly discuss how to develop our own sensitive and optimized sense of smell as an optimization person.

First, in the optimization process of sudden problems to observe more analysis.

Unexpected problems generally include Baidu algorithm changes, the site ranked suddenly dropped, the site was dropped to 11 places and so on. The author mainly with these three points most common factor and everybody share, Baidu algorithm changes, the general Baidu official will give the reason for the algorithm change, if they are right at this time the site down, we must seriously analyze Baidu official documents, to Webmaster Class forum To see, I believe it is not very difficult to find the problem. If your site does not operate Baidu algorithm changes after the proposed violation of the operation, we want to analyze the 2nd, ranking suddenly drop, the general ranking suddenly fall most directly the most deadly reason I think that can be considered from the following aspects, the preferred quality and quality of the chain, such as the article recently did not wantonly collected, false original, Outside the chain to do a single forum signature or mass, and so on, as long as they have involved in the late recovery in the weight of the process to be circumvented, second, pay attention to the site log analysis of whether there are server downtime such as 404 pages of the generation to investigate whether because of server factors. Finally, pay attention to check the site links to see if the link is linked or Link partner Web site is not open, the site is down the right and so on, and so on, the general website ranking ups and downs no matter what the above factors are the most core or article quality and quality factors outside the chain, in fact, optimization is not what we think of as mysterious, the key is to see whether the right remedy, To find the cause of the charm, but many people can not find the root of the problem, mainly due to the lack of experience. Site ranking to 11, this issue mainly analyzes the recent release of the chain in the process of whether the chain keyword is too single, pay attention to the process of publishing the chain of text and anchor text link diversity, so that it can be a good way to circumvent the 11-bit phenomenon.

Second, always maintain a keen sense of smell and learning attitude.

The author thinks that the olfactory sensitivity in the process of optimization mainly comes from daily accumulation, Rome Rome, the most common way to train sensitive thinking is to charge at all times, charging has two levels one is daily learning, such as to webmaster Network to learn, to seowhy, those who are lagging behind these forums and so on. Second, pay attention to and observe Baidu Webmaster Forum and Baidu Webmaster Tools released the recent algorithm dynamics, because every time the small changes in Baidu if we do not realize that the right to be accidentally hurt is inevitable things, free to do when it is best to optimize the Baidu Official document is the Optimization guide to read the following carefully, Encounter do not understand to webmaster forum questions and everyone exchanges, exchange can understand, understanding can grasp, mastered the progress. Finally, want to say is actually learning this thing is everywhere, no matter what kind of way you learn, I suggest, must put it into practice, only really through their own validation of the operation can really for their own in the later optimization process to add a hand.

Third, every day to optimize the forum for others to discuss the most of the post analysis. For example, someone asked the website ranking yesterday is still good today why suddenly drop right? Ask this question when the author of the 1th has actually given the answer, but in order to confirm their own point of view you can post, ask him what to do to see if these operations in the author's 1th covered, If there is a suggestion he can correct it, if you do not have to analyze, let him detailed in the last January of the operation of the behavior, there are those he did not encounter the problem before, it is necessary to carry out analysis and summary, some friends to the forum at all do not bother to reply to the exchange of any novice questions, Cooked do not know the site to optimize any one detail will let you fall eyes, other people's problems maybe you will encounter next time, optimize no veteran rookie points, only for sensitive phenomena and data who can further rational analysis, who will be able to take the top, so humble point! Keep a low profile. The cow is very many, do not despise novice's question, helps others actually is achieves oneself. Finally, to these worthy of your attention to the summary of the post, telling you how to operate and communicate with each other, later if the other side really site weight restored, thank you for your affirmation, for their own you gain valuable knowledge.

Four, must cultivate their own network.

Because seoer this profession all over the country will have, online communication to discuss things, sometimes often too superficial, real dry goods, the real thing can be immediately immediate and the circle of friends to discuss, such as you are doing Amoy customers He is also doing Amoy customers so that the exchange is much easier, The establishment of feelings and partnerships is very easy, SEO is the same truth, whether online or online, really into the ability to improve themselves, to help their growth in the circle is very necessary. For example, the author added a number of SEO group, the group inside said are also SEO everyone has no cover, for Baidu algorithm changes, outside the chain platform collection, outside the chain construction strategy will be open and open discussion from time to time, such a small scope to discuss the effect is very good.

All right, let's share this with you today. In fact, no matter when and where, as long as they consciously cultivate their own certain aspects of ability, sometimes do not have to do something too deliberately, you will find that some of the things with their own inadvertently will cause their concern, the key or hobby of interest, a lot of accumulation and training is the key. This article by Lan Tanyu Bracelet http://www.029lty.com Original starting ADMIN5, reprint please indicate the author copyright information, thank you for your cooperation.

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