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In the blink of an eye again to Friday, we have wood feel this week than the week before the holiday a lot faster? Whether you have wood or not, I feel it anyway. The main content of this week: Harvard University has successfully developed the world's first machine bee, Cloudstack founder Liang: Let the Chinese software to the world, Twitter post-PC era of the Internet "agile" development of the road to explore; As a conscience enterprise, Facebook will open an open-source switch EMC set off the first Sdn landing, and Dropbox will host the largest developer conference ever.

1. There's only a little "brain" in the hands of a robotic organism.

After more than more than 10 years of research and development, scientists at Harvard University recently announced that they have successfully developed the world's first machine bee. Next, the researchers will develop miniature high-energy fuel cells to enable the robotic bees to operate wirelessly. And will need a brain to realize the autonomic action of the mechanical bees.

These bees, only half the size of a paper clip, and weigh less than 0.1 grams, such a small volume can fly up is an engineering miracle. However, the next part of the project can actually prove to be a bigger challenge.

Harvard University says:

the next research will involve a number of research teams in different fields, including the brain of the machine bee, the coordinated behavior, the power source, and so on, until the machine bee is fully autonomous and wirelessly controlled.

2. Cloudstack founder Liang: Let Chinese software go to the world

Liang's name is far from Cloudstack's reputation, and Cloudstack is widely regarded as the most mature open source cloud platform at the moment. As of the first quarter of 2012, Cloudstack had helped at least 85 large production cloud platforms achieve more than 1 billion dollars in operating revenue. By November 2012, Cloudstack's number of support vendors climbed from 55 to 110, Cloudstack's customer installation increased 5 times times, and the new Cloudstack cloud infrastructure was being handed over 500 sets a month.

Liang early into sun as a research and development engineer, responsible for the development of the JVM. Subsequently, he founded Cloud.com,2011 July, Citrix spent 200 million dollars will cloud.com acquisition, Liang continue his software dream.

In April 2012, Citrix donated cloudstack to the Apache Foundation under Liang's leadership. By November, Cloudstack launched its first release to the Apache Foundation: Apache Cloudstack 4.0.

Liang hopes that domestic developers will be able to pursue their own interests: "Now, if I were you, I should have made a decision when I first started (Choosing my career): I think I like technology, I can do technology, I want to go down that path." Because the future of the technicians is very good, you will never be eliminated. ”

This June 5 7th, Liang will be in the fifth session of the cloud Computing conference to share, welcome to the scene to listen to Liang for entrepreneurship, engineer career development, participate in open source experience.

3. From 0 to 1 only one day: Twitter research on the "agile" development of Internet of things in PC era

Twitter has recently developed a novel, cuckoo clock that can send tweets. The new cuckoo clock is called #flock, #Flock于上个星期完成, and its founders include a london-based technology consultancy, Berg, #Flock通过如图所示的卡通小木屋可以接收tweet, @ message, and forwarding tweets.

BERG Cloud Dev Kit includes two small boards and a microcontroller for accessing the Web API set, which allows microcontrollers to send and retrieve messages to Internet applications.

The device in another toolbox, called Bridge, provides a wireless connection, which includes a built-in user interface called remote that can access, manage, and control the system through the iphone, Android and switched phone devices.

4. Industry conscience Facebook Next move open source switches

After Facebook launched the Open Computing Program (OCP), it has completely disrupted the order of the server and storage markets. Now, as part of OCP, Facebook's network engineering team is leading a project to develop an open-source network switch.

In Wednesday, Facebook's OCP announced the opening of open source, including network devices such as switches. This open source project will show how to build a top-level rack switch for a large data center, but this is only an idea that is expected to be available within 9-12 months.

The project will show how to build a top-level rack switch that can be used in large data centers for companies such as Facebook. OCP's chairman and President Frankovsky admits that the project is "just an idea and a blank sheet of paper". He points out that the switch will use Software Definition Network (SDN) technology to make it irrelevant to the operating system. The goal of OCP is to create clean, independent component specifications that can be easily interchanged and seamlessly work together.

5. Clustrix Sierra Distributed Database system: MySQL in cloud computing era

Newsql database Start-up Clustrix recently received a 16.5 million dollar C round financing, which includes Sequoia Capital, U.S Venture, and ATA Ventures.

Clustrix, two years ago, launched a highly scalable telescopic database solution Sierra, which provides functionality similar to the SQL database, while extending the data store. Clustrix Sierra is a distributed database system that supports both the simplest key-value format and MySQL functionality, and can be very simple to store billions of of data by adding new nodes. It is called MySQL in the cloud ERA in the industry.

6. Dropbox will host the first ever developer conference this summer.

Is there a better way to attract developers than hosting a developer conference? I don't think so, Dropbox.

dropbox--file synchronization storage and sharing provider, which will host the first developer conference this summer. The conference is known as dbx--is scheduled to be held at Fort Mason, San Francisco, on July 9.

It is understood that DBX adopt the invitation system to participate for one day. Developers wishing to participate need to apply in advance, Dropbox will send an invitation notice after the audit, and the developer will have to pay (350 dollars) to attend.

It is understood that the developer Conference on the main highlight three content: learning its platform to launch new features, to help developers and Dropbox API engineers and designers to communicate, show up to date in the Dropbox has been established third-party applications.

7. Free is the King: 25 free data visualization tools for inventory developers

Data visualization can help people to get information from the data visually. However, the process of data visualization is not an easy task, this article gives you 25 free data visualization tools that can be used in many fields. These include wiki Mind Map, Tag Galaxy, dipity, RSS Voyage, We Feel Fine, decoupled World Flux, teaching to, data journalism, data Stories , time flow analytical timeline, etc.

8-11 More information: Dialogue PAAs platform DotCloud Evangelist: Virtualization also points to "lightweight" and "Heavyweight", PMC Zhang Dong: Storage-system development, challenges and change, giants are on the beach or over? EMC launched the first Sdn landing War, Lin Shi-ding: Architecture design and architect.

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