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PHPCMS Content Management System Brief Introduction:

Phpcms is an open source PHP development framework. PHPCMS consists of more than 20 functional modules including content model, member, ask, topic, Finance, order, advertisement, mail subscription, short message, custom form, whole station search etc., built-in news, picture, download, information, product 5 big content model.

PHPCMS uses modular development, supports custom content models and membership models, and can customize fields.

November Update:

Fix bugs in comments

Fix because the message is not configured, resulting in a bug that approves members ' time too long

Fix some other problems

Detailed introduction and download address: http://down.admin5.com/php/69796.html

ZCNCMS Content Management System Brief Introduction:

Zcncms is a content management system developed based on PHP technology, provide content editing, keyword management, advertising management, link management modules and models, program design is very concise and pay attention to the requirements of two development, can be very convenient in the original system based on the addition of new models and functions, examples

such as graphics and text, products and other models.

November Update:

Fixed install part of PHP compatibility

Include modify part of PHP compatibility

Include cache part code (1.2.10)

Include permission section code (1.2.10)

Modify part of a bug

Detailed introduction and download address: http://down.admin5.com/php/96934.html

Dream CMS Content Management System Brief Introduction:

Dream-Woven CMS is a simple, robust, flexible, open source several major features of the open source content management system, is the leading open source CMS brand, the current program installed capacity of up to 700,000, more than 60% of the site is using a dream-woven CMS or based on Dream CMS core development.

November Update:

plus/guestbook/edit.inc.php, variable not filtered message there is a vulnerability

Detailed introduction and download address: http://down.admin5.com/php/7401.html

AKCMS Content Management System Brief Introduction:

Akcms is a lightweight CMS, compact and efficient, good compatibility, low CPU footprint, low memory footprint, low requirements for the host, flexible customization, suitable for SEO, super load capacity, can support million PV.

November Update:

Fixed the problem of logging directory, changed to a hash after the directory, enhance security

Fixed bug with comment interface error

Fixed bug for false positives with no value

Fixed minor problems with link errors

Detailed introduction and download address: http://down.admin5.com/php/18311.html

JUMBOTCMS Content Management System Brief Introduction:

Jumbotcms is a set of free web content management systems for both end users and developers, by Microsoft. NET Framework to build an open source content management system.

November Update:

Intelligence optimizes the system according to the order of magnitude of the website

Detailed introduction and download address: http://down.admin5.com/net/76739.html

Network Titanium Article Management System Brief Introduction:

Network Titanium Article Management System (OTCMS) based on the ASP+ACCESS/MSSQL technical framework, not only can be applied to a wide range of news-publishing sites, but also for information portals, the function will only be common to function, easy to operate the direction of development, so that do not understand the code but want to build their own website friends, The use of Network Titanium article management system, through the background of simple configuration, you can have a personalized website.

November Update:

Get editor thumbnails when correcting background article edits sometimes no full bugs appear

Correcting Data Processing Admin page permissions not bugs

Background Article management shortcut property settings, add first image/thumbnail/slide/scrolling properties of whether there is a thumbnail file to judge

Correct background Skin management Advanced Mode Interface Frame Body (960px) item not saved to database bug

Foreground content page keyword replacement, add exclude existing hyperlink or picture label content Replace

Detailed introduction and download address: http://down.admin5.com/asp/70126.html

Community Forum

discuz! X2.5 Community Forum

discuz! X2.5 new version launches four new systems: New community form, new technology system, new portal system and new mobile experience, in which the new portal system mainly from the content push, picture cutting, module management, such as the depth of optimization, to help webmasters and editors more time-saving and labor-saving site, improve the efficiency of website operation and Management.

November Update:

FIX DIY Module Template order=odd problems that cannot be used multiple times in the same template

FIX Dz_newpic interface Adds a picture address data

FIX plug-in local update prompts for new

FIX Log published after the review + points, again edited, again audit when added

Detailed introduction and download address: http://down.admin5.com/php/82969.html

Enterprise Construction Station

Netgather Enterprise Free Construction Station

The use of asp+access more suitable for small and medium Enterprises Web site model.

Web page div compatible with all the current mainstream browsers, Ie6+,chrome, Firefox, Opera,safari, and so on, HTML code Concise specification through the consortium, more conducive to SEO promotion.

Background management interface, easy to operate, friendly, more humane.

The website supports unlimited language categories, unlimited menu columns and unlimited column categories.

Detailed introduction and download address: http://down.admin5.com/asp/74054.html

Pageadmin Website Management System

Pageadmin is an integrated content management system for enterprise-level Web site content Publishing, information publishing, custom forms, custom models, membership systems, and collection functions.

November Update:

Added customization for the current location of each site, page number text customization.

Added settings for whether to add watermarks when inserting pictures in the editor.

The restriction that the registered member cannot fill in Chinese is cancelled.

Added functionality for administrators to add members. Wait a minute.

Detailed introduction and download address: http://down.admin5.com/net/8537.html

Office management

Lazy people work through OA

Lazy people work through the use of. Net+mssql/access development, Imitation XP desktop management, easy to operate, integrated scheduling, workflow, Conference Management, contacts, forums, voting, chat room, CRM, network hard disk, Web site Daquan Dozens of function modules, is a good OA office


November Update:

Fixed password issue for adding electronic signature hints

Increase the use of the Weboffice plugin under 64IE tips

Increase the text editor's support for uploading video files

The installation process increases the detection judgment of the. NET Framework's high version

Detailed introduction and download address: http://down.admin5.com/net/72021.html

Audio and Video Entertainment

Phpvod VOD System

Phpvod Studio (PV) is a free open source, based on the Php+mysql development of video-on-demand system, the system has a number of outstanding features and the active participation of community members, in the ease of use, scalability and performance of continuous optimization and improvement, So that Phpvod can be in a very busy server environment fast and stable operation, and effectively save the cost of the site. Strong interactive capabilities enable PHPVOD to fully mobilize member participation, rapid expansion capacity, to help the rapid development of the site.

November Update:

Support for a running environment without a short mark turned on

Template add page, URL, ad, template label

Support custom pagination styles and templates

New file, Memcache, APC three cache modes, and so on.

Detailed introduction and download address: http://down.admin5.com/php/17811.html

PHP Framework

thinkphp Framework

Thinkphp is a free and open source, fast, simple object-oriented lightweight PHP development Framework, followed by Apache2 Open source protocol release, is for

Created by Agile Web application development and simplifying enterprise-level application development. has many outstanding functions and characteristics, experienced more than three years of development at the same time,

With the active participation of community teams, continuous optimization and improvement in ease of use, scalability and performance, many typical cases ensure that they can be stabilized for business

Industry and portal level development.

November Update:

Independent grouping function

Template inheritance

module and Operation mappings

Ajax adds JSONP format support

Grouping supports configuring default modules and actions individually

Core compilation process optimization, and so on.

Detailed introduction and download address: http://down.admin5.com/php/73011.html

Data Maintenance

phpMyAdmin Data Management

phpMyAdmin is a MySQL database management tool based on PHP, web-base architecture on the Web site host.

phpMyAdmin can manage the entire MySQL server (requiring superuser) or manage a single database. To achieve the latter, you will need

Set up the MySQL user reasonably, he can only read/write to the allowed database.

November Update:

Uuid_short () is a parameterless function

General parameter headers do not apply to features

Various search operators do not work as expected

Invalid select query enum Fiel table

Detailed introduction and download address: http://down.admin5.com/php/8885.html

HTML Editor

Kindeditor HTML Online Editor

Kindeditor is a popular in the domestic HTML online editor, this update new cell editing function, various buttons (OK, Cancel, on

To maintain the same appearance on different browsers.

11 Update content:

The pop-up box can be centered with the scroll bar scrolling.

The server does not configure default index.html, Baidu dynamic map can not be loaded.

When you click on the properties of the picture, the Hyperlink property, the colon becomes%3a.

When the page has a jquery uploadify plugin, it cannot be uploaded continuously.

Detailed introduction and download address: http://down.admin5.com/qita/8893.html

tqeditorhtml Online Editor Content details

Tqeditor is the first compatible IE9 online editor in China, and is also an online editor with the best function volume ratio.

November Update:

Improved, WebKit Core browser (Chrome,safari, etc.) drag the Panel does not select text. Drag more smoothly.

Detailed introduction and download address: http://down.admin5.com/qita/72917.html

This recommendation will be issued by the A5 source in the middle of the month, please pay attention to, we will try to recommend the webmaster recommended site source works, and welcome to open the source

The sender comes to A5 source code (http://down.admin5.com) to publish your outstanding work.

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