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About Sitemap


Once upon a time there were three little pigs, who grew up and built houses and lived separately. The eldest brother moved to the haystack piled up a thatched hut, the second moved to the wood to build a cabin, old moved to bricks, walls, build chimneys, built a sturdy brick house. One night the big gray wolf successively blew the hut that crashed the eldest brother's penis and came to the old three door. Into the brick house dumbfounded, see the chimney on the roof jumped into, and behold fell into the boiler into a big gray wolf hotpot ...

This is a familiar story. In my usual map, it's like this:


The Sitemap that describes the site is simply the way it is drawn, not complicated, but it will include a variety of processes that lead to different pages and results.

Wikipedia explains the Sitemap as follows:

A site map describes the architecture of a Web site. It can be any form of document, used as a design tool for Web pages, or a Web page that lists all the pages in a site, usually in a hierarchical format.


Quote from Wikipedia Creator:en:User:Trevor MacInnis

Another concept is the XML Sitemap Sitemaps, not as a discussion object in this article.

Sitemaps is the site administrator to the search engine crawler advertising site can be crawled pages of the protocol, sitemap file content must follow the definition of XML format. Each URL can contain the period and time of the update and the priority of the URL throughout the site. This allows search engines to better and effectively crawl site content.

The benefits of drawing a site map are many, the requirements phase can be used to discuss the market with the product, interactive phase can be used to optimize the page flow, development phase can be used for the architecture of the shop. Draw Site Map is very easy quickly, OmniGraffle, Visio, Word, PS, AI, drawing board, QQ screen cutting tools, paper pens .... What is convenient to use, not rigidly adhere to the tool. My common tools are Visio and AI. Visio is easy to connect with; Ai if already has a set of commonly used Sitemap style is also very efficient, for painting conceptual model or other analysis diagram will be more handy.

I like to put such a picture on the first page of the interactive description document, functionally as the back page detailing a single page of the total, form so that their products look more professional.


How do you draw a sitemap more professionally?


The word "Blueprint blueprints" is used in the Web information architecture.

(The blueprint shows the relationship between Web pages and other content components that can be used to shape organizations, navigation, and tagging systems, often called "site maps") and divides blueprints into two phases-advanced architecture blueprints high-level architecture blueprints ; Detailed Blueprint Detailed Blueprints

1, Advanced Architecture Blueprint Phase

The advanced blueprint is produced in the early stage of design, usually from the vantage point of the site to see the homepage of the site to describe the main column area. Just like decorating the house starts with adjusting the room structure. On the advanced blueprint you can see the relationship between the page, the components within the page, the group of pages, and the page (pictured below). Making the best use of simple and fast tools to produce high-level blueprints can facilitate discussion at the product level.


2, detailed blueprint Stage

When the "decoration" gradually in-depth details, the column internal page relationship refinement, you need to use the detailed blueprint. It describes the detailed relationship of a page within a site. The main audience for the detailed blueprint is the developer, and a clear and detailed blueprint will help to smooth the interface with the development colleagues. The final file in the interactive document should be a detailed blueprint. As to how detailed to draw, it depends on the project. A simple introduction to the detailed blueprint of the Web site even if the beginning of the first painting is not necessarily very large.


In the information architecture-blueprints for the web, the author gives several sitemap forms for different types of Web pages:


Tree map:

It's easy to show the hierarchy, but it's not as wide as the vertical hierarchy. Can be avoided by combing the comb pattern.


Comb Map Comb Pattern:

When a lot of the same level content, comb pattern can avoid the graphics on too wide. If you intend to end up with a sitemap in Word or other documents, it is recommended that you use a comb pattern to draw the Sitemap to a vertical length, after all, most electronic documents are not suitable for a wide picture.


Star Map

When the site is a large number of content levels, using a star map can avoid the top level is far from the problem of retrieval. With the home page as the center, the radial display of all levels of content will make Sitemap more compact and organized. But if the local content type is very different, it is easy to mess up.


TAB Map label Map

It is suitable for the content level of the species relationship to use the label pattern. In the same hierarchical system, the label chart is more intuitive and efficient than the tree diagram, and it contains a clear relationship, while simplifying the second level of presentation and many connectors.


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