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The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys the Cloud host technology Hall

According to the Webmaster Learning and Exchange QQ Group finishing (17770150) by Ching (207780) lectures, first introduced himself, has many times with the network Supervision Department work. So understand some basic process. Because it is the speech, so there is nothing to be prepared for. Ching the principle of lecturing or hope that we have a harvest.

The key order of network supervision is

1. Politics,

2, large-scale economic fraud,

3. Pornography.

4. Small economic fraud.

(Of course, these aspects of the law are paracytic, and the above is only for personal sorting.) )

Many webmaster understand do not involve political station, but sometimes will receive network telephone. Mainly because of the use of online common forum programs, and because some sites can not bring economic benefits to the webmaster so webmaster ignored, in the law, as if this political information in your website forum or message version stay more than 30 days, the site owners assume responsibility, at least the supervision is weak, serious is the dissemination of reactionary information.

Talk about big scams.

The current personal understanding of the main grasp of three types of events. The first is network MLM. The second is the six color, the third is betting the net, these three aspects of general webmaster also basically do not involve, I do not say, I hope we understand that the network of serious money we can not earn, do not engage in these crooked.

Here are some of the most concerned pornography cases.

A lot of stationmaster tasted sweetness, this is not taboo, at least is the ball ball.

First, the dew point will die. This doesn't have to be a fluke. If you put a dew point picture on your website without being caught by the network police, it is only a matter of time.

Second, temptation must be checked, many sites with bikini images combined with text to lure. Such a site does not have actual content, but it will make visitors feel that there must be actual content. This station belongs to the Stop check range, is broken to your network cable, the server to the Public Security Bureau, a file of a file check.

Here, give you a suggestion, do not think that no link is safe, and in their own space to put pornographic movies and pictures. Do stop trouble, make peace of mind money.

Third, video chatting is the focus of the current inspection, and with the development of time, the public security departments to combat cybercrime methods more and more perfect. Remember that a few years ago, the network Monitoring department encountered a need to pay membership fee of the pornographic station basically no way, because the office funds do not have this expenditure item.

And people look at the recent reports of video chat stations being terminated, it is clear that the Scouts paid to enter the interior and get firsthand information. This cannot be said to be an improvement. As a normal business site webmaster, we also welcome this progress.

As the current online pornography crackdown stage, many no dew point of the picture station was also closed, so you can judge the current scope has been extended to a large number of seductive picture station, this scale is the quantity and temptation level. If all is wear than the beautiful woman at the beach, the forest's normal picture estimates the problem is not big, but in bed that kind of ambiguous expression of picture don't do.

Small fraud is not the amount of economic disputes, such as the recent issue of securities information trading disputes and so on.

After talking about these types, then talk about the jurisdiction of the national law on the administration of the Web site. A website has a problem, is the server location of the public security organs for reconnaissance and processing. Please be clear on this point.

Network police will first find the basic telecommunications, telecommunications, netcom to call the server's managed information, and then through the hosting information to find the host hosting the server to confirm the site owner.

If serious violations of the law, will be directly detected in the detention site operators, even if the person in the field will be long haul, such as operating pornographic sites, pornographic video sites, reactionary sites, network MLM Station.

This is a crime, if it is illegal, such as the site has the temptation to act, there are a small amount of pornographic information. will be directly in the room unplug the network cable, commonly known as broken nets, and then notify the site operators to cooperate with the investigation of public security organs

If it is a minor violation of regulations, does not constitute an illegal act, will call the website operators, strict emphasis is to the network to monitor tea.

So we basically understand, if you do enough to crime level of the site, is not to be notified, directly waiting to be pressed in bed. The website is disconnected, get the telephone to talk about the situation, generally will not have too big problem, do have illegal content illegality will have fine, generally is 20,000 below fine.

The general network case is by the local network Supervision department to carry on the inspection of the website on the server. Then combined with the network report.

Network reports are generally divided into regional, provincial, national. This depends on how the reporting behavior occurs at that level.

For example, report at the national level, someone will handle the report, transfer to the provincial network supervisor, the provincial level and then turn downward.

Encounter such a report, the local network supervisor is also very troublesome, must seriously deal with. Such reports are often punished by the local authorities themselves to find some serious. We must understand the work of the police comrades. Also very hard, there are various aspects of pressure.

Website type, processing flow, investigation process, I basically finished. Back to the end of the topic to say a few words about the content of the website with national law. Pornography and fraud are clear to everyone. And then there's the question of a reputation right.

National law stipulates that the right to a citizen's reputation is protected by the state. So it is not possible to make a verbal attack on a person by name on the Internet. This aspect of the problem is also focused on the forum. Recently, there has been news that large-scale reorganization of the network forum, but also because of the freedom of the forum and difficult to manage the cause. There are forum station webmaster to prepare first, because after all, the country has rules, only the company with BBS card has the right to operate electronic bulletin board and BBS business.

Today is about here, thank you, the content of the law is very strong, I am by virtue of memory, there are wrong places please everyone feel, also hope that we cooperate with the country to build a harmonious society, do a good job of the station, make money.

Oh, there are some hackers and DDoS attacks on the legal issues, because not the content of the site, today does not speak, another day to find time to give you a summary, welcome to join Ching Webmaster Q Group: 1411857. The Ching group and the group have the same frequency of lectures.

We do not fear the network supervision of friends, they are ordinary people, but in doing and our related work, but also very hard, try to understand them, in fact, are good, is to make friends.

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