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In the last time has talked about domain name registration some of the basic considerations, the next question is what domain name registration, and determine the fundamental factor of this problem is the value of the domain name, although in accordance with the Marxist economic theory, the price will be more accurate words. Because according to the theory of the old horse, the domain name contains the social average productivity of the necessary labor time is the same, so the value should be the same, a dead so many years of people, as he is farting!

The domain name valuation has two main modes, I call them the hard goods and the soft goods respectively, we mainly talk about. com,. NET such international domain name, incidentally talk about country domain name.


The so-called hard goods, is very short domain name, such as only three characters (excluding the middle part of the domain name suffix) of the international domain name, a pure word (and most people are aware) domain name, as well as CVCV domain name, expand a little, four letters. com domain names are counted hard goods. 5 characters and longer than the word domain name, there is no qualification for hard goods. Do not know what is the CVCV domain name? Don't worry, I'll introduce some common terms in the International corn Trade:

C:character, including numbers and letters, or consonants, or consonant letters.

L:letter, pure English alphabet.

N:number, pure Arabic numerals.

V:vowel, a vowel letter in English.

Hyphens: Refers to a hyphen "-", such as a domain a-c.com that contains a hyphen.

Cctld:country Code TLD, country suffix domain name, is. cn,.cc,.us Domain name

For example: The famous Domain name transaction market sedo.com, its domain name is cvcv.com format, here's C refers to the consonant letter, this is also the price highest one kind of domain name format. Podcast site odeo.com is vcvv.com format, but vcvc.com format seems to have more good domain names. Gfw.com is LLL domain name, and foreign forum v7n.com domain name can only be regarded as CCC, or become LNL (letter + digit + letter) format.

Hard goods make it hard goods, because it almost does not exist to sell the problem, take in hand must make money.

Word domain name Needless to say, even if there is no Apple company in the world, any fruit tycoon may buy apple.com. Even if Microsoft does not buy live.com, hundreds of millions of internet users around the world, even if only one out of 10,000 of people are curious about the word live and enter the Live.com, every day visitors are counted, and any advertisement can make a lot of money. For any three-letter domain name, so many organizations and so many companies around the world, aren't their initials three letters? for example, Gfw.com.

The price of pure word domain name looks at the popularity of the word and the degree of cognition, the range of price fluctuation is too big, can't price. Mcdonald.com can sell millions of dollars; a 1000 years ago in ancient English, the super rare words, all over the United Kingdom less than 10 people know it, how much do you say you can sell? The price of this thing can be said to depend entirely on the buyer.

Why is CVCV domain name valuable? The name of any corporate organization will certainly give its own company a simple, well remembered and good name, and the CVCV format is precisely the best choice. Therefore, CVCV's domain name contains most present and future company name, the market nature is broad.

As for the specific value of how much money, I suggest you look directly here, this should be the most authoritative three-character domain name international transaction price list. However, the site is only given the wholesale minimum price (the lowest price of wholesalers), actually sold to the final buyer (generally the use of domain names, end User) Price is much higher than this. lll.com Domain name actual transaction price did not see a whisper prison $10k, lll.net price generally at least in $1k above, lll.org generally also not less than $ (note: This article and subsequent articles of the currency, if not specifically stated, refers to the United States dollar). The list of recently traded prices on the website is in fact the price of the wholesaler, and the purchase form will be discussed next time.

The price of three digital domain name is basically higher than three letters, because the use of the number is too frequent, and completely is not subject to the limits of English use, is globally proficient, such as you say 119 or 911, which most countries in the world know this is an emergency alarm phone.

The simple reason why we can also include the. US domain name is that it is the U.S. domain name, which, like the dollar, has an excellent role and general awareness, so it has investment value. Similarly, the German domain name. De is also a very popular and highly valued country domain name, and other Canadian domain names. CA is also available. And the UK domain name. co.uk Although very long, but already is the old high price country domain name, LLL.co.uk and NNN.co.uk already and China's lll.cn and nnn.cn have already been registered, people are not because of the registration of a piece of money caused by the proliferation of registration, purely because of the British international reputation high, and then the domain name price Values are also high.

and three characters (theoretically three characters contain three letters and three digits, but generally we say three characters, all refers to the letter and the number of mixed domain names) The price of the domain name is greatly shrunk. In addition to the. com suffix and a few other formats, such as the l-n,l-l format, most of the three-character domain price is only its registration fee (Reg Fee), which is no more than 10 dollars.

The domain name in the CVCV format also presents a very low value for the very high value of. com and other domain names such as. NET,. org, and so on. Better (that is, better pronunciation good memory) of the CVCV domain name, the price will not be lower than $3000, it should be said that the sale of tens of thousands of dollars is also normal. Don't forget live.com is also CVCV format, Microsoft through Third-party agents to buy this domain name spent tens of thousands of of dollars, it should be said that the final transaction price or the normal market price, there is no knocking on the Microsoft Bamboo Bar problem; Even the worse is also in the 1k above, very few particularly poor will fall below 1k. So what kind of domain name would be particularly bad? This involves another issue:

The value of letters in domain names

Already said, a domain name can be good pronunciation, determines whether he can have brand value, also determines the price. In English there are a few letters can be called Domain killer, the domain name with these letters is like a broom in the home as poor. The worst is undoubtedly "Q" (now know why Mr. Lu Xun named the guy Ah Q, because he even the name is cheap, this letter you really hard to figure out how to pronounce well, of course you will say there are some words first letter is Q and can pronounce ah, then open your English dictionary to see, How many pages does the word start with Q? More than 10 pages, it is estimated that your dictionary cost a lot of money.

In other words, the difficult to pronounce the letter itself will start with its words are not much, then what is the next? X。 OK, don't say 10 pages, my dictionary doesn't even have 10 words that start with X. Fortunately, it can be a better pronunciation in some occasions, and X itself has some special significance, such as x-Files, X-Men and so on, so the value is not as bad as Q.

The rest is f and Y. In fact, F itself is not very bad, but the rest of the domain name in the face of F seems to have nothing good, and F seems to be in the three-letter domain name has a good head letter performance, so a bit down. Y, should be said to be not suitable for the first letter (the word is very small), but recently began to have the y also as a vowel letter to see the trend, so the value is not so bad or even a bit of a demand.

Y is used as a vowel because, in a four-letter domain, when y appears as a second or fourth letter, its pronunciation is often the same as the vowel I, and it looks good in writing, such as mozy.com. For CVCY format domain name, the minimum wholesale price is also above $300 (and this is not so good to get), CYCV is a bit bad, the price is not enough cvcy half.

There is also a premium letters problem. This premium letters is generally the consonant, which is the higher probability of the first letter of the word, such as B, D, T, K and so on. The question of initials is mentioned earlier, and abbreviations tend to take the initials as abbreviations, for example FYI can refer to the for Your information. But if there are few words that begin with this letter, how could it possibly appear in the abbreviation? You think about the initials you know, how many contain the letters x?

Now talk about the four-letter domain name.

Four-letter. NET and. org and other suffixes are of little value (except for words) and are not considered. The four-letter. com domain name disappears at an alarming rate over the years, as listed below:

22% remaining-2006.1.25

19% remaining-2006.3.31

16% remaining-2006.6.29

13% remaining-2006.8.1

10% remaining-2007.2.15

9% remaining-2007.2.26

8% remaining-2007.3.2

7% remaining-2007.3.21

6% remaining-2007.7.3

5% remaining-2007.8.1

4% remaining-2007.8.14

Cvcv.com and vcvc.com were already registered (CVCY and CYCV did not seem to be spared), The remainder of the llll.com domain name contains a large number of bad letters mentioned above, even if not, but also some do not see the meaning, do not pronounce things, the price of these domain names, from my statistics, basically can sell is about 10 dollars, sold to 20 dollars is a bit of traffic or have a PR value domain name, and then high but 30 dollars, This is already a very rare price. Do not sell to the very few, because if you are willing to sell at a loss or someone want to buy their own use can also save some money ah.

Domain suffix problem

The only thing I can tell you, irrefutable, is to put money on. com in the case where the length of the domain name, the letter is excellent, and the quality of the pronunciation is approximate. Even if this. com domain name may be more or less pronounced than. NET and. org, or to buy. com; for the country domain name, or only. US and. De and. co.uk, another European domain name. EU may consider. Other unless it is apple.cc,mail.cn such a high value word (keyword) domain name, otherwise do not waste money.

In the country domain name, the name is not a high price keyword? McDonald's is one, the others forget, because this domain name to find the final buyer is difficult. There may be tens of thousands of Jack in the world, but a few jack know you are selling the domain name, and there are several interested to buy (after all, not jack.com, but jack.ws and so on). Unless you have great willpower and perception, you are really hard to sell this domain name, although the value may not be bad.

The name is rubbish, and the good word here is rubbish. Name gives you the feeling that a bunch of kids are playing with something that you've seen a few decent sites with. Name Domain? The people in the domain name trading market would rather discuss. WS is unwilling to discuss. Name. Basically, only a bunch of poor worms are clearing themselves at a price of 5 dollars. Name Inventory (these domain names are ok if they are considered in the preceding rules, regardless of suffix), and no one has bought them yet.

Yes, recently. In Domain name is very hot. Most people think that. In domain name is the most suitable domain name, such as Log.in, Check.in, doma.in, and so on. And now sell some of the better. In the domain name also seems to belong to domain hack type, the most recent example is magaz.in sold $4000. Domain hack is the greatest value is unique, do not like Google to spend millions of to buy back google.cn, you see who icio.com (in fact, this domain name is very valuable) to sell to del.icio.us?

CC is not as good as we think, although it is good to remember, but it seems that there is no advantage except good reading. Now the remaining lll.cc domain name is twice times more than Lll.in, plus. cc the cheapest is 20 dollars a year, investment. CC can take back this or the problem.

CN only Chinese people will be mad to buy, the result put on the international market at all, no one at all, not yet see someone in the International Domain name market successfully sold. cn domain name. (This conclusion the editor does not agree, in fact, now in the international market of the CN domain name gradually increased)

Other country domain names are only suitable for those who need them, not suitable for investment, because the registration fee is often very high.

What is the worst country domain name? Na, 2000 dollars a year, are you interested? NR is also good ah, hundreds of of dollars, only to accept the mail check and can not be paid online.


Exhausted me, finally can talk about my most annoying soft goods, is generally the two or three keyword combination of domain names, such as crazystorm.com, or the invention of their own words ah, such as leavic.com.

Well, there is nothing to talk about Ah, not too valuable (really worthless, although the above two domain names are mine), because a lot of even sell out is problematic. You may see some rotten domain name on the Tdnam home page The high price result still has the person to bid, that basically is the buyer to open the account separately, why don't I explain it.

Most of the soft goods are worthless, wrong, is most, only suitable for their own use, and as long as they look cool, the value of their own is higher. PS: This sentence is not suitable for Chinese, the Chinese in the purchase and sale of domain name Two can be retarded people do not want to be Chinese.

If these domain names are sold out, it is estimated that dozens of dollars, at most hundreds of dollars, can sell to thousands of, tens of thousands of dollars, as the Yellow River in history to clear the number of times as rare. So, there's still no valuation, and at best you can tell:

See if this domain name has a natural flow (a curious type of input to the domain generated by the traffic) Ah, look at the popularity of these keywords and google included the situation ah, see if there is a reverse link ah (definitely used in a site before the domain name), to see if there is a PR value AH (with the front brackets), This keyword represents the size of the market, ah, the keyword to apply the crowd how big ah. Analysis of half a day may still not even 30 U.S. dollars, after all, PR value or link, these things in the site completely changed or even disappeared after the impossible to inherit. (AD source www.xiaoyibang.com reprint)

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