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Codecademy, a little need to mention can be reminiscent of interesting hands-on programming teaching, no need to deploy programming environment can be compiled online, running the name of the program, it brings us the change is: the threshold of programming learning to the minimum, low to rookie beginners can also be. But unfortunately, the Chinese domain has not been as interesting as Codecademy programming education products appear. The first two days just completed the financing of the "bubble Noodle Bar" can be regarded as a Chinese version of the Codecademy ambitions of the start-up companies, they also decisively abandoned the video teaching this too heavy way to adopt an interactive programming teaching model. Specifically, each of its courses is explained by the knowledge point, let the user try to write the next line of code, and finally run the code to check the right and wrong to see if you really mastered this lesson knowledge points of the three components. This way allows users to learn a point of knowledge, and immediately try, immediately use, not to forget. And this, each class is a knowledge point for the partition, such as the C language of the 15th class is "if", the 16th class is "If the upgrade version of Else", a class only to clarify a knowledge point.

This is a noodle bar, co-founder Wang says they differ from Codecademy, compared to Codecademy, they will be more detailed knowledge points, step-by-step teaching, so that users can step by step in the mother tongue environment to learn to program, have a perfect learning process, only to give exercises.

At present, the course on the bubble surface contains the basics of programming beginners, C language Introduction, C language Advanced, Introduction to C + +, Python primer, Ruby Introductory courses, and all of these courses from the founder of the Baidu Club in the previous accumulation of coder resources, the coder will contribute to the bubble noodles bar teaching content, And the motivation for their contribution is not money, but the establishment of individual brands within the community. At the same time, if the materials given by these professionals are too "professional", can not let a little white beginners to learn, bubble noodles will be based on user feedback to adjust the content of the teaching, such as before the user did not know to write code should be changed lines, they detected this situation in the background, to the course added "why Programming to change line" teaching content.

Wang says the target group at this stage is high school seniors and junior students who just came to school at the university, as for the profit way, whether it is to B access to the university (currently and China have cooperation), as a content provider for the university service, or to C do vocational training can finally to the enterprise, At present, there is no room for imagination. The bigger market they see is: programming low age, such as code.org programming an hour class can let Obama endorsement for them, and China's primary and secondary education is also in the inclusion of programming logic curriculum content, so the programming of low age trend is likely to start in 3-5 years. And back to the end, the real hard part of the code is the logic behind it, and the logic is especially important at the age of education, which is what the Codecademy and the other products are good at.

Finally, a Wang point of view, very interesting, he talked about why they choose not to do video teaching? The reason is that there are so many temptations on the internet that students are likely to look at the course and open a new window, and then their attention is lost. And if you can't keep your students in the frame of your teaching system, it's all in vain. So the first thing you have to do to keep your students ' attention is to provide a strong interactive learning process, like playing a game.

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