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Baidu site: "Visit this page, your browser needs to support JavaScript." Such a situation, for a new search engine has just attracted the attention of a very big hit, the need to find out the reasons and solutions.

First analysis of the reasons, using Webmaster Tools simulation Search engine spider Crawl, the result is "Access this page, your browser needs to support JavaScript." Using Google Administrator tool Lab "crawl like Googlebot", the following figure:

The result is a crawl failure, proving that spiders cannot crawl the site.

This is not a small problem, a Web site search engine can not crawl, what is the significance? Baidu, the solution is to open your IE JavaScript, access to the Internet Options, click the "Advanced" tab, click the "Restore default Settings" below. Web pages can be normal access, now this problem appears in Baidu, Google and other search engine snapshots.

Later on Google came to the conclusion that the server was attacked, opened the CC attack hard, not human access will be rejected.

CC attacks: Attackers use a large traffic site to attack a small web site or a virtual host. The specific operation, in a very large flow of the website home page plus such as <iframe src= border=0 width=0 height=0></iframe> such code, To invoke the address of the Web site to be attacked. Add dozens of or hundreds of such code more, if one day there are 1 million people visit this large traffic site, it will be equivalent to dozens of times times a person to visit your home page, the ordinary server can not bear, CC attacks than DDoS simple, sometimes more effective, due to the authenticity of traffic, physical difficult to prevent, However, there is a fatal weakness: Http_referer, to prevent the source of the attack by the judgement, and then do the corresponding processing.

Outside the network rented space is the integrity of the rental network, do not know how the server is to prevent cc, the server is generally off, hard to prevent, once detected a CC attack, anti-CC attack on the open. Search engine crawl back to "visit this page, your browser needs to support JavaScript" results, is the space business to prevent CC attack code to the search engine has also been shielded, improper approach.

Lesson wit, and learned the same knowledge. Problem found, contact space provider to solve. Integrity and Rental Network Service attitude is also good, backstage submitted a problem, quickly resolved, see map, Googlebot has successfully crawled the site. Whether can solve Baidu results "visit this page, your browser needs to support JavaScript" problem and whether the impact of the site's snapshots and weights, to be observed later!

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