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SEO optimization is a website, product promotion is a very important means of operation is good, you can achieve half the effect of the attack times. Web site promotion, product sales, can achieve the desired results, resulting in benefits, depending on whether the intention of traffic, and precision traffic is intended to upgrade the flow of traffic, is a higher quality of traffic. One of the main ways to get accurate traffic is to optimize the long tail keyword. In the past many experts, will emphasize to dig deep long tail keyword. If a simple keyword, the index may be very high, but the flow of incoming impure, at least not intentionally accurate. If you want to mention the conversion rate of the terminal, and want to increase revenue, you must dig deep long tail keyword, many experts have analyzed the long tail deep digging method, I believe we all learned a lot, I summed up a few, everyone is welcome testify

First, starting from the human nature, starting from the essence

Sales stress psychology, we choose a good keyword, when digging the long tail, the first person should be considered from the psychological level, Take Amoy, it is now very hot products should be weight loss, and we lose weight as Keywords, empathy, want to lose weight, in general, the first thought is the rapid weight loss, fat chubby who do not want to take a lot of meat on the street, ah, fast weight loss, it will naturally think of how fast Lose weight, so come out two valuable words, but also targeted; think of "fast weight loss", the general is to think of security issues, which can come out two words: healthy weight loss and green weight loss; after security , Is the price issue, people want things cheap, then what words will appear? In short, from a psychological level, step by step to dig deeper, you can find a lot of related terms, not one by one enumerated.

Second, access to long tail from Baidu and industry stand

After choosing the main keyword, go to the website of related industries, pay attention to the long tail trend, pay attention to the trend of the industry, and the crowd's intention trend. Or to lose weight, we think of is to look at Baidu search drop-down box, and related search, and then one by one to see the index, to see the heat; then, Taobao look at sales rankings to see what slimming tea, In general, the data displayed on Taobao customers is more objective, the reference value is extremely high, integrated Baidu and industry related product heat, find the right tail of their own website or product, I believe the conversion rate than the imagined it is good!

Third, observe the copy to improve the opponent's long tail

Normally, valuable words, long tail, there will be competition, competition will have opponents, learn to copy and innovate the long tail of the opponent, is a required course, progress in the competition. Your opponents can make a long tail a few months, that description is profitable, we can directly copy the opponent's long tail, if we can improve, so that the long tail more directivity is better! Simple copy It is hard to surpass.

Fourth, create a long tail

In the second and third points, there is no long tail, but the long tail is indeed very valuable, then you can create yourself, this situation is certain to exist. First of all, I have done this long tail, so Baidu included, and then brush Baidu drop-down box, brush Baidu search, and then find the navy post, pull network propaganda, occupy the "market", both methods are used after , I believe no one in a short time can compete with you this long tail, called the monopoly, all into his own wallet.

I conclude the above four points, limited to writing ability is limited, the expression is not very clear, I hope we can help you some, welcome to exchange testimonies!

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