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June 29, heavy rain in Shanghai, located in Shanghai Pudong Shanghai Celebrity Garden Hotel, the second floor of the conference room, *st Hongsheng (600817.SH) Shareholders meeting in a dramatic manner. For *st Hongsheng before the first major shareholder Acer Industrial control of the Board of directors in the current largest shareholder puming logistics and many investors under the cross-examination, announced the "postponement of the general meeting of Shareholders", for the listed companies to hire lawyers also immediately left. The Puming logistics, which takes over the agenda of the general meeting of shareholders, will be held by a small investor and another lawyer to convene a general meeting, and the nominees of Acer Industries nominated by the one by one veto, and the candidates for Puming Logistics nomination are all elected. But the puming logistics take over the listed company is far from so easy, although get the overwhelming support of small and medium-sized investors, but in this way "Rob class seizure of power" can be confirmed by the regulatory authorities, is doubtful. and Acer industry will still hold a 4.06% stake in *st Hongsheng, previously in St FountainVest (600656.SH), St Acer (600503.SH, now renamed as Gorgeous family) in the two-headed board, or will appear again. Board of Directors Banner June 29 Morning, when the reporter arrived at the Shanghai Pudong Celebrity Garden Hotel shareholders meeting scene, found that seventy or eighty investors have gathered here, but it is rare to appear the police to maintain the order of the general meeting of the scene. Acer industry is clearly ready, dozens of uniformed young men dressed in white shirts. Prior to the meeting of the shareholders, *st Hongsheng board announced that the Puming logistics of the Board of directors, at this general meeting is not discussed. This has also become a flashpoint for the intensification of tensions between the two sides. Prior to June 12, *st Hongsheng has issued a notice, said that the addition of a shareholder meeting proposal, Puming logistics, including Guo Genming, the director, supervisor candidates. The candidate was apparently in opposition to the directorship of the Board of Directors of the former Acer industries. However, after the release of the general meeting of shareholders in the information, Puming Logistics, the director of the appointment of the Board of Directors mysteriously disappeared, and on June 29 at the general meeting of shareholders, Puming Logistics to revisit this motion, but also for the *st Hongsheng board refused. This was the puming logistics of the strong opposition, and medium and small investors are very fierce, accusing Acer Industrial hollowed out listed companies, and obstruct the new major shareholder restructuring *st Hongsheng. The general meeting of shareholders was immediately out of control, puming logistics and even officers were brought out of the meeting. Since then, Puming logistics behind the XI ' an run-base Investment Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "run-base investment") Chairman Guo Genming and *st Hongsheng first large circulating shares of shareholders Chen Qingtao sit on the rostrum, *st, director of the Board of Directors of Hongsheng Sun Wei immediately announced the postponement of the shareholders meeting, and *st Hongsheng Board of Directors also leave. It was also questioned by Puming Logistics and other investors, including the witness of the shareholders ' meeting, lawyer Tan Yiren of Xia Xupo law firm in Shanghai. "Lawyers are hired by listed companies, not by the board of directors, and in this case, how could the board be followed by aUp and out? An investor at the scene told reporters. Since then, the reporter called the lawyer, which I do not declare. Immediately puming Logistics to convene a general meeting of shareholders, Acer Industrial proposed by the General Assembly of the motion for a total negation, and Puming Logistics Director candidates are all elected. or now the board of Directors with the meeting of shareholders, the actual control of the base investment Guo Genming, *st Hongsheng The first large circulating stock shareholder Chen Qingtao, also surfaced. Chen Qingtao to participate in the St Company and suspend the listed companies, but for the capital market concern. Its current holdings include St Tianlong (600234.SH), s*st Lanron (000981.SZ), *st Huang (000805). SZ) and so on a number of St stocks, holding shares of the total market value of more than 10 million. And this time, Chen Qingtao also appeared in the meeting of shareholders rarely. "I've been involved in more than 10 St stocks, but I haven't seen such a mess like Hongsheng," he said. Chen Qingtao to reporters. He told reporters that he himself had several times to *st to the board of Directors to restructure the listed company's plans, and said they can find the relevant assets injected, but has been rejected by the board. At present, Chenqing Peach holds *st 2.07 million shares, accounting for 1.61% of total equity. And Chen Qingtao apparently has allied with Puming logistics. Prior to that, there are rumors that Acer industry is also fighting for Chen Qingtao, such as the top ten circulating shareholders, and even investors claimed to have received a call from Acer industrial sector, to fight for the right to vote, and said "the cost can be negotiated." And Chen Qingtao has been and puming logistics aspects of *st Hongsheng restructuring direction has been communicated. The market had been expecting a lot from its property and mining assets to be injected into listed companies, but Guo Genming, chairman of the company, made clear to reporters that real estate and mining would not be injected into listed companies. It said that under the current real estate control background, the real estate borrowing shell listing is facing many obstacles, and mining assets will face the determination of mineral rights and other barriers, the operation is quite difficult, and left *st Hongsheng time is not much. "We will have some cooperation in the company's assets, including High-tech, financial, environmental protection and other fields, but everything must wait for us to enter the public company to start." Guo Genming said that after entering the listed companies, will be to Acer Industrial recovery from the listed companies proceeds. "*st, although it seems a lot of debt, but these liabilities are owed to Acer industrial money, is the internal associated debt, and the formation of these debts, it is Acer Industrial hollowed out listed companies formed after." Guo Genming to reporters. In the view of small and medium-sized investors, the former Acer industrial planning of the "bankruptcy reorganization" is to try to empty the listed companies for a stroke of erase. In the first quarter of 2010, a company called Hai Sundong Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shun Tung Investment), to the Shanghai Municipal People's Court to request the listed companies to restructure the application. and shun East investment for natural persons Liu Shi separate contribution, at the same time Acer industry will its *st HongshengAn account of 327 million yuan transfer to shun East Investment, shun East investment is suspected Acer industrial affiliated companies. In the June 29 for Puming Logistics control of the shareholders ' meeting, the bankruptcy reorganization of the bill, also for the General Assembly of the veto. "Retail party", there are investors to describe the day of the general meeting of shareholders. But the rivalry between the two major shareholders has not ended. Although the Puming logistics has been unanimously supported by small and medium investors, it is doubtful whether the shareholders ' meeting held in this way can be recognized by the regulatory authorities. "There are investors at the shareholders meeting on the scene to reporters." But the time left to *st Hongsheng is not much.
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