Active "Prepare for" three nets fuse communication capacity increase 50%

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Now the network message Three network fusion pilot scheme is passed, its hundreds of millions of yuan market cake attracted businessmen coveted to rob, the entire industrial chain is poised to be sent.  Yesterday, the reporter learned from the war, the company this year's optical fiber access capacity will be expanded to 30 million lines, with Huawei, ZTE, three points hardware equipment market.  From the earliest optical fiber to the household to 2008 to write the government's work report of the "Light City Plan", and then to today's three-net fusion, in the "Wuhan Optics Valley," said Wuhan Donghu High-tech Zone, the Beacon Technology, Wuhan long fly, such as a group of enterprises are looking forward to the arrival of The optical fiber of the pilot apartment building in the office with mobile phone networking, you can know the situation at home, come home from work, want to watch the midday news, turn on the TV can play back, fast forward ... This is not a sci-fi dream, but a high-end home version of the triple-net fusion being implemented.  At present in Shanghai Pudong District Oriental City apartment has been piloted, and its use of intelligent home gateway equipment, is the Wuhan Beacon Communication provided. "An optical fiber, can provide each user with hundred gigabit broadband access ability." "The war-related people said, in the first pilot of the Chinese optical fiber to the Home (FTTH), from a certain level is the triple network integration, the Shanghai" City Light Network "plan to use the family version of the equipment, using a variety of wireless technology, so that the family's data services, High-definition IPTV business, voice business,  Security services can be carried by wireless means.  Industry insiders said that the high-end home version of the three-net fusion pilot success, proving that the technology of equipment manufacturers have been very mature, the promotion of ordinary family version conditions mature.  The war to rob the billion market in the Han concentrated on the development of optical fiber products of the beacon, the Shanghai "City Light Network" market, but the war to prepare for the three-net fusion of a microcosm. "The three-network integration pilot scheme has not yet been introduced, but as a equipment supplier, we have been ready."  "Beacon Communication, a few years ago, Wuhan has become one of the national optical fiber to pilot cities, the technology has been in Wuhan pilot promotion, and into the commercial stage." The cost of fibre to households has fallen by nearly half.  The person said that before the construction cost of optical fiber to the household is 2000 yuan, or even more expensive, but last year, as the market penetration rate increased, construction costs have been reduced to thousands of yuan, telecom operators to promote the enthusiasm of the user more. "Last year, our country built 30 million line user access line, this year's plan is to add 50 million lines."  "For the beacon, the promotion of the State is the business opportunities." Earlier, the War Communications chairman Tong has said that with the State Council to promote the "triple-Net integration", the major cities in China will achieve fiber to households, fiber demand may usher in the explosion of large demand.  According to last year's new line needs 200 yuan calculation, 50 million lines is 10 billion yuan market.  At present, in the hardware equipment, the Beacon, Huawei, ZTE three home, forming a "three points world" pattern.  Beacon Communication, in order to further expand the market, they will be capacity from last year's 20 million line to expand to 30 million lines, actively engaged in talent reserves, and a wide range in Guangdong, Zhejiang and other provinces, for the later large-scale construction lay a solid foundation. (Yangtze River Business news Changyan correspondent Wang Hongxia)
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