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In Japan, a serialized comic book, "Introduction to Psychological Problems Handbook", lists 10 characteristics, if you are consistent, you are addicted to the Internet. But if there are more than 5 items, you are already overly reliant.

1. You often surf the Internet more than you originally expected or intended.

2, when you know you should be offline, you are still surfing the internet.

3, you find that you prefer to surf the internet rather than do something else.

4, even if you know to do something first, but you find that you first networking.

5, have been because the Internet has affected your work quality or learning experience.

6, you found a good friend in the network.

7, the Internet can help you release daily pressure, reduce annoyance.

8, when you are disturbed on the Internet, you will be very upset.

9, left the network, your life seems to you become boring and empty.

10. In your daily life, the Internet is still full of things in your brain.

The article also mentions China, where the problem of internet addiction has developed into a social issue, a standard to confirm whether Internet addiction is the time to spend more than 6 hours in addition to work and study. 6 hours sounds a pretty scary time, you might think you can't spend six hours a day online. But don't forget your cell phone, which allows you to connect to the Internet at any time, anywhere.

If you think you're addicted to the internet, what can you do? Dr. Yuyuki says the first thing you need to do to tackle addiction is to admit it, so knowing that you're addicted to the Internet is the first step.

The next step is to stay away from the web in the real world, forcing you to go out and see your friends or family, or to keep your computer's phone at a distance when you want to surf the Internet. This may sound simple to do, especially when our lives are surrounded by these devices, and of course, getting rid of any addiction problem is more difficult than expected.

If this article can give you a moment's thought, think about how much time you want to spend in the virtual world, because "reality" may not bring you happiness.

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