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In fact, this article applies to other areas, or from other fields applied to the SEO industry, in the forum to see the most is seoer encounter problems impatient to find answers, many of which are before the answer, although as an editor to answer the responsibility, but also see a lot of seoer mentality exist more or less problems.


Site SEO is the fundamental purpose of the search engine to get excellent rankings, the details of the work and regardless of the search engine for the new station has a "probationary period" called the Sandbox, in the test site behind the test to do the site, according to the competitive intensity of keywords, may be one months, three months, Even longer to see the effect, the long maintenance of the website process needs not only enthusiasm, enduring power---------------------------enduring execution, even in the development of the site encountered bottlenecks, the site included less, less user visits, the ranking does not go, you Those who have been the top of the year are the same as the past, perhaps the current workload is even greater.


Because SEO itself does not have a systematic way of learning, most are only in practice to find out, in the classroom learning difficult to do at the same time, also untie the book on the knowledge of the bondage, you think of any novel ideas, can be put into action to verify that some people think SEO should follow the rules of search engines, Others are still strong in the opposite of the search engine, expressing admiration. Not encouraged, innovation should be practical in terms of competence, but it is worth learning to put aside the innovative ways in which search engines still have solid users.


Site rankings do not go, in the confusion of SEO methods, but also should ask yourself to do the implementation in place? The site is down right, in complaining about the search engine, but also should re-examine the site, perhaps you have done well before, but the rules are adjusted every day, your mind must closely follow, Instead of shifting the blame to the search engine and the people who haven't been able to help you, it's a game, maybe not fair, and you have to face it with a positive attitude because complaining and stalling doesn't help the site.

More than once mentioned SEO is a slow process, but can still see "one day to the first home page" problem, impatient with the SEO is doomed to no, may wish to shift their impatience to the site optimization of the insistence on the SEO method of innovation, search engine friendly positive cognition, First adjust the good mentality to do SEO.

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