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First of all explain this article mainly to want to become a webmaster or will become a webmaster friend to see, the Masters will not look.

The main purpose of this article is to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of dynamic Web pages and dynamic Web pages, know not to look down, save some time to drink coffee.

The so-called Dynamic Web page generally refers to the use of Asp,php,cold fusion,cgi and other programs dynamically generated pages, the Web page Most of the data content from the database linked to the site. This page does not exist in cyberspace, so some people look at a page content more useful to think down, naturally is not find resources. Dynamic pages are generated and transmitted to the user's browser only when they are accessed by the user, and because visitors can get the data they want in real time, dynamic Web pages are often easy to impress. In addition, dynamic Web pages have the advantage of easy maintenance and update.

For example, the movie site's playback page, a movie site on the Chich movie, and each movie set number of more than one episode, if a movie play a page, I am afraid the server space to put these pages is a problem. In fact, most of the movie site's playback page on one, the content of the page is obtained from the database, which day looking at the page is not appropriate, modify such a can be, do not modify each individual static page. This shows that dynamic Web pages occupy less server space, easy to update maintenance, very convenient for administrators.

But dynamic Web pages also have a lot of deficiencies, I put dynamic Web pages and static pages of the work process simply introduced,

Dynamic Web page: first page to obtain the user's instructions, and then the Web page with instructions to the database to find and command the corresponding data, and then passed to the server, through the server's compilation of dynamic pages compiled into standard HTML code, passed to the user browser, so that users can see the Web page. The problem is that every time you visit a Web page, you go through a process this process takes at least a few seconds, the number of people visiting, the page loading speed will be slow, the server is also a burden; from the user's point of view, the slow loading of the page, the next time who will come to visit your site.

Static Web page: Static Web page is simple, static Web page is the actual existence, without the compilation of the server, directly loaded into the client browser display.

This shows that dynamic Web pages in the speed of access does not prevail.

This is from the perspective of the server and user experience, the following from the search engine included the point of view, Dynamic Web page is the user input instructions before the formation of the page, does not exist this page, and search engines will only crawl ready-made, and will not enter their own, so the site in search engines are not dominant. To illustrate, for instance,


This is a movie site of a movie play page, play the page is play.asp, the back of the Severnum,id1,id2,q,no is the parameters of this page, the respective representative what meaning I will not say. Look at the URL of this page alone, search engine can find play.asp page, but the following parameters severnum=4&id1=4543&id2=1197&q=1&no=1 who input it? Search engines are smarter than machines.

But the webmaster do better, clear in the Http:// page gave this address, so that the search engine to find this page.

We can rest assured that the search engine in the continuous improvement and continuous development. So far, most search engines have supported the crawling of dynamic pages, this is what we now search engines, the results of the dynamic link in the reason, but the number of crawls than static page is many times worse, once did a try, the same movie site database, with Dynamic Web page display, Google only included 15 items, if converted to static, a collection of Graid page, this shows that the search engine or like static page. Search engine Why I crawl not much, some experts think is to avoid "search robot trap"

Interested friends can look at the relevant articles in this regard.

In the end of the article do not forget to publicize my station, the article example is also my site's web page and links, small station called 12 Movie Network, web site, interested can look at. It seems that a legendary "soft Wen" was born. Oh ...

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