Advantages and disadvantages of using virtual host in website construction

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Many web sites now use the form of a virtual host, this can save costs, and many are small Web sites, if using a stand-alone server, is indeed a waste of some, the so-called virtual host is a computer into a number of machines, each machine is relatively independent, you can run different systems, from the appearance of , the virtual host and independent server basically no difference, can be very good normal access to the site, each virtual machine has a complete independent service functions, such as, WWW service, email services and FTP services. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of using a virtual machine?

First of all, the advantages of virtual host:

1, the use of virtual machines, can greatly reduce the cost of building a website

Imagine if every Web site uses a separate server, the price of a server is not very low, if you want to build a lot of websites, then the cost of the server is very large, let alone the establishment of personal webmaster set up a station group, that cost is not generally high, using virtual machines, for many small and medium-sized sites, Offers great convenience.

2, Web site management will be much simpler

The use of virtual machines, the general host provider will be everything you set up, such as the site's security settings, the site's anti-virus functions, and so on, if the individual webmaster use a stand-alone server, the server aspects of the relevant knowledge need to have some understanding, such as Apache settings, PHP, etc., And the knowledge of security is also needed. With virtual machines, these conveniences can be set up by the server provider.

3, the construction of the site's efficiency has improved a lot

Use of virtual host, will greatly shorten the cycle of your construction site, now the provider has basically realized the electronic, you just apply, immediately they can be opened to you, on the contrary, if you use a stand-alone server, you need to install IIS or Apache, PHP or,linux or windows and other systems, these times add up to spend a lot of time.

So what are the disadvantages of using a virtual machine?

1, many features are limited

Due to the host chamber of Commerce to consider the cost, often do a lot of restrictions, such as traffic restrictions, IIS restrictions, for some of the use of system resources more sites, and sometimes even be directly turned off by the supplier, such as a number of factors affecting SEO traffic gzip compression, Keep-alive and so on these all need the supplier to open you to use.

2, the use of the form of virtual host, often the speed will be limited

Because the provider is often the sale of a host to many people to use, so the acquisition of virtual machines, the obvious speed will not be very fast, Web site speed will visit the site, user experience and so have caused adverse effects.

3, when you build a station often to consider whether the supplier support a function

When buying a virtual host, the functionality you need is sometimes not exactly what a virtual machine provider can provide, such as some system limitations, some database restrictions, and so on. This article is edited by, reprint please indicate the source, thank you

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