Advertising Alliance into the source of poison should be how to choose the Trust Alliance?

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According to the latest survey, 60% of the webmaster to achieve the way of profit for the Advertising alliance. Recently, according to the latest monitoring results of an antivirus manufacturer, nearly 30% of the virus is keen to make money by means of malicious promotion, seeking improper benefits, while online games, the number of silver theft virus is still many.

More and more virus producers began to adopt a more simple way, through the advertising alliance to hang the horse to promote to obtain large traffic, sacrificing the interests of users to obtain money.

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Small series interviewed the Advertising Alliance evaluation Network HTTP://WWW.LIANMENG.LA Webmaster, according to its introduction, the choice of excellent advertising Alliance, has become a webmaster must talk about one of the topics, there are many high flow of webmaster because can not find the right AD league and did not get more appropriate income, Recently, a number of advertising alliances to become the use of hackers tools, advertising alliance is hanging Horse News recently also more and more, July 15 has exposed the "advertising Alliance was" black "4,760 sites into a source of poison" and other news.

AdSense in the choice of advertising alliances, must choose a greater reputation, good word-of-mouth advertising alliance, such as Baidu Alliance, Google Advertising Alliance, and so many to have experienced webmaster advice, lest the advertising alliance is black affect their own website normal operation.

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