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Starting from November 11, 2009, the Double 11 Singles Day from the original Taobao Mall to the later Tmall Mall shopping promotion activities, and later evolved into a national shopping madness in China's major shopping sites, becoming a grand festival for customers to shop. The turnover of Double 11 Singles Day has also risen exponentially from less than 100 million at the beginning, and has risen to 91.2 billion in 2015. It exceeded 100 billion last year and reached 168.2 billion yuan in 2017! The technology behind the rising turnover is the result of the efforts of thousands of technical engineers throughout the Alibaba Group.

In general, the number of peak requests for double 11 Singles Day is tens of times that of usual. You can imagine that tens of millions of people visit the same website at the same time, resulting in concurrent access. The test for the entire Internet infrastructure is very huge, and through Alibaba Cloud's CDN service, the peak of the double 11 Singles Day was able to pass smoothly. It can be said that each time the double eleven is the baptism and tempering of Alibaba Cloud CDN, the escort for the double eleven global carnival is the promise of Alibaba Cloud CDN.

CDN is the platform for the traffic of modern large-scale Internet websites. Its role is to speed up access to content and allow access to the nearest access. It is also possible to disperse the flow. In general, 95% of requests and traffic to a website come from a CDN, so if the CDN is unstable, the double 11 Singles Day is unsustainable. No province's IDC room can support the entire double 11 Singles Day traffic. So CDN is the infrastructure of the Internet. How to use and build a CDN is something that every big Internet company must consider.

Alibaba Cloud CDN is from the development of the double 11 Singles Day

Before 2009, Alibaba also used a third-party commercial CDN. However, the commercial CDN is designed to serve the general-purpose website. There is no advantage in the distribution of small files based on pictures. On the other hand, in the case of double 11 Singles Day, the disk IO is too high due to the high IOPS caused by sudden spikes. Affect the service. Therefore, since 2009, Alibaba has built its own CDN. In 2010, the CDN team won the internal innovation award for supporting the huge double 11 Singles Day traffic.

Since 2012, Alibaba has not purchased third-party CDNs. In order to support the high bandwidth and high number of requests of the Double 11 Singles Day, CDN has been using 10 Gigabit NICs and full SSD servers since about 12 years, and the perfect service is good. Alibaba Cloud CDN has also developed a high-performance Swift cache server, making full use of the high performance of SSD, the original standard node that provides 40G throughput, and has achieved the highest performance in the industry.

Before 2014, basically the capacity and equipment of Alibaba Cloud CDN were prepared for the Double 11 Singles Day. In order not to waste redundant hardware, the overall water level of the CD 11 of the Double 11 Singles Day will run very high, which is a great test for the fault tolerance and scheduling capability of the entire CDN distributed system. It can be said that Alibaba Cloud CDN is a double 11 Singles Day baptism system, its stability and performance are fully produced and pressure tested.

With the development of technology and the diversity of gameplay, Alibaba Cloud CDN is increasingly taking on more important tasks. In 2014, the Taobao shopping details page static project, using high-performance Swift and massive real-time refresh system, cleverly solved the problem of dynamic page expansion.

In 2015, the use of CDN natural multi-machine room features, combined with different activities, solved the problem of delay and user-level unitization. Taobao has realized full-site HTTPS to ensure customers' safe shopping. Alibaba Cloud CDN optimizes software performance. When only a small number of machines are added, the original hardware performance is fully utilized to support China's largest HTTPS traffic. In addition, in the case of using HTTPS+SPDY, the statistical data proves that the original user experience has not decreased.

After 2014, Alibaba Cloud CDN started the commercialization process, from the original small file business to the large file distribution, on-demand distribution, and the recent live broadcast distribution. Thanks to the rigorous test of the Double 11 Singles Day, the stability and performance are fully recognized, Alibaba Cloud CDN achieved a leap of 800% annual revenue growth [4], far beyond the traditional commercial CDN.

Starting from the release of the live CDN by Alibaba Cloud CDN in 2015, after a year of development, Alibaba Cloud CDN is escorting this year's Double 11. Utilize the Alibaba Cloud quality node to perform edge push flow through HTTP DNS to ensure uplink stability. Utilize transnational intercontinental lines to ensure the needs of live broadcasts worldwide.

Alibaba Cloud CDN now accounts for more than 25% of China's Internet traffic and is increasingly becoming part of China's Internet infrastructure. In order to meet the needs of users with low latency and smoothness, Alibaba Cloud CDN also uses groundbreaking dynamics. The routing technology ensures the reliability of the live link. This year, Alibaba Cloud CDN participated in the double 11 in the 9th year. It successfully achieved dual stability support for live broadcast and e-commerce, and can support simultaneous access by 10 million concurrent users. After nearly two years of development, it is serving more than a quarter of the live stream in China. Through comprehensive link monitoring and multi-line mutual backup measures, it provides technical support for the stable operation of the Double 11 Singles Day party.

In 2017, Double 11 Singles Day became more and more global, and shopping was changing from the carnival of the Chinese people to the carnival of the people of the world. The Internet brings the world closer. This year is also the year of rapid growth of Alibaba Cloud CDN. The flow of e-commerce business has doubled, and the overall volume of Alibaba Cloud CDN has achieved more than three times the volume growth.

Alibaba Cloud CDN optimizes software performance while leveraging hardware performance, supporting China's largest HTTPS traffic with only a small number of machines added. accelerate! +Safe! Taobao is the first e-commerce website that uses HTTPS for the entire station. It is also the largest HTTPS website in the country. Alibaba Cloud CDN protects the shopping safety of users around the world.

Alibaba Cloud CDN step by step from Taobao Double 11 Singles Day, and hopes to provide double 11 capabilities to the majority of users, so that each website can create their own double 11 Singles Da .

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