Alibaba Cloud Debuts First Data Centre in Indonesia

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Alibaba Cloud has commenced operations for its first data centre in Indonesia. The launch is said to be part of the brand's ongoing commitment to support the Indonesia government's initiative to create 1,000 startups by 2020. Plans for the data centre were first unveiled in June last year.

The data centre looks to be the first global public cloud platform in the country that provides a local choice for Indonesian business, particularly for SMEs and startups. This is by offering powerful, reliable and cost-effective cloud product and services. In addition, the data centre also looks to help Indonesia customers with low latency or data residency requirements to store and process data within the country, the press statement said.

Clients which have come on board include Tokopedia, GTech Digital Asia, Dwidaya Tour, and Yogrt.

It also looks to offer a comprehensive suite of cloud products and services ranging from elastic computing, database service, networking, security and middleware to analytics and big data. This is to meet the needs of local enterprises across a range of industries including e-commerce, media, Fintech, gaming, logistics, and transportation among others. Its big data service "MaxCompute" in particular, looks to provide data intelligence services such as data processing, analytics and machine learning to Indonesian businesses.

In a press statement, Raymond Ma, head of Alibaba Cloud, ASEAN and ANZ, said that the brand is dedicated to making its technology as inclusive as possible within the markets it operates.

"By providing a full range of cutting edge cloud solutions and combining this with our expertise, we can assist Indonesian SMEs, government, and enterprises to integrate advanced cloud technology into their daily operations to drive innovation and thrive in the digital age," Ma added.

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