Alibaba Cloud First Yunqi Conference in 2009 (Alibaba Cloud Developers Conference)

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The predecessor of the Yunqi Conference was the Alibaba Cloud Developers Conference, and the predecessor of the Alibaba Cloud Developers Conference was the Webmaster Conference. The predecessor of the Webmaster Conference was the China Local Website Development Forum. The conference held in 2009 is called China Local Website Development Forum. The conference held in 2010 is called the webmaster conference. In 2011-2014, the webmaster conference was renamed Alibaba Cloud Developers Conference. In 2015, the Alibaba Cloud Developer Conference was officially renamed. For the Yunqi Conference.

2009 is the year of Alibaba Cloud’s foundation. The name of the conference at that time was “2009 China Local Website Development Forum”. The theme was: open, sharing and win-win. At that time, the domestic cloud computing industry was just getting started. 200 local websites across the country gathered together to connect with countless community websites with more practical actions to solve the technical problems of small and medium-sized sites, grow together and achieve a win-win situation.

Conference topics: “Community Outstanding Contribution Award”, “Best Content Operation Award”, “Most E-Commerce Potential Award”.

  • “2009 China Local Website Development Forum”

  • 2009 China Local Website Development Forum Conference

From December 4th to 5th, 2010, the webmaster conference was held at the Hangzhou Haiwaihai International Conference Center. The theme was very concise: integration, innovation and development. This is also the predecessor of the Alibaba Cloud Developers Conference (AWDC). This can be said to be the earliest webmaster developer group exchange event on Alibaba Cloud. The conference invited more than 3,000 webmasters across the country to exchange ideas about the operation and development of various community websites, including traditional forums and emerging social networks, and explore how to integrate and innovate applications such as cloud computing, mobile internet and Weibo in the community to grasp the opportunities of industrial development. I still remember that Jack Ma said at the time: We believe that ten years later, entrepreneurs will definitely appear who are stronger just than Tencent, Baidu, and Alibaba.

Conference topics: “Community E-Commerce”, “Wireless Applications and Technology Innovation”, “Internet Advertising and Marketing”, etc.

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