Alibaba Cloud Fourth Computing Conference in 2012

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The fourth cloud computing conference was the third developer conference, held on October 24, 2013. The conference location was changed to Yunqi Town, and this time the conference was held in the open air.

This Yunqi Conference has changed a lot comparing with the past events. First of all, the location of Yunqi Conference. All the future Yunqi Conferences (developer conferences) would be held in the Yunqi Town of Zhuantang subdistrict. Secondly, the developers’ night that stimulates the brain was added.

The theme of this developer conference is "Butterfly Effect of Cloud Computing", focusing on games, mobile apps, finance, developer services and other fields, gathering Internet industry leaders, well-known corporate executives, cloud computing experts, senior developers, etc. to show the latest innovations of the cloud computing in various industries. The Aspara 5K Monument was set up as the first symbol, which was engraved with the names of the technicians having involved in the development (including those who had left). A cloud computing cluster of 5,000 machines was deployed less than 200 meters away from the Aspara Monument.

Conference topics: "Butterfly effect of the cloud", "Cloud computing and Internet finance business innovation", "Alibaba Cloud game ecosystem", "The impact of open source and cloud computing on developers", "Enterprises’ De-IOE (remove IBM, Oracle and EMC) campaign and case studies", etc.

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