Alibaba Cloud Nineth Computing Conference in 2017

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For four consecutive days! 2018 Hangzhou·Yunqi Conference, you can...

2 main forums / 170+ frontier summits and sub-forums

If you want to see Alibaba Board Chairman Ma Yun, Ant King, Chairman and CEO, Jing Xiandong, Alibaba President Hu Xiaoming, Alibaba Group CTO Zhang Jianfeng, American Academy of Sciences, Academy of Engineering, Academy of Arts and Sciences, Academician Michael Jordan, The executive vice president of the University of Saudi Halifa, Yiannis Exarchos, must not miss the wonderful forum.

The frontier summit and sub-forum will be jointly organized by Alibaba Cloud and Ant Financial Co., Ltd., together with ecological partners, academics and scientific research units, covering many frontier innovation fields such as financial technology, intellectual networking (IoT), blockchain, and machine intelligence. More than 50% of sub-forums only talk about technology and products.

30,000 square meters ecological technology exhibition area

The 30,000-square-meter eco-technical exhibition brings together the top technologies of more than 200 global companies to create an immersive scene-like experience. The proportion of overseas exhibitors exceeds 20%. Intel, SAP, Accenture, NVIDIA, DXC, Red Hat, NetApp, TOSHIBA, CNCF, Equinix, Fortinet, Inspur, Whale Technology, Chihiro Location, and IWC will all show cutting-edge technologies.

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