Alibaba Cloud Second Computing Conference in 2010

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On October 24, 2011, the second conference was still held at the Hangzhou Haiwaihai International Conference Center. The official name of the second conference was the China Internet Wireless Summit and the first Alibaba Cloud Developers Conference.

At this conference, Dr. WANG Jian was well known to everyone for the first time. The doctor’s prediction that “the combination of cloud computing and mobile Internet will form a butterfly effect to make a huge change in people’s lives” is still very interesting.

For the first time, the conference proposed the concept of “developer conference” to release cloud computing products and services, and will help developers and small and medium-sized enterprises to realize the transition from the Internet to the mobile Internet through basic technologies such as above technologies and services. At the same time, Alibaba Cloud had released OSS, Alibaba Cloud mailbox and other products for the first time, which are very impressive.

The topics of the conference were: "The Internet wireless road established by cloud computing", "Mobile Internet and data in the cloud era", "How cloud computing can better serve mobile Internet development", "Cloud computing opportunities for entrepreneurs" "Discussion on the business model of Internet entrepreneurs".

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