Alibaba Cloud Seventh Computing Conference in 2015

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On October 13-16, it was still in the International Conference Center of Yunqi Town, Hangzhou. The 2016 Hangzhou Computing Conference became 4 days event. At the conference, Jack Ma gave his new speech that could be a shock in the industry: Jack Ma: "E-commerce" will disappear, and the new five-way and one-flat will lead the future."

The theme of the conference was plentiful, focusing on cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet security, smart life, Internet of Things, enterprise services and other cutting-edge technologies and hot topics. Internet elites and industry big fans gathered to witness this unparalleled Internet event!

Conference topics: “Ultra-large-scale computing systems – Aspara”, “Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Transformation”, “Computing Innovates and Upgrades Financial Life”.

In the past 2016, Alibaba Cloud had met too many stories and changes:

In January, the world's first one-stop development platform for big data, including front, middle and back offices, Alibaba Cloud Plus Platform was officially launched, becoming a booster for artificial intelligence explosion.

In April, Alibaba Cloud Artificial Intelligence ET successfully predicted the champion of "I am a singer" competition, proving that the machine can understand the world of human emotions; Alibaba Cloud and SK Group joined hands to enter the Korean market, and the same month, the Apsara Stack was released.

In May, Alibaba Cloud entered the Japanese market.

In June, Alibaba Cloud, as China's cloud computing service provider, passed the SOC2 auditing standard set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) for the first time.

In August, Alibaba Cloud brand image was upgraded, and a strategic cooperation agreement was signed with Taiji shares in the same month.

In October, Alibaba Cloud Artificial Intelligence ET was first time applied to the Hangzhou City Data Brain; Alibaba Cloud cooperated with the National Astronomical Observatory to establish the Astronomical Big Data Joint Research Center; in the same month, China's cloud products were downgraded, and the core cloud products dropped by 50%.

In November, Alibaba Cloud won the 5th and 6th global cost effective computing champions; on the Single’s Day, the revenue exceeded 190 million yuan throughout the day; in addition of 9 regional data centers, 4 new regions were added: the Middle East, Europe, Australiaand Japan. Aspara Operating System was selected as one of 15 the most representative scientific and technological innovations in the world's Internet during the 3rd Wuzhen World Internet Conference; the financial cloud Shanghai data center was officially opened for operation, and 9 the disaster recovery architecture centers of 4 sites were built.

In December, Alibaba Cloud was awarded the Content Distribution Network (CDN) business, the domestic Internet virtual private network service, and the store-and-forward business license issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and became the cloud computing company with the most fully value-added telecom service license in China; "The plan is to provide developers with free "buffet" on the cloud.

From the China Local Website Development Forum to the Developers Conference in 2009, to the Computing Conference, which lasted four days in 2016 and covered more than 400 keynote speeches, after eight years experience, the Computing Conference has become a phenomenon-level conference in the industry. The pursuit of "innovation" is consistent: innovation is not only the development of cloud computing's own products and technologies, but also a model that is jointly promoted and practiced with different partners. Build a cloud computing big data platform, build a cloud computing ecological industry chain are the original intention of the Computing Conference. The main character of the Computing Conference is not Alibaba Cloud, but all the participants and builders of the cloud ecology; cloud computing is to communicate and make people benefit from the technology, which is the infrastructure, while Computing Conference focuses on the introduction of cloud infrastructure, and the platform to enable the new direction of the industry interconnection, whether it is the Internet architecture reform of traditional enterprise, or the research of cutting edge field, the Computing Conference is a stage to show dreams and achievements.

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