Alibaba Cloud Sixth Computing Conference in 2014

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The year of 2015 was the sixth year of the Yunqi Conference. Hangzhou Zhuantang has a special construction - the International Convention and Exhibition Center. This year's Yunqi Conference has 22,000 participating users. With the theme of "Internet, Innovation, Entrepreneurship", the conference shows the ubiquitous cloud computing in the "Internet +" era and the intertwined connections of all walks of life. It introduces the source of power for cloud computing for industrial upgrading and reform and innovation, and taps cloud computing. Helping the endless entrepreneurial passion and opportunity. At the conference, Alibaba Cloud announced a new brand and brand advertisement that is deeply rooted in people's hearts.

Jack Ma gave a keynote speech and attached a short paragraph for you to enjoy:

From the webmaster meeting of the first 400 people to the Yunqi Conference, I came to Yunqi Town every year, and I was excited, panicked and moved. Excited is the journey of dreams here, just like the entrepreneurial enthusiasm we hoped for 15 years ago. The panic is that many of the ideas I almost can't understand. The more I look at it, the more I panic. I remember one time I was thinking about going home. Fortunately, I started a business twenty years ago. If I start a business now, I don’t know where I am, I can’t compete with these young people. What emotes me moved: We found ourselves here. The enthusiasm of the Ali people for the Yunqi Conference comes from the fact that we can find many confidants here and find us many of us.

At the launch of the Tmall Single’s Day preparation on the 13th, the foreign ambassador in China asked me: What is the next dream after Alibaba listed on the NYSE? I think Alibaba's dream is far from being reached. We hope that the company will live for 102 years and now is only 16 years old. In the next 86 years, our real dream is to hope that because of our efforts, we will make more dreams to come true. Alibaba Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Yunqi Conference are all ideas that share the accumulated data, computing power, and all of cloud with dream makers and entrepreneurs, and make their dreams come true.

In addition, at the two-day conference, Alibaba Cloud released 15 new products and solutions including quantum encryption, DT PAI, hybrid cloud, cloud server 2.0, and IOT solutions, etc.

Conference topics: “Calculate the reconstruction of the new world”, “Calculate the creation of new business value”, “Data New Generation: Tianchi Data Competition Awards”.

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