Alibaba Cloud Tenth Computing Conference in 2018

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1 Explore Future

Asking about future value

Once, the future has come, but the distribution is uneven; nowadays, "digital butterfly change" has swept across the world. Machine intelligence, the Internet of Things, the industry brain, the blockchain, how far can you imagine the future? All the past are preludes. At this moment, it is a new starting point.

2 Inclusive Value

Accelerate technology

Open and innovative technology brings equal opportunities to the world. Digital financial infrastructure, financial AI, intelligent risk control, technological innovation to promote the development of financial science and technology, and seek the inclusive value brought about by the evolution of science and technology.

3 Deconstruct World

Deconstructing the digital world

More than 160 leading-edge technologies, products, industries and other multi-ecological theme summits and sub-forums explore the infinite possibilities of the digital world. The revolution has penetrated into the society's capillaries, and the rich and focused vertical field topics are full of heart.

4 Unleash Thoughts

Meet the thoughts

Academicians, scientists, artists, industry pioneers, here are their innovation arena. We are fortunate to live in an era where knowledge can be easily shared, and the mountains are rising and the hearts are yearning for it. Thoughts bloomed and met a room of fragrance.

5 Reunite Innovators

Similar fusion unbounded

Thousands of sharing guests and tens of thousands of innovative entrepreneurs have once again gathered in this ever-growing technological event. The same curiosity and innovative spirit allow us to constantly break the boundaries, collide more possibilities, and discover the value of tomorrow.

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