Alibaba, Shanghai strategic cooperation, cloud computing to help the fine governance of megacities

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On August 16, Shanghai and Alibaba and Ant Financial Services reached a strategic cooperation agreement. Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Secretary Li Qiang met with Ma Yun and his party chairman of Alibaba Group. Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong and Ma Yun witnessed the signing ceremony. The cooperation between the two parties involves promoting the coordinated development of the Yangtze River Delta and promoting technological innovation. Among them, the cloud computing technology provided by Alibaba Cloud will help Shanghai to build a global benchmark for fine governance of megacities.

Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Secretary Li Qiang and Mayor Ying Yong met with Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alibaba Group Ma Yun and CEO Zhang Yong and his party

Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Secretary Li Qiang

It will support Alibaba Group to optimize its industrial layout and innovative application scenarios in Shanghai. It is hoped that both parties will take advantage of the signing of strategic cooperation agreements to better utilize their respective advantages and achieve greater development together.

Alibaba will export its independent research and development capabilities in cloud computing and Internet of Things for Shanghai, and promote the development of new retail, smart logistics and environmental governance in the region, and help the development of the new economy in the Yangtze River Delta. Ant Financial will leverage the advantages of blockchain, mobile payment and data interaction to help Shanghai's international financial center.

Chairman of Alibaba Board of Directors Ma Yun

Now Alibaba has more than 9,000 employees in Shanghai. There are 60 happy buses to Shanghai and Hangzhou every weekend. The development of Alibaba has long been rooted in the Yangtze River Delta. Alibaba sees the great potential of Shanghai's future development and will put more new businesses, new technologies, new products and new models in Shanghai.

In addition, Alibaba will assist the first China International Import Expo to achieve the "6 + 365 days" of normalized display and sales, and create a "never closing" digital entry fair. As a key cooperation, new retail ecosystems such as Box Mashengsheng and Yintai Commercial will accelerate in Shanghai, and Shanghai will further become a new retail benchmark in China and the world.

As China's super city, among the more than 600 cities in China, Shanghai has the largest population, economic aggregate, and subway mileage, and has the largest number of skyscrapers in the world. As a leading provider of commercial infrastructure, Alibaba will further enhance Shanghai's service industry and manufacturing industry with digital power to help Shanghai's global urban construction.

As one of the most open and innovative cities in the world, Shanghai will explore the global benchmark for cloud computing to create a refined governance of very large cities. Alibaba Cloud will cooperate with Shanghai in various fields such as smart government, industrial internet platform, social governance and traffic management.

Previously, Alibaba Cloud supported the technology event, Yunqi Conference • Shanghai Summit, “Tianchi” Big Data Competition, “Alibaba Global Maker Competition” and so on, which have been held in Shanghai for many years, and will be the coolest creative and cutting-edge digital technology. The latest application scenarios are brought to Shanghai.

Today, some sites in the Shanghai Metro have begun to use the intelligent ticketing system supported by Alibaba Cloud voice technology. SAIC Group's Roewe, MG, Datong and other self-owned brand new cars are equipped with Alma's operating system based on AliOS operating system, and its loading capacity has exceeded 700,000 units.

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