All Chinese musicians, please unite and say no to piracy

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Absrtact: All Chinese musicians, please unite and say no to piracy; all Chinese musicians, please unite to protect the sustainable development of the copyright cause by the law; All Chinese citizens, please respect the work of musicians, just as respect

"All Chinese musicians, please unite and say no to piracy; all Chinese music practitioners, please unite to uphold the law as a weapon to maintain the sustainable development of the cause of copyright; All Chinese citizens, please respect the work of musicians, just like you respect yourself. ”

April 21, in Beijing Pinggu District held "our voice--China Music Copyright Summit Forum", the famous lyric soprano Chen Xiaodo as "China music copyright transaction ranking Propaganda ambassador", read the 2011 China Music Copyright Protection Manifesto, on behalf of all musicians to war on piracy.

"Feng Back in the spring", "the intellectuals jointly denounce Baidu", "Chinese music songwriters set up Rights Alliance" (relevant reports are detailed in March 29, April 19 newspaper "Culture Weekly"), recently, domestic musicians frequently issued a statement of the rights of music, shouting "copyright protection" Voice is echoing in people's ears before the decibel.

"I know a lot of good songwriters, but they don't get the least amount of creative reward." "The recent controversy over Spring" has allowed singer Feng to be employed as the "Chinese Music Copyright Protection Ambassador" at the Summit forum. Feng said that the lack of copyright protection not only hit the record sales, the creators of the income, but also seriously restricts the entire music industry's creative enthusiasm and development direction.

In the absence of a network of records, the public is keen on piracy, and when the Internet-sharing era arrives, one night, no longer pays for music.

In the Sea Butterfly Music CEO Lu, the music industry, including music entrepreneurs, music companies, are squeezed by the market at the edge of life and death, and piracy is the industry's biggest threat. "Why are representatives of music companies so inactive in activist activities?" The situation is very simple, basically the collapse of the bankruptcy, we do not even have the opportunity and strength to cry. ”

With the spread of the internet and the rise of digital music, the traditional recording industry has irrevocably entered the decline in the world, and the Chinese music industry has been slow to find a good chance of development in the new digital music field. Insiders said that in recent years, the traditional distribution of Chinese music market (record sales, network downloads, ringtones) of the annual output value of less than 300 million yuan, and in China's one-fourteenth of the population of Japan, the annual record turnover can reach 400 billion yen, the copyright output of 200 billion yen (including lyrics royalties , public use), the number of authentic downloads recorded 360 million times per year. This strong contrast reflects that China is far from adapting to the needs of the digital music age in the development of copyright legislation and system.

"Many people do not understand the" labor "of musicians. Musicians, like any ordinary person, live by the income of music, and if the music is not right, these people will not be able to live. "The famous musician Chen, speaking of the status of Chinese music copyright, said that there should be a sense of pay for spiritual products, which has long been a tradition in Western countries." Chen, who joined the French copyright agency in 1986, said that in 2010 France's copyright agency received 7.4 billion RMB for copyright in the world, but received only 40 million yuan in China, 130 times times the difference.

China Music Copyright Association deputy director Liu Ping said: "The social illegal use of music works and creators of spontaneous maintenance of their own creative rights and interests of more and more, the core of the problem is to disregard and pay attention to music copyright protection of the two-level differentiation more and more serious." According to the current development of Chinese original music industry, it is urgent to promote the copyright protection of Chinese music industry. ”

"Although there is a heightened awareness of copyright protection, there is still much to be desired in the legal system," said Wanghuapeng, chairman of the China Audiovisual Copyright Collective Management Association. "In recent years, China Music Copyright Association, China Audio-visual Copyright Collective Management Association and other organizations are also efforts, including the promotion of the collection of television broadcasting, KTV, shopping malls, restaurants and other places of public use of music copyright fees, but how to establish an effective system, It is still an urgent problem for the music industry to reach the music creators.

In addition to inviting a large number of people in the industry to discuss copyright protection, China's first official background music copyright Trading Center "China Music Valley musical Copyright Trading Center" was also established. The relevant person said that after the establishment of the trading center will launch the first copyright transactions as the content of the "Chinese Music Copyright Transactions List" to provide the public with online listening, and can vote for their favorite works, and then regularly put the top 5 of the list of works on the site and online auction, timely release results.

Li, a famous singer and famous vocal music educator, points out that in order to change the copyright infringement of Chinese original music in the process of rapid development, it is not enough to rely on the music person's cry, how to guarantee the musical person's lawful rights and interests, and promote the healthy development of Chinese original music, has become the whole industry, the whole society must face and solve the problem.

Just out of the shadow of the copyright dispute Feng, showing a calm, optimistic attitude: "believe that the music copyright is effectively maintained, the creators of the rights and interests of the equivalent return, more good concerts appear, the industry will really show vitality." ”

The Ministry of Culture will investigate Baidu MP3 and other 14 websites

The Ministry of Culture recently issued "on the investigation and punishment of the 12th batch of illegal Internet cultural activities of the notice", asked the provincial (city) cultural administration departments and comprehensive law enforcement agencies of the cultural market, Baidu MP3 and other 14 suspected illegal network music website to be investigated and punished, And before April 29 to the Ministry of Culture and Cultural Marketing department to submit the relevant website and the investigation of the case of the written report.

January 7 This year, the Ministry of Culture issued "on the clean-up of illegal network music products," the announcement of the first batch of 100 without content review or record of the Internet music products, the requirements of the major sites on February 28 before the self-examination self correction, clean-up rectification. In mid-March, the Ministry of Culture decided to file and investigate the 54 online music websites that had not completed the clean-up and rectification, and still provided the first 100 Internet music services illegally. But in the recent inspection, Baidu MP3 and other parts of the website still unauthorized to provide the above-mentioned network music products broadcast, audition, use or download services.

To this end, the Ministry of Culture again to deploy, according to the "Internet culture management interim provisions," the relevant requirements of Baidu MP3, 3G Portal MP3, thousands of music online, such as 14 of suspected illegal network music website to be investigated.

Online piracy can be reported

To further facilitate the public to monitor the cultural market, smooth reporting channels, increase the infringement of piracy, illegal performance, lip-synch false performance, the acceptance of minors and other cultural market violations of law and order, On April 26, the Ministry of Culture officially opened 12318 National Cultural Market Reporting website (, which mainly entertained entertainment, business performances, art, internet cafes, online games, network music and other market reports.

The public can directly login to the website, fill in the report information. The Ministry of Culture will arrange for the person to handle in the background, and depending on the specific circumstances of the direct investigation or to the provincial Cultural administration departments, cultural market comprehensive law enforcement agencies to investigate.

(Reporter Xiaodong Wang)

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