Although it is not difficult to do the station, but it is difficult to do a website

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Recently has been busy doing a Web site, today finally online, although the site does not make it too satisfactory, but their true intentions, pay, and deeply feel the intention to do a website how difficult.

And a lot of webmaster friends encounter problems, the hardest is "> site positioning problem." For a long time to consider the site positioning of the problem, feel that they can think of others have done, and do very mature. As others say, when a person has the confidence and ability to do things, but do not know what to do is the most painful. During that time I was in charge of the company project just finished, work is not too busy.

Often have colleagues and netizens asked about computer problems, programming, the use of software, there are computer poisoning problems, time is abundant when I generally help solve, and are as far as possible in their own practical solutions, and detailed written in the Word document, and then sent them, Of course, some things must refer to the network, a period of time down, the light of their own to solve the problem of the Word document has dozens of, many friends asked me to open a blog, let me write more of this article, I suddenly think, why not do a website, specifically to provide computer knowledge and computer use skills?

Site positioning clear, to do a computer skills, computer knowledge of the site it, his name is called Gregorian nets, begging for wisdom, this name originated from the traditional Chinese folk festivals, 77 Gregorian festival, (this should not be considered tort it?)

Site positioning clear, the next thing again hard and tired for me is also happy. First to apply for a domain name (, personal feeling that the domain name is not bad, when the search has not been registered, I immediately photographed. See a few more mature cms, perhaps the reason for other people's development, after all, not for their own tailored, always feel that the operation is not too easy, how to do, write it yourself, after all, they are programming (a bit too boastful of their own?).

Write your own CMS can also casually modify and add features, first looked for a few popular CMS research, and then, their own design database, Web site architecture, write the underlying database access layer, write stored procedures, etc., these content although many, but for me is not too difficult, one months is almost done, Let me have the most headaches to calculate the Site page Display section, art, page layout, CSS, generate static pages, compatible with different browsers and versions, and so on, these things took me too much time and energy, this period I also often on webmaster nets to learn, this period I was the first contact with the SEO, contact the site optimization and other related knowledge, Really feel more difficult to do, the more you do, the need to learn too much too much. To build a better site, development accounted for only 20%, and other jobs to spend 80% of the work or even more.

Website on-line, must painstakingly every day, must spend too much time to renew the maintenance, the daytime work, the evening and the weekend Drive maintains the website, several months down, the body obviously feels bad. No matter what, I will go to work hard, and I also believe that I will be able to succeed, the site will be able to make a difference in the field, some harvest, there is a better tomorrow!

My qq:568906858, hope to be able to make webmaster friends, communicate together, progress together.

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