Although PAAs is temporarily behind, it is expected to change in a short time

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As a member of the cloud services family, the growth of platform-service (PaaS) is particularly slow. While PAAs has a great advantage, it is also the most difficult to deploy PAAs with respect to other types of cloud services. However, experts believe that PAAs may soon change the current state of backwardness.

Gartner, a market research institute, estimates that global PAAs revenues are around $1.2 billion trillion in 2012. Although there has been a substantial increase compared with the 900 million dollars in 2011, it is still insignificant compared with the earnings of managed services in 2012. According to researchers, all hosting services, including software as a service (SaaS), earned 109 billion dollars in 2012.

PAAs is derived from infrastructure solutions such as Amazon Network Services (AWS), which manages servers and virtual tiers, and the remainder is managed by the user. Because the server operating system and the application development environment in PAAs are also maintained by the provider, developers can focus on creating applications without having to focus on issues such as Server software upgrades.

There are already signs of a PAAs market that is poised to grow. PAAs providers say that while most of their users are start-ups, more and more large enterprises are starting to use the technology.

"Despite the slow progress, companies are introducing a second-generation PAAs that is more suitable for business use," said John Rymer, analyst at Forrester, a market research firm. ”

While the PAAs market is still relatively slow--gartner predicts that global PAAs revenues will reach $3.5 billion trillion by 2017 – but companies should remain highly concerned. Yafim Natis, Gartner analyst, argues that earnings expectations seriously underestimate the importance of this cloud architecture component.

The early deployer showed great trust in the PAAs. Choose Digital has created a digital market for customers such as United Airlines and the Marriott Group. Mario Cruz, co-founder and chief technology officer of the company, said: "Anyone who builds a test and research team based on a data center will be mad at the heavy workload." But if you tell them, ' If you use PAAs, the software will automatically be generated and tested. ' What are they going to do? '

The situation is similar to Cruz users that PAAs has a very strong advantage, and the companies that have not yet started using the service may be left behind by competitors using PAAs.

At present, many traditional enterprise IT system vendors, including IBM, Oracle, HP, Dell, Microsoft and Red Hat companies, have begun to deploy PAAs solutions for long-term customers. As well-known manufacturers begin to accept Paas,paas will undoubtedly be more and more attention.

PAAs Advantages

Many companies say that because the PAAs solution frees them from tedious work such as managing server hardware and software, they are able to deliver products to the market faster and upgrade their products more quickly. The most concise definition of PAAs is the application platform that can be provided as a service.

The advantage of PAAs is that developers who use PAAs solutions do not have to build and configure hardware and software environments for their applications. Developers simply write applications and load them onto PAAs. PAAs will support the software language selected by the developer and let the application run on it.

PAAs is located on the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution. In fact, many PAAs providers do not have their own data centers-they simply use Amazon Network services or other IaaS providers to run their own platforms.

Choose Digital ultimately decided to use the PAAs solution provided by cloudbees to quickly improve their ability to penetrate the marketplace and take full advantage of the Cloudbees platform's automation capabilities. "Consolidation, automation--all of these infrastructure elements are just buttons for our developers." "Cruz said. "They don't have to know how to evaluate the server or how to use Apache. Basically, the job they do is to write code and load them. They are automatically deployed and run. ”

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