Ambassador Zhang Ligang's pioneering Rubik's Cube digs the gold mine of the health industry

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"It does not matter to see the lighthouse, as long as you have light in your heart, you can go through the darkness." "Zhang Ligang, Chairman and CEO, said it years ago.

Today, he seems to be still looking for his dream lighthouse, still in the fast and sharp foot in the dark, of course, he has a bright light-that is, China's health management industry! "After the Internet, the next gold mine will be a health industry." "he said.

1998, he resolutely returned to play alongside Zhang, is Sohu's official is also a hero. But, in the rapid rise in the cause, he quietly left. The following year, with several partners to create the Art Dragon Net, and one hand will be the art of Dragon Network to pull into the online travel service industry second, and in the Art Dragon net on Nasdaq six months ago, chose to leave again. His explanation is that he wants to be a great company that embodies his own values and aspirations. He is not willing to be a supporting actor.

Zhang New exciting point in the domestic health management field. Founded in 2004, after several mergers and acquisitions and achievements of today's Love Kang Ambassador Company, carrying Zhang just all the dream and ambition. "I want it to be a company that changes the people's understanding of health and can profoundly affect their lives," he said, revealing too many expectations in his plain and steady language.

The journey of the Ambassador of Love

"America's biggest industry is health care, which accounts for more than 15% of GDP, Europe on average 8%, and China now less than 6%." Health management is just beginning in China. "Zhang Ligang said. After looking at the market, he didn't cut it in the traditional way, but to try to use it to change the industry, he first established love Kang Network, as a link between customers and medical entity resources intermediary platform, Love Kang network provides including health records management, physical examination, health assessment and prevention, health experts consultation, medical treatment Green channel , expert appointment and other services.

2007, the Love Kang Net and the Shanghai Ambassador merged into today's Love Kang Ambassador, in addition to the online platform, its one or two-line cities in the country already has more than 20 medical examinations, medical institutions, as well as more than 100 cities nationwide hundreds of of the medical cooperation agencies, this year, the customer service will reach 2 million people, the operating target of 500 million yuan.

Such a large customer demand and many Third-party partners, is a great pressure on the ambassador. Zhang Ligang says the flow of data and services is a challenge for the industry, with more than half of the employees at the company's headquarters doing it, the highest in the industry. Zhang Ligang is grafting it thinking into the traditional industry of medical care, standardizing the information management and service process for healthcare-the creation and growth of the ambassador, who has permeated the wisdom of his pioneering internet business.

Zhang Ligang that health management based on it mode is a breakthrough in traditional medical care, where medical services were provided mainly by public hospitals, and high quality medical resources were concentrated in three hospitals in major cities, but each hospital was almost single. The productivity of excellent doctors has not been released. Second, more and more enterprise customers are cross-regional, group-type, they hope that a company can fully manage the health of all employees, state-owned hospitals do not chain operation, can not meet the demand. The information standardization and chain operation of the love and health Ambassador provides excellent service for group examination of large enterprises such as Alibaba and GE, while online platform releases the productivity of excellent doctors.

From light to heavy

Of course, the development of the AI-Kang ambassador has also experienced difficult choices. The company was founded at the beginning, Zhang Ligang has been trying to take a light asset road, hoping to make a pure online company, a combination of medical industry resources and docking the broad masses of customer groups as the core competitiveness of the platform service provider. Today, the assets of the ambassador are more and more heavy, next, will also be in the two or three-line city more directly under the line of the agency.

Zhang Ligang said that enterprises from the "light" to "heavy" is determined by the scarcity of medical resources in China. Whether it is the medical institutions of the resources, or the medical resources, until today is still scarce. If you do not control upstream, there are customers, the resource provider does not need you, in the industry has no control, the enterprise will never grow big!

The merger with the Shanghai ambassador is a sign that companies are marching down the line this is contrary to the original idea of Zhang Ligang, and he still firmly said: "Our position has not changed, or a Taiwanese role, the domestic situation forces must go upstream to control resources, and online resource integration will be the direction of the future."

Between lighter and heavier, Zhang Ligang must have been suffering, and this time in the art Dragon Net encountered in the direction of the choice is surprisingly similar to this one, he led the line to the march. The Ambassador of Love and health is also growing rapidly!

Capital This double-edged sword

The rapid expansion of the ambassador is inseparable from the power of capital, from the earliest Shanghai venture into the United States and the U.S., to the later Merrill Lynch, the Qing branch venture, the first-ever financing of the health ambassador is more than 40 million U.S. dollars. Zhang Ligang said that entrepreneurship can not be separated from the power of capital, but also easy to be manipulated by capital, a company to succeed, the key point is to find the matching investors. Find visionary investors, not short-term arbitrage.

Perhaps once in the art Dragon Net, the partner of the experience of the great differences between the Zhang Ligang, leading to the eventual exodus. In terms of capital operations, he has taught more lessons and financing proverbs.

Zhang Ligang said, for the start-up period of the company, do not advocate to let the capital come in early, start-up companies have a lot of uncertainties, direction, team are not clear, at this time can learn the Chinese older generation of entrepreneurs, is to borrow money to start a business. Or, take very little seed money, a small percentage, do not give up the company's shares very early.

For the company's control, he said: One is the founder through the arrangement of shares to achieve the absolute control of the company; the second is like Ma Yun, in the company's shares less than 10%, there is no guarantee in the equity, to maintain their own voice can only rely on performance. When the founder is no longer in absolute holding, most founders determine the right to speak by creating value for the shareholder through performance. The choice of equity, test entrepreneur and capital side communication and the ability to control the situation, is a typical double-edged sword.

Today, Zhang Ligang is riding a 50% annual growth rate. Although the expansion under the line, the weight of capital, the excessive reliance on physical examination business, and so on, there are countless problems test this serial entrepreneur's courage and wisdom, but his steady eyes, always permeated with firmness.

He said: "Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are two different categories of people, most people are only one of them, if the entrepreneur to continue to lead the future development of the company, must be successfully transformed into an entrepreneur." It's a painful process, but it has to be crossed! ”

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