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June 7, 2011 AMD Company recently announced a "> for the United States, Europe and" The global survey results of public utilities and private enterprise IT decision-makers in the Asia-Pacific region, including the adoption of cloud computing, attitudes and methodologies. The findings reveal trends in the deployment and use of cloud computing globally and in different regions, highlighting that infrastructure and workloads are particularly important for cloud computing models. The findings include:

• Cloud computing is rapidly maturing, with 70% of respondents pointing out that they are currently using or are considering using cloud computing in remote hosting applications or data stores.

• Of the organizations that have deployed cloud solutions, 60% of the feedback is that they have seen their business value.

• Among existing cloud solution consumers, 92% of users think that infrastructure is critical to their decision on whether to use the cloud model.

"On the basis of this global research, AMD believes it is time for the industry to reshape the way it thinks about cloud technology," said Patrick Patla, AMD global vice president and server and embedded business manager. The findings reflect the fact that with the advent of the cloud computing era, different business environments will have distinct attitudes, approaches, concerns and maturity. As an industry, we should give clear guidance on how to optimize the software and hardware environment of cloud computing, focusing on the customizable parts of the more common workloads in cloud computing, with proper balance of performance, power consumption and cost-effectiveness. ”

Billions of dollars of data stored in the cloud

As cloud computing continues to grow, the value of data stored in the cloud is increasing. 63% of users who use cloud computing to host data are expected to store up to 250,000 dollars in the cloud. Through this survey, we can estimate that there are currently billions of of dollars of data stored in the cloud.

CIO drives cloud computing strategy shift

CIOs (CIO) are driving a new era in the IT world, and it directors and executives are putting cloud core technology on the top and devoting more than 50% of their time. Of the respondents using cloud computing, 92% thought the infrastructure was important for them to decide whether to use cloud computing, refuting the notion that cloud users don't care about the physical architecture of servers that store and run their data. The world's private sector respondents also confirmed that the potential workloads most suited to cloud computing were mail, finance/Accounting, and Web services.

With such a clear understanding of the importance of infrastructure in cloud computing, it is imperative for suppliers to stop talking and really focus on cloud core technologies. Mail, finance/Accounting and Web services are fast-growing workloads in cloud computing, but with significantly different computing needs. AMD is leading the industry to respond to the unique needs of cloud technology vendors and users, offering different solutions to cloud computing based on the workload model, which is recognised by some AMD users who do Web services in Europe, including 1&1, Intergenia AG and Strato.

Public Domain and cloud technology

AMD, which specializes in public-sector attitudes toward cloud computing, shows that local and federal leaders have a significant impact on the perception of accelerating cloud computing. Among American public-sector respondents, respondents who thought the government's policies had accelerated cloud deployments were more than twice times more likely to view the cloud shift as a way to reduce costs. The survey also confirms this: Nearly half of the world's public-sector respondents point out that the tightening of the budget accelerates the perception of cloud solutions.

A big hurdle remains that public utilities must have in-house IT resources to support the deployment of cloud solutions if they are to have full cloud computing. At present, 43% of public utilities and 23% of private enterprises do not think they have the technical resources to support cloud technology.

Highlights of the report:

• The status of cloud deployment: 74% of U.S. organizations are using or investigating cloud solutions, with 68% and 58% in Asia Pacific and Europe respectively.

• The trust of Cloud technology: about 1 to 10 organizations in the United States estimate about 10 million dollars worth of data stored in the cloud. However, 63% per cent of global respondents still believe that security is one of the greatest risks to this pattern of cloud storage.

• Know cloud technology and prepare for it: of the users currently using cloud technology, 75% have the necessary it technology to implement cloud solutions, only 39% of the organizations that are looking at cloud technology have the necessary it technology.

• Cloud Technology Customers: Cloud users access their services mainly through PCs (90%), via Smartphones (56%), via Tablet PCs (37%), and thin clients (32%).

In the next few weeks or months, AMD will publish detailed information on the infrastructure requirements of different cloud deployment models, and will deliver new technologies to the market that can help partners and customers to perform more flexibly, as well as a robust solution that combines cost, performance, and power consumption with customer needs. This is based on the cloud computing strategy using the AMD Hao Long 4000 series platform.

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