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Some time ago in A5 published several articles, there are a lot of friends plus my friends, we discuss the operation of Amoy-customer skills, feel great. Although now Taobao guest industry has encountered various obstacles. But I would like to say, Amoy customers rely on the big platform of Ali, during which tens of thousands of small and medium sellers to survive can only rely on our promotion, so that Amoy still have room for development, but the industry environment than before a lot of clean.

Therefore, now do Amoy customers have the opportunity, but the smart is no use, the station group, a single page even the power to promote a lot less than before, we want to make a world, in addition to the rational use of construction station technology, the rest is to create value. Perhaps some friends see this, will think a small webmaster how to create value, we are only the internet world of migrant workers, we just want to earn some living expenses. If you think so, then everything is meaningless. Your site must also be a failure. Because the Internet resources are so rich, you can not do what others want, others will not stay on your site for too long, after all, you provide value to others, others will come to your site to continue to obtain content.

So, now Taobao guest has so two trends, first, shopping to share the guide, not simply imitate Mushroom street and things like that, but through a series of content to show their value, like myself, will be in the article according to the different solar terms recommend appropriate clothes, and with beautiful text, deep mining products behind the meaning, Virtually give everyone a dress with the guidance, so that can really retain users.

Second, the site can not be simple to the general victory, more can not blindly imitate the current famous Amoy site, simple data calls not only will not please the user, also will not be long, we have to make their own characteristics, to find their own position, Mushroom Street They will be successful because they will be simple shopping into the sharing between consumers, The shopping experience as a link to connect everyone, grasp the key word of trust, digging out the other people's shopping needs, so we have to start from other directions, looking for a truly suitable channel for us.

Third, the pure Amoy station is no longer the trend, the future of Amoy site will be more rely on content, product recommendation will only be auxiliary, will gradually dilute the direct commercial purposes of Amoy, such as the istyle of NetEase's clothing and dress site, is the content information station, Amoy link is only one aspect, in short, the future of Amoy station will be mainly flow, On the basis of flow and professionalism to promote products.

This is what I summed up about Amoy station, because there have been friends asking about Amoy station operation direction of the problem, so in this unified to everyone back. After so many tests, the current Amoy environment has indeed become more regular. Think about a few years ago, random search a word with shopping color will pop up a lot of Amoy page, clutter does not say, the content can not help us, maybe we just want to see the skills of dressing, maybe we just want to see the market price of this product is how much, but the same purchase page will still make a lot of people resent. But now much better, oneself from a grid to do now what to wear, witnessed the purification of the whole environment, but also made some money, although the opportunity is less but for the entire industry, long life so for us is still good.

Of course, earning money doesn't mean you can make money, Amoy guests in addition to keep up with the above several trends, but also need some thinking of the use, now do marketing or promotion, Benbon to do may not have the effect, on the contrary, if we can reasonably use the resources of the hands, to avoid some Amoy station often make mistakes, The chances of success are much higher. Amoy Station for their own 4 years, during the experience of things also let oneself start to understand Amoy station is not want to do, some of the lack of understanding really let oneself eat a big loss, so in this share out hope that we can take warning.

Do Amoy station must be clear before you want to promote the product categories, avoid large and empty, to be as detailed as possible, because we are grassroots webmaster, energy is very limited, so we need to find their own marketing points, and the choice of things can not blindly pursue commissions, do Amoy not a stick business, also need repeat customers, don't think how to "cheat list" Earn commission, from the consumer's point of view to do an ideal shopper, before a grid because their products did not choose, resulting in the content of the supplement, although the weight of 3 but the actual conversion rate is not high, this was shelved, Therefore, when you choose products to the Commission on the basis of the appropriate to choose to have a good marketing content to do things, otherwise it is themselves to find trouble.

Website is a means to do Amoy, but not the only means, Ali mom in the background will also find the promotion channel can have three, including app, Shopping guide and website, for the micro-blog, space and so on we should pay attention to, do not think that only the site can do Amoy, some people with micro-blog can make millions of months, such as some women's matching skills are such, space also do not look down, I used space before one months to earn hundreds of no problem, like to understand the diary is more strong, although not Amoy but his success or explain that the space marketing value is still available. Therefore, do not confine yourself to a promotion channel, or we will push ourselves into a dead end.

This is my recent feeling, think about it, I hope I can help some novice friends. Article author: Jude, Link: What to wear net, can come to my website add friend, hope can and everybody become friend, thank.

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