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After entering the 2013, a concept is increasingly understood that the mobile Internet is a real subversion of the Internet, the future of the market will be 10 times times or even more than we used to use the PC Internet, at present, we see only a light before the sunrise.

The argument is based on the fact that future mobile devices will be more than terminals, or mobile phones, pad, or wearable devices, even refrigerators and washing machines, toilet vanity mirrors, which are far more widely used than PCs. Mobile devices Expand the breadth of human use of the Internet, stimulate a large number of potential demand, and form a huge mobile business market, forming a global new economic model growth engine.

Despite the fact that companies are still having trouble making real profits from the big developments in mobile Internet, user habits continue to shift from PC to mobile, and the forces are still investing heavily in the field, and competition is intensifying.

2012 can be counted as an explosion year for Android equipment, 2013 is a year in depth for Android devices, and the continued slide of iOS devices has been accurately predicted. By the end of 2013, China's Android device activity was 300 million, slowing down from last year's increase, but more so in rural areas. The rapid popularization of the following intelligent machines has injected new vigor into the development of mobile Internet.

China's mobile internet will enter a new round of horse-racing in the context of Android's nearly 80% market share. The future direction of mobile Internet will be to bring more practical value to users rather than just provide entertainment and social functions. More and more companies have identified this trend, and around this trend exerting force. Let us look at the various manifestations of power in the past year.


Tencent is bat in the mobile end of the earliest, the development is the most smooth. This is not because MA saw the growth prospects of mobile internet early, but because of Tencent's highly sensitive market habits. Any kind of business is not willing to miss, others have their own guiding ideology, so that Tencent in the mobile internet era to keep pace with the construction of a relatively most comprehensive mobile ecology.

In the past year, Tencent in addition to the micro-letter and hand Q to achieve great achievements, the rise of the QQ browser, mobile news clients, mobile security, mobile video and other areas of the step-by-step, but also to impress people. However, the light of the micro-letter seems to have been all over, leaving people preoccupied with other things. It also seems to be able to carry everything on the micro-credit platform, which could become super huge. Micro-letter is a good product, but too high expectations, but may be detrimental to it.

By the end of 2013, the number of micro-letter users was 600 million, refused to believe that one-fourth of them are overseas users, the remaining 450 million for domestic users. The monthly active users of the micro-trust ended 2013 at 272 million, after WhatsApp's 350 million. Micro-trust is now India and other countries, the largest number of iphone users download social tools, but also China's only one by one have a certain international competitiveness and visibility of the Internet products.

In fact, the micro-letter in the social relationship of the precipitation process has been completed, in the future, any new people want to eat up the share of the micro-letter and users, in the micro-letter does not make obvious directional errors on the basis of a number of times the cost of micro-trust spending. The transfer cost of the user's social relationship is too high, which is the natural moat of the micro-letter.

Goldman Sachs gave the micro-credit value of HK $86.5 billion in March 2013, a valuation that soared to HK $135.6 billion in six months. Tencent's share price topped the record of HK $500 in early 2014, up 54% from early 2013, and is getting closer to the trillion-dollar market. Tencent's pace of development in 2013 accounted for only the third place in its history, the growth rate of around 20% lagged far behind the first two ranked, but Tencent's share price still hit a record high. This is thanks to the ultra strong performance of the micro-letter, Tencent's entire group to draw high valuations.

Of course, there are no materialize but not inferior to the hand Q, has not been included in the valuation increment range. Hand q in the flow is far greater than the micro-letter, can carry more types of services than micro-letter, at some point in the future, the value of hand Q will also be highlighted, as Tencent's valuation of another big incremental source.

Micro-letter is currently carrying out commercial test water, the new micro-credit payment function, as well as micro-shopping malls and micro-life services, the other giant Alibaba stimulation. Both sides last August after a series of offensive and defensive, Ali desperate to resist the micro-letter to its electric business ecology infiltration, shielding the micro-letter public number and two-dimensional code, through the account with Sina Weibo exchange, fully develop class micro-credit social tools. While the micro-letter to clean up with the Ali electric business related to the public number, and steadily promote the construction of the electric business and the user habits of the transfer.

Micro-letter payment to the user brought a new experience, its convenient, simplified and safe payment process, the payment of treasure poses a great threat, but also to the environment of Ali Electric business threat. Now it seems that it is not important to make money from the mobile end, it is more important to guide the user to use the habit transfer.

Micro-letter is a topic too high project, a slight ability to challenge such as NetEase and Alibaba, hard to push the letter and contacts, and ultimately can only be a fiasco. and unable to catch up with a company, but also can only envy envy hate. Tencent only by virtue of a micro-letter products, it can become the King of China Mobile Internet, not to mention, plus has been operating for a long time mobile phone QQ and other strong products.

Tencent Mobile QQ Browser, is the past year performance is very good mobile products, in product design and experience increasingly meticulous, fine carving, applied a lot of micro-innovation to products, market share also steadily rising. But in the mobile ecosystem that Tencent has built around micro-letters, browsers are not that important, and a more important product is tick-tock taxis.

Tick a taxi the current market share is far faster than a taxi, and some small companies have been washed out in the past year. Tick a taxi. In the case of taking advantage of the market, at the beginning of 2014 to accept 100 million U.S. dollars in the C-round investment, and the letter to pay. Tick a taxi. Even if the next few years will not be commercialized operation, not to obtain output, but as long as the user to guide the use of micro-credit payment, the user pays the habit of fostering, the value of Tencent is far more than the direct benefit from the market is much more than a lot of times.

Tencent's mobile side of the 2014 development situation, it seems to be a roaring, a bustling scene. But it is also possible that the strong growth in micro-credit has masked some of the anomalies. Tencent's mobile end also has some hidden worries, the other home is the director of Tencent's short.

Tencent, although in the mobile payment and mobile electric business to the great pressure on Alibaba, but in mobile search, application distribution, lbs and other fields, Baidu and 360 for the time being no threat. 2014 Tencent will be in mobile browser, mobile application distribution and mobile security, mobile map business will take the differentiated development route, in order to make the industry chain to do all, bigger. 2014 will be a turbulent year for Tencent's mobile end.


Baidu's mobile business was still subdued before the three quarter of 2012, mainly because the work was done and the results were not revealed. Li Yanhong Light iOS's assertion is correct, mobile-end business model of the worry does exist, but in the mobile end only practice not to say and practice, obviously is not the same, will give the market a positive or not signal.

Fortunately, there are 360 of the positive challenges, making Baidu like a wake from the dream, began exerting force. The 360 challenge is Baidu's traditional search business, unrelated to the mobile end. But investors ' discontent with Baidu was not due to the challenges of its business, but to the fact that the move was not up to investors ' expectations. As a result, Robin Li, who has always been rational, has also begun to show a firm determination to go beyond the reality by using values to gently brainwash employees to boost morale and develop long-term strategies and firm implementation. All this has made a very good effect.

Baidu developed the strategy at the beginning of the year is mobile search and lbs for dual engines, focusing on mobile application distribution. At that time, Baidu mobile search accounted for the largest market share, but not monopoly, can take the shot also mobile search. But only half a year, the number of mobile search users and search requests were increased by one times, active users more than 100 million. Maps and personal clouds are growing faster, and by the first half of the year, maps have saved up the strength to compete with Gould, while users of personal cloud businesses have soared to 80 million, the largest in the country. In the first half of 2013, the mobile end of the high-speed development process, Baidu's share price from 80 U.S. dollars began to recover gradually to about 100 U.S. dollars (the second half of the highest soar to 178 U.S. dollars).

By June, Baidu had a quiet structure adjustment, the establishment of Mobile Cloud Division, LBS division. The original search business is divided into search business groups and forward charging groups. The context of the mobile business more clear, three quarter Baidu mobile end of the revenue for the first time accounted for the total revenue of 10%, so has been Baidu mobile look at the decline of the outside of Baidu's progress has a most intuitive impression.

2013 Baidu made four acquisitions, of which two were related to the mobile business, the first is 370 million dollars to acquire the client video company PPS. This for Baidu's Archie art mobile video business significance, effectively make up for the Archie art in this piece of the vacancy, improve its backward situation.

Another important acquisition is a $1.85 billion acquisition that accounts for 91 of the wireless, paying a huge price to get the lucrative business. After the acquisition, in the Application distribution field, 91 assistants, Android Market and Baidu mobile phone assistant together to take up the entire market close to 40% of the share, distribution reached 90 million, quickly to 360 mobile phone assistants to form a strong pressure.

By the August Baidu World Congress, Baidu first proposed a lightweight application concept, intended to solve the long tail of the distribution of applications dilemma. The advantage of light application is that the search is used, no installation, standardized page experience, no terminal restrictions, low development costs. More importantly, Baidu's mobile search has a liquidity channel, which broke the previous obsession with Baidu's mobile search business to become a problem. Some tourism and food type of long tail application, in the Baidu Light application platform has been very good distribution.

By the end of 2013, Baidu Mobile search in a year growth of more than 1600%, Baidu appeared 14 users over billion mobile products, including mobile phone Baidu client users over 400 million, Baidu map users over 200 million. Other such as mobile phone browser, magic map, Baidu Cloud, Archie Art, Baidu Video, Baidu mobile phone assistant, mobile defender, Android Market, users have been over billion.

It is worth mentioning that Baidu's international business, but also to mobile-oriented. Baidu internationalization of the main three regions in North Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Last year, Baidu first launched two mobile browsers in Africa, and then launched an antivirus app,2014 in Thailand that could launch a search. The use of mobile services reverse attack mode can be, but also depends on the performance of the future. But Baidu's English-language developer tool, published last year, seems to have died in the womb.

Now it seems that Baidu's mobile strategy is this: around the search, LBS, application distribution, video four areas, to create a user, developers, including a sound ecological system. The bottom layer is a platform for cutting-edge technologies such as large data, cloud computing, in-depth learning, for developers to submit products and sites to attract users, the second layer is the application of support layer, by Baidu Map, personal cloud, Baidu mobile phone assistant, mobile phone Baidu client, 91 assistants, Baidu mobile phone guardian, such as Baidu series of products composed of the first layer is the entrance and the transformation of the layer , through 91 wireless and lightweight applications to achieve the distribution of traffic, and receive a split, while acquiring users, import to the lower level.

Baidu Mobile end of the past year's progress is very large, has been around its own flow characteristics to establish a unique mobile ecology, but Baidu's mobile business in terms of versatility and stickiness than Tencent, the account system is weak, which is caused by its own genes. However, Baidu seems to be taking time to improve this.

Baidu in the account system of the transformation, by providing users with multi-level services to implement. For example, good Word-of-mouth personal cloud, Baidu Finance, wearable equipment and so on. Baidu entered the Internet financial Field last year, released two products, respectively, "Hundred" and "hundred Earn", also released the Baidu Financial app. Financial business of the account system has a significant role in the improvement, it belongs to the mobile cloud under the division, if Baidu can enlarge the business, can be in the process of business development of the user's landing habits.

In addition, Baidu Mobile under the cloud of wearable equipment business, but also to improve the status of an important force. All wearable equipment in Baidu need personal cloud account login, and Baidu's attention to wearable equipment is very high, the future placed great expectations. As an important part of mobile Internet, its future prospects can be optimistic.

2014, Baidu will encounter more intense challenges, Tencent will also enter the application distribution market, in the browser and map will also exert force, and the original monolithic mobile security market will be surging, Baidu at the end of last year, a strong launch of mobile security products-Baidu mobile phone defender, padded Baidu Mobile security short board. Obviously based on the upgrade of Android optimization master, with 100 million users of Baidu mobile phone defender will also impact the current mobile security market pattern. Baidu's current share price is close to 200 U.S. dollars, the market value of 60 billion, which fully benefited from the past year in the mobile sector, Baidu Mobile cloud to upgrade a less than 30-Year-old vice president, not only proved that Baidu in the field fruitful, but also prove its commitment to embrace the future.


Alibaba's mobile end is in fact the weakest of the big three, not even the Qihoo 360. The main reason is that Alibaba's main business is not for the broadest user, only in the mobile power and payment areas have an advantage, but it is burdened with the broadest user-oriented Tencent and Baidu direct competition of the reputation.

Alibaba is bat in the wake of the latest, hands-on also the latest one, the acquisition of Sina Weibo 18% stake, visible as Ali to his situation an awakening. In the second half of the movement of force, it can be seen as the mobile end of the status of a slightly hopeless awakening.

In the United States, too, the concept of mobile power does not fall, so the only thing Ali can do is open a wireless slot for traditional PC shopping on the mobile internet. Day cat, Taobao and mobile phone payment, is Ali at the mobile end of the core competitiveness. But when Ali realized that the King of social networking, Tencent, was moving to the end of its traditional electric-business ecosystem, a battle began. Social ecology is the most direct to the electric quotient of the actual impact of a kind of industry, through social relations and linked to the physical commodity transactions, more viscous, lower sales costs, and all of these, relying on the flow distribution mechanism to gain revenue from Ali does not have. If Ali had a year of force, the situation would be completely different, but now it seems a little late.

In fact, Ali in the mobile end of the expansion is much earlier than imagined, but failed. Early Aliyun in Mobile OS development, it is from the most basic level to try to rob the entrance of a business, but this project too quick success, in the alleged infringement by Google after the collapse, lost the chance of superior.

The domestic industry has been to Ali mobile side of the strength of high expectations, but in fact, the past year Ali's actions, have a feeling of forced helplessness. The acquisition of Sina, gold, fast, UC, MO, and so on, are equity investment, the pit is not to be won by competitors obvious intention. and wholly-owned acquisition or holding of mobile business such as Tintin, friends, shrimp music and so on, it has no impact on the overall situation.

Around the Alipay, Taobao and cat three mobile clients, Ali gathered a group of friendlies, the multinational force-type integration, to promote the strength of Ali Mobile end of the power to help small, and ultimately rely on the promotion of their own strength to get out of trouble. Because of this, in the four quarter Ali began to push contacts, with the intention of building a social relationship chain to promote the business, to resist the impact of micro-credit, this can be counted as Ali on the mobile end of the real power of the beginning.

In the past year, although the mobile phone Taobao and Cat and other clients to obtain more than 6 times times the development, but the actual transaction also accounted for only 10% of their PC business. This is not the status quo that can be changed by means of promotion, and the natural attributes of mobile dealers and payments determine that such businesses are unlikely to get the same pace of development as micro-letters.

Under the dilemma, Ma Yun also proposed a comprehensive mobile idea, to use the mobile phone Taobao replace the PC on the Taobao, and even want to make the office environment for employees to achieve full mobility. These propositions can represent a determination and a willingness, and if they do, they are overkill.

Ali's mobile force, now in addition to the core of the shopping and payment business, the rest mostly concentrated in the social and local life areas, the most rare. Quick taxi overall lag behind tick-tock taxi, the gap between the two and micro-letter is greater, the difference. Sina Weibo in the field still maintain a leading position, but Ali in the use of Micro Bo This issue dislocation, for the group listed and stared at the immediate petty regardless of other, blindly using micro bo rough diversion, resulting in Sina Weibo in the user experience deviation. And 18% of the equity, people do not understand whether Ali is to put up the micro-bo, or to be consumed.

Ali at the end of the double 12 o'clock has launched the lottery, spending more than 30 million yuan for users to buy the current Shuangse Qiu lottery tickets, and presented to users, the purpose is to encourage users to use mobile phone payment. And almost at the same time the policy of charging Alipay, but also in order to enhance the use of mobile payments, accelerate the user to move to the end of the transfer. In the acquisition of a lot of business, Ali turned to use real money and resources to support their business strategy, even at the launch and Sina Weibo business has the essence of the conflict between the traffic, this chaotic strategy, let people on its future difficult to optimistic.

Perhaps, Alibaba does not need to have a mobile end strategy, the first to solve the traffic dilemma Taobao, the PC side of the rules to adjust to health, so that sellers have money to earn, is Ali the most to do things.

The only aspect of Alibaba's 2014 is cloud computing. As the Amazon cloud enters China's footsteps, Aliyun is about to go to war, and they are going to follow the footsteps of the Amazon cloud to all over the world and compete directly with Amazon, with the backbone of the idea. However, unlike the concept of Baidu Mobile cloud, Aliyun is disconnected from the mobile business, which seems to be a different story from the mobile business.

Qihoo 360

Talking about Qihoo 360 's mobile business, it has to mention its PC search because the company, while occupying a prominent position in mobile application distribution, lacks a complete mobile industry chain in addition to security and browsers. This is evident in some of the four-quarter performances of Qihoo.

Qihoo 360 The main energy of last year was on the search business, and after the strength of mobile security was consolidated, search became the main factor underpinning the 360 share price. At the end of 360 years revealed that the search market share has more than 20%, if the number of water is not much, can only prove that 360 did not get rid of the weak position on the search, is still in the user acquisition and user habits of the stage, the distance to subvert Baidu there is no small distance.

360 of the search strategy, should be in the share of up to 30% start flow injection strategy, forcibly cut the share of 40%. But from the current position to 30% of the share, is a difficult journey. Before the user habits are not developed, the injection flow will affect the other part of the revenue, and not the corresponding return. If Baidu search does not make a monstrous blunder, the current market pattern is still not seen to be broken. The search business seems to have fallen within 360, and 360 must find new space for investors to maintain their share price. And this imaginary space is moving.

Qihoo 360 was an early mover of the mobile application distribution business, with the 91 assistants at the time being applied to distribute the two strong. This mobile end of the rare profit-making business, in a short time even become a portal, to help Qihoo 360 boarded the mobile internet an early bus.

After Baidu bought 91 wireless, both in several international well-known game distribution above, there have been fierce attack and defense. 360 think their plants vs. zombies in the distribution of far more than Baidu, and Baidu that they do not lag behind the data. This is a Shing, but I think Baidu's distribution capacity is not weaker than 360, because Baidu is the use of multi-channel distribution strategy, mobile search tools also assume the role of the application distribution, and the effect is very good. And 360, only the powerful mobile phone assistants alone.

360 of mobile game distribution ability is really strong, its platform is the game developers willing to settle, according to the distribution data from several well-known hand tour company, its data is much more beautiful than Baidu. But this is only the game field, in other applications of distribution, 360 should not be the strongest. Last year it was not a good thing to see the cost of 360 game distribution platforms and intermodal platforms increasingly expensive, according to some data from hand-travel companies.

In the area of mobile security, because of the overall control of 360 on the PC side, it is still the only overlord in the field of mobile security. Mobile phone Defender Current user volume is 400 million, control 70% of the market share, 360 of all business rise, are more or less with this powerful application. But in 2014, with Tencent and Baidu in the Mobile security field, 360 will also face fierce challenges.

Mobile security is an import business and has always been valued. However, at the end of last year, this value seems to have deepened in the bat three, Tencent will invest in resources in 2014 to make mobile security bigger, and Baidu also released its own security guards, Alibaba also intends to release its own security products. The 2014 situation, not so optimistic about 360, is to vigorously introduce people already have the expected mobile search, or consumption of energy in the field of mobile security to consolidate status and opponents die, is a dilemma.

With 360 of the resources and strength, it is unlikely to take multiple lines of combat, only to seize the core business does not relax. In many fronts to compete with others, is a thankless thing, this point 360 has been a feeling, so will certainly creating priorities.

Outlook 2014

The current mobile internet pattern, has shifted from the warlords to centralization, in addition to BATQ, has the ability to carry out the mobile strategy of the company there are few. This market will appear the trend of resources and power towards the oligarchy, and there will be Matthew effect. Finally each occupy a site, each looking for their own commercial development approach.

The 2014 mobile war will be very fierce, the war will be mainly in the batq between the several. There is a lot of competition in the fields of mobile social, mobile payment, mobile security, mobile apps distribution, mobile browsers, mobile search and maps.

Overall, there are major changes in the three areas of mobile search, mobile social networking and mobile power providers. There is a lot of space for mobile payment, mobile browser, mobile security and mobile application distribution. Hope that the giants of the 2014, can play a posture in the competition, played elegant, play friendship.

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