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A description of the proposal

In the competition of the Internet, the brand is the lethal weapon that embodies the difference competition. In the Internet, how can we really call a few brands? In addition to the portal site. Even if the zhongguancun, perhaps in our Brain brand imprint is vaguely vague. I'm not saying no, just vague. But even this vague impact of the site, in China How many? brand is the core of the site, brand connotation is the soul of the site. No Brand soul site, is a lack of vitality. Branding is the basis for building a website, not an add-on!

The passage of time, in the Internet Café media industry has been springing up the stage of development, the flourishing of the mature period, we are unable to find a good brand of Internet cafes media sites and deeply regret. In addition to the Grand network of "internet Café Yellow Pages" and the Guangzhou New Broadband "forum" two media in China's internet cafes in the hearts of people left a deep imprint, we need and urgently need to have an excellent Internet café media site can stand up, with their shoulders to carry some things, carrying the Chinese Internet Bar Media industry banner. At the same time, ***.com ...

Two market positioning

In the human step into the information society today, the network in People's life and work, is shouldering the more and more important role. Internet cafes as a place for the public to provide access to services, at home after years of development, has formed a considerable scale and become an important part of social and cultural life, but also has a very large advertising resources. However, as the development of value-added services for Internet cafes is often to each other, making this huge advertising resources can not be integrated, it appears very fragmented, thus losing its due value.

On the one hand, advertisers want to use the Internet Café advertising platform and the offline industry organically combine to produce a variety of profits, high efficiency to shape the brand; On the other hand, the lack of the integration of Internet bar advertising resources makes it impossible to form value. In this context, ***.com, with a unique and highly targeted Internet cafes combined with network media to integrate the Internet Café resources to help the enterprise products and services market segmentation strategy to build a new competitive platform.

Three promotion principles

Website promotion objectives: to efficient, economic, practical principles, combined with the content of the site, to promote the website. Enhance the site's column brand, and then create profits, to ensure that the site and users win.

Four ways to promote

Online promotion

100 degrees to know the promotion: Baidu in the crawl search content, always automatically take their own related business priority to crawl. So you can use Baidu know, ask oneself form to cleverly embed the website name and keyword and so on promotion.

200-degree space promotion: the principle of the same, in the Baidu Space registration account, in the form of blog post site and the relevant content of the site.

300 degrees Bar Promotion: the principle of the same, posted in Baidu Post, in front of the title plus "site keyword" "Site keyword" "Site keyword." To online search some interesting articles to publish, the article best shorter, in the end of the post can be written: more xxxx on this * * * online.

1~3 promotion method should pay attention to the flow of IP, do not use the same IP too much, otherwise easy to be blocked by the search engine.

4 Soft Article promotion: Soft text promotion is more common, the key lies in the quality of soft text and will not lead to internet users disgust.

4th promotion Law should pay attention to: Ⅰ not malicious hype, so easy to arouse other people's disgust. Will not gain long-term value.

Ⅱ write articles to be useful to users, that is, to be valuable. Valuable will encourage users to browse, and valuable is easy to be recommended by the site, put in the recommended position to attract more readers.

Ⅲ soft text to be creative, remember not to directly modify other people's articles, plus their own web site.

Ⅳ soft text to be sent to the appropriate site or forum, rotten hair waste time, and no effect. such as writing website aspect, publish in such as and, so, as long as you publish will have a lot of website to reprint. So the flow will come naturally.

5 Cross promotion: Cross promotion should belong to a branch of soft text promotion. That is, when writing some soft text, there is a correlation between the articles. Other people read this article and want to read the next article, or look at the following article will think about the previous article. If the reference to <<****1>> in <<****>>, in <<****1>> mentioned <<****>>. So no matter what other people are looking at the article, will want to go to the website to see the other article.

6 Temptation to promote: temptation to promote the ancient, but also very practical. Post some topics in the forum, in which the red field, what what content for the VIP content, the need to collect fees * * * *. Annotation: <<****>>VIP content to be published free of charge to the web, you need to see. Such a way to get the traffic, netizens generally will be more easy to remember, the effect is good.

7 Blog Promotion: Blog promotion in my opinion is very skillful. First to apply for multiple blogs, search engines to look up the recent keywords before. Then in the blog post with these keywords and blog hosting keywords for topic topics, these keywords should be ranked in the front. For example, recent search hot as: The two sessions, blog custodian for: Sina, then in the blog title added: "The two sessions, Sina and other words", this will make this blog post the click-through. And in each blog has done other places to apply for the link of the blog, of course, there is no need to promote the connection of the site. And in the theme of the blog to join the need to promote the site to connect, so the effect will be more ideal.

8 Mail Promotion: The purpose of mail promotion is actually more focused on maintaining a good relationship with members and increasing loyalty of members. Mass mailing, implies is to send mail in bulk. The trick is to try to get customers involved, such as contests, competitions, puzzles, Web pages, special effects, promotions, after-sales service, promotions, and so on. In this way to consciously create their own online customer base, and constantly use email to maintain their relationship. Let members become the promotion of their own website a big help.

9 Picture promotion: In the picture all hits the website the logo and the address.

10 Promotion: Create a sensation, such as the article "Jay Chou eccentric Big exposure", this Jay Chou Petzhougeren also.

11 Software Promotion: Common promotion software, forum mass software, QQ mass software, mass mailing software, message this mass software, search engine login software. Through a large number of posts, will soon be able to web site information to see and be search engine attention.

12 Media Promotion: Read a report shows that the proportion of newspapers and magazines, radio and television accounts for users to learn the new site 49.9%. This data shows that we should pay attention to the role of press releases on the promotion of the website, and the good relationship with the news media often play an unexpected effect on the website promotion. Although the accuracy of the data is still unknown, but the effect is not negligible.

The above promotion method is used in the initial stage of the website, any successful website cannot be to rely on this kind of promotion way to maintain. When the site begins to take shape, more promotion is derived from the site's own Word-of-mouth, content, service and influence.

Offline promotion

1 for employees to issue a unified printing site logo and address of clothing, so that employees in the work and on the way home will be in the invisible to the website for publicity.

2 in the cooperation of the home page of the Internet bar or the launch of the website embedded in the publicity.

3 cooperation with merchants, so that businesses to provide Internet cafes online card (card printed on the business and website ads), and then the Internet card to provide to Internet cafes. This promotion law originates from Bill Gates ' son-in-law and World Bank president's story, similar promotion way still has many, may according to the actual situation both earns the profit and for the website promotion.

3. Bid Promotion

Use paid bidding method to purchase search engine keywords for promotion.

4. Promotion of thematic activities

Certain theme Internet Café player star election campaign

Activities Purpose: Effective in the activities interspersed with the introduction of the website, in the process of promoting the Internet cafes to strengthen the current site in the social crowd of the public image and visibility, for the future of large-scale publicity and establish a good reputation laid the foundation. To get to the Internet café on this site and the Internet Café media company's endorsement, the use of Internet cafes operators to reach a large area of word-of-mouth promotion.

Activities Overview:

1 use of Internet cafes to publish the details of the election campaign. (including time, place, condition, qualification, registration rules, etc.);

2 Design printing leaflets posted in the Internet cafes and crowded places;

3 on the website and the cooperative website to advertise propaganda;

4 A simple first round of the week, causing the attention and attention of the Internet users, resulting in the audience's ideas on the recognition of Internet cafes election activities and website promotion activities and new ideas;

5 Organize the jury to assess and evaluate the team. (including stature, appearance, talent show, game show, the understanding of Internet cafes and games, etc.);

6 final is the final, the winner will be provided by the Internet Café Voucher award, the printed with their own name appearance of the Internet Café Star poster posted in the Internet Café Rewards, website interview awards, home page Publicity awards, etc.

Remark: The competition is phased out, the selection-type semi-finals and final three stages.

5 SEO Optimization

For small and medium-sized sites, 80%-90% or even more traffic from the search engine. When the customer search for us through the search engine, how to seize the opportunity? Improve their position in Google, Baidu, so that are looking for our customers to find us, which requires SEO optimization of the site, get good keyword rankings and get traffic. General website SEO process is as follows:

1 Find, identify your keywords

Finding and identifying your keywords is an important step in SEO! Identify your keywords by understanding your users and the habits of your users when searching for your service.

Common two small methods:

1 Think of yourself as a customer, to search your product, what keywords will be entered.

2 through Baidu Related keywords to find the main words related words.

Determine the target word (generally 3-6 keywords), the study index of high and low competitive keywords can bring great benefits to the site.

2 Enhanced Content

Always keep in mind that the value of the user is the soul of the site, can be appropriate to the content of the keywords bold, transform colors, content titles, meta tags and pictures of the alt tags appear in the keyword.

3 internal links and external links (outside the chain for the king)

External links in search engine rankings and included in a very significant and important effect. Internal links let search engines know what you think your site is important, and external links let search engines think that your pages are important to everyone.

4 analysis of statistical sources, according to the data, further identify the key words, and cycle to the first step.

Statistical tools to help you understand the progress of your work and to be more specific about your business. Through statistics to understand the antecedents of keywords, and further strengthen the content, the chain, thereby stabilizing the rankings.

Related tools: Webmaster statistics,, Yahoo Statistics, Google Analytics.

Five. Media PR

1 Traditional Media PR

Take the Wuhan city bus as the carrier, will the website on-line operation news release. At the same time follow the "First Life", "big Wuhan" and other magazines, the site content interspersed into some of the features of Wuhan play. For example, in the introduction of a theme in Wuhan Internet cafes, or other similar news, you can take the opportunity to publicize this site. Strengthens the website brand promotion ﹑ website idea Declaration and so on.

2 Cocktail Party

No one rules the Internet café must be a lower end of the line, like high-end internet cafes can be sought after the same. Wuhan City can invite internet cafes and related industry entrepreneurs, even if he is just a non-staple food can be invited to participate in our cocktail party. When holding a business cocktail party, you can invite some artists to be guests of the cocktail party, which will create a good atmosphere for the reception. In the process of the reception can be like to promote the latest Internet cafes business philosophy, to strengthen the Internet cafes in the Internet cafes between the relevant industries in cooperation and exchange. Let the participants from the bottom of the heart of the recognition of this site and the Internet Café Media is trustworthy, can add value to the interests of everyone. Through the holding of business networking receptions can effectively enhance the visibility of the site for the future of the site to pave the way for business operations.

PostScript: The first specific for a website to write promotion planning case, always feel that there are a lot of deficiencies. But there is always a first time, although not too good to do is a five-hour achievement. You are welcome to correct me.

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