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As a Seoer, like a doctor, the task is to see the site, and then responsible for curing him. When the user search, SERP page at first glance the user is the title. Title is crucial for a website, it is the entrance of users into the site, but also make your site can rank the key factor. Then title how to write how to improve ranking, to achieve the results we want it?

First of all, let's start with the mistakes of the Title of several websites:

Misunderstanding one: title write which does not matter

It's not correct to write like this, and the label should be written next to the label. Spiders can quickly see the contents of the site, to facilitate the spider crawling the site.

Misunderstanding 2: the use of conjunctions between keywords ** is better

Everyone who is familiar with search engines knows that when spiders crawl content into the database, they need to process the data. The first step is to deal with all the symbols that do not affect the meaning of the sentence, modified words are deleted, leaving only the main part. So in the rankings will be concatenated characters are deleted, so it does not affect the rankings.

Misunderstanding three: the order of keywords in the title does not matter

Spiders, like people, are happy when they first see it, so the leftmost keyword in the title is the spider's first position to be visited later, and the weight in that position naturally goes up.

Myth # 4: Chinese words and exact match are the same

For a new station, the exactly matching title has a higher weight, while the Chinese participle weighs slightly less. But for an old station, this does not matter.

Myth # 5: Many people know that keywords have a high weight and can promote rankings. So I wrote a bunch of keywords.

Keywords should be controlled within four, if too many keywords, there is no weight beyond, but also reduce the relevance of keywords.

These two points are many people will make mistakes. Here we talk about how to write the title, the spider just feel friendly?

1. The uniqueness of the website title is not repeated

I encountered a lot of websites are such a situation: the first page of the title page and content page Title page are the same

This will lead to internal competition within the site. The correct approach is that each page must have its own keywords, to be unique, can not be repeated.

Accurate correlation

Some people, in order to achieve the site's traffic, with some news hot topics as the title, leading to numerous traffic, but the bounce rate is also very high. At the end of the day, it is both an empty basket and a reduced user experience. This approach is no relevant consequences.

3. Word limit

When the user is searching, the search results appear on the SERP page. The most noticeable user on the SERP page is the title, with a lot of titles followed by ellipsis. Baidu title limit: up to 30 Chinese characters displayed, Google title limit: up to 32 Chinese characters. When characters are out of range, the characters written will be unweighted and may also result in lower keyword relevancy.

4 concise, fluent, not piling up

For the key words, concise and fluent is very important. If you give a word that you do not understand at all, you will not. The person is piled up. Spiders will treat you as cheating.

5. Attract clicks

Search engine marketing funnel is like this, with the show volume, with the click, will have access to consult transactions.

6. Including the company name and brand name

In this regard, many websites are doing well. The reason to include the company name and brand name is: each company name is not the same, the competition is small. Even if the next is a small website, when searching for the name of the site you can find the site, this can enhance the user experience.

Do not use meaningless sentences

A lot of people who do website, add a few words in the site's title with the ad-like sentence. Such sentences are few people will search, and wrote in the title many users do not care about what the title written. This results in a waste of resources.

After writing so much, finally finished the title of the case. After seeing this writing skills for the title, there is

Did not solve the heart of doubt? Do SEO, details and skills is very important. Grasp the details and skills, easy to do SEO.

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