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Soft Wen has been developing continuously, and as a more prominent in the soft text site webmaster Network has been accepted by the major webmaster Soft article, which also has a lot of webmaster contributions are always, or not every piece of soft text can make editors like, or webmaster network users like, Today Mo Shi trillion and everyone analysis of the success of soft text submission skills, let us know more about such a flow platform need what kind of manuscript, we will cater to what kind of manuscript writing, so that we can in the limited platform of the soft text to play its value reasonably, each article is with soft advertising, then who can in such a heavy Under review, then who will have a chance to show in front of the webmaster.

Following the A5 submission Guide is one of the first techniques

In the top left corner of the webmaster network is a Web page is about the relevant guide to the submission, which contains a total of 10 points, refers to the article writing, followed by some of the reasons for not the adoption of the principle, Mo Shi trillion since March on this platform to contribute since, Also the land continues to be many articles to pass or recommend on the homepage of the website, one of the reasons is to read this rule, why the site will list such a guide, is for members to be able to follow this principle, writing their own articles, website has the rules and regulations of the site, then the Webmaster network as a high flow platform, Nature has a place to attract people, why one day can absorb 200--300 more than the soft Wen site, naturally will eliminate some not the best, keep the best show to the user, provide value to the user, so if you as just practice the soft text submission of friends, then you choose to contribute to this platform, First of all suggest you look at such a guide, and then you can check the relevant soft article submission experience, such a goal can enable you to quickly find their own direction and some writing restrictions, to avoid appearing in the text and lead to the submission of audit but.

Soft advertising is also a time to pay attention to quality

Mo Shi trillion found that a lot of webmaster in the site after the submission, will continue to refresh the page waiting for the results, but the final wait is to return the manuscript and did not audit through, here as a soft literati I share a point of view, in fact, soft advertising is also pay attention to the quality of time, we carefully observe the words, will find many such examples, Whether it's from the word count or the content, have a very high threshold, remember the author before writing is still very easy to pass, but the limit is not, an article is a good article, the key or see how much you use feelings in the inside, such as this article, Mo Shi is not advertising himself, but really from a few face-to-face summary of some of the webmaster network to contribute to the skills, so a soft wen should be focused on quality, not output, through the quality of the article constantly improve, there will be more webmaster read our article, as well as our articles reproduced, This is not the result of our writing soft text of the starting point, so in the advocacy of soft original, as a soft literati I also advocated the writing when the soft text to a higher quality of sharing, give users value.

The experience of writing articles should be more innovative

You know why the Innovation Factory kai-Fu Lee can give such success, personal thought is innovation, walking in the forefront of mobile Internet, investment in mobile internet and cloud computing and so on, these are the truth of innovation, then we write Soft wen is the same, in the Webmaster Network General column has been set, That's how we write our experience in this column, but many of the direction is by ourselves to choose, such as the last Mo Shi trillion of an article "Analysis A5 a manuscript of soft writing skills" is based on observation of an article, although said to be still writing experience to share, but the writing angle is different, Obviously such an article will have the opportunity to meet with you, and it's not going to be audited. However, we are in the creation of the time is actually such an idea and changed their painstaking thinking of the fate of an article, but also for our fate to submit articles, whether it can be recommended or approved, It all depends on your handwriting.

Analysis of several aspects of success tips, I hope you have the honor to see such an article, I believe you will have a harvest, we are constantly catering to the rules, and not to the rules to cater to us, Mo Shi trillion hand-taobao women's winter Clothing ( that Soft paper to submit a lot of skills, but more than a few more novel, so share out to give everyone, but also hope that more writing soft text in webmaster Network to contribute, on the one hand for their website to do point outside the chain, another aspect also let us read to your classic.

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