Analysis of 56 Net: where is the way out after the merger?

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September 2011, Renren announced the purchase of 80 million U.S. dollars to officially buy 56 network of video sites, the acquisition is seen as an important step in the expansion process of the oak group. We know that video-type sites have been weighed at high cost and high risk, including high copyright fees and server bandwidth costs, and that video-type sites will struggle to survive without strong capital and user support. And for everyone net after the 56 net, what can everyone bring to it? Where is the outlet of the 56 network?

After the acquisition of the flow of one-fold increase: how to do?

Let's take a look at what the 56 has achieved after being bought by everyone. It is clear that traffic is the fundamental to the survival of the site, since being bought by Renren, 56 net traffic has been upgraded by one times, according to the Alexa official data, 56 network of daily access to 4 million IP up and down, it is clear that the increase in traffic will bring more revenue for 56 nets.

Let's analyze how the 56 net is doubling the traffic. In 56 times of independence, all aspects of the operation and promotion work is done by themselves, the most important way to promote or set up their own video alliance, in accordance with the number of video play to pay commission to attract more users for its promotion, such a way to promote the 56 brought the initial brand effect, But this kind of promotion way appears insufficiently systematized, and some sporadic. In addition to the more powerful funds, 56 network and there is no more than the resources to be shot, including good promotional channels.

It is worth our attention is that the flow of video sites mainly from the bar, forum and SNS site, that is, through the user will be some video sharing some bar, forum or personal homepage, to attract friends on demand for video sites to bring a lot of traffic. Especially SNS website reprint and share function, can let some very popular video be forwarded and share thousands of times. Renren as the most powerful social networking site among college students, 56 in the network of people after the acquisition of the majority of people in the network to share the most of the video from 56 nets, no doubt 56 network will be to obtain more traffic, and Renren has become the main source of 56 net traffic.

Survival keywords: social video and cheap student resources

We know that the cost of video site is nothing more than content costs, promotion costs and server bandwidth costs, where the cost of server bandwidth is hard cost, is not to be reduced. But the content cost and the promotion cost is belongs to the reduced cost, therefore the video website wants to obtain the higher profit, the best way is reduces the content cost and the promotion cost while enhances the website the traffic.

Generally speaking, most of the content cost of the site is the cost of the purchase of copyright, so many video sites to reduce the cost of content, to reduce the purchase of copyright budget and encourage users to create content measures. The promotion cost is to set up Video Alliance for the promotion of the Commission fees and advertising costs, if there is a good promotion channels, then the promotion costs will be greatly reduced.

Renren itself is a social networking site for college students, with tens of millions of college users. In the site of the university students to share video and new frequency is high, a variety of content in line with the student's appetite in the popular open, so Renren has 56 to reduce content costs and promote the cost of the conditions. From the current situation, 56 net and Renren is a good combination, a variety of video from the 56 network in Renren is frequently shared and reproduced, to a certain extent, 56 network is to social video improvement.

Can not better encourage users to original video site is a common problem, a very important reason is that users of original content can get more people's attention and discussion is to hinder users to create content of the foot stone. Renren as a SNS site, the site of the user's original enthusiasm is very high, if the 56 network through Renren to encourage users to provide a large number of 56 network of original video, and in Renren, a large number of dissemination and discussion, then no doubt 56 network will be spent a small amount of cost to achieve the original video and traffic double, plainly, Social video and cheap student resources are the two main elements of 56 network survival.

Written in the end: Can the success of the network with Renren?

It turns out that since the 56 net was bought and purchased by Renren, the 56 network has made great progress, including video content and traffic and profit, and 56 network has become a network of people to share the important source of video sites. In other words, 56 nets have found a backer, no need to bear the cost of their own costs at the same time also worry about not attract more users, at least 56 nets in the acquisition of a sense of everyone, as for the further integration with Renren and 56 in the future performance, we can only wait to see. OK, today and you chat to this, this article first a5,365 Health Network feeds, reproduced Please specify, thank you!

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