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Make a brand, many consumers in the media age is not the same, the direction of consumption is also highly dispersed era, how to find ways to make consumers interested in the brand, and the consumption of the brand, the accumulation of brand equity? How to use Existing web technologies drive consumer action through advertising and marketing? The brand's communication model is facing an unprecedented revolution in the mobile Internet era.

And this revolution needs to be redefined and reevaluated in the light of the changes in consumer life today.

The first is that consumers are readily available to the mobile Internet and their attention will be less focused. The demand for mobile terminals to link to other terminals is strengthened.

Second, consumers are quick to shuttle through various venues and spaces. Their living ranges are gradually expanding and diversified. It is difficult for single media to cover the consumers you want.

The third change is that consumers, whether they are intelligent terminals, advertising media platforms or consumer terminals, are generating a large amount of consumer behavior data, and these data become more accurate tools for enterprises to understand consumers.

The fourth change, consumer behavior from rational preparation to real-time scene trigger. In the era of information explosion, consumers' consumption behavior is no longer completely static and planned because consumers are constantly absorbing advertising and marketing messages in distributed media contacts. Therefore, many consumer behaviors will be due to specific brand settings Triggered by ads, experiences, or interactive scenes.

These changes above make today's brands need to rethink and establish a new model of brand communication.

First, create content and topics, implanted consumer scenes advertising explosion.

In many cases, consumers do not exclude advertisements. In the era of social media, many consumers block advertisements. The fundamental reason is that advertisements can not become a topic that consumers can share and interfere with consumers' life scenes. For example, when the whole family was eating, they suddenly saw a drug advertisement appearing on television. Consumers subconsciously formed a psychological separation and their persuasion of advertising decreased. As another example, when a consumer browses an item of interest on the webpage, an advertisement pops up suddenly. Consciously, the consumer unconsciously revises the idea.

Therefore, how ads are "scene-oriented" and how they match through what can be talked about are the issues that all brands face. The scene is not just a matter of carrier and method of advertising, but more importantly, the brand should be able to create brands and content topics that consumers are concerned about, and create short-term topic scenes through different media to bring brand detonation .

For example, each time after the launch of the new product, millet mobile phones will be able to create a topic that can be spread through online media such as WeChat and WeChat, and then offline select office building media to make many people view the millet release on the Internet After the meeting, while coming to the office and leaving the office, the topic brought by social media is brought down into the real-life scene and transformed into the actual sales force.

For another example, during the World Cup, each consumer will be concerned about the World Cup-related topics, especially the performance of the various teams, etc. Therefore, during this period if the brand can be implanted in the World Cup-related content, it may bring a deep memory . Netease news client in its "quiz World Cup" content, combined with the points system, support Welfare betting floating odds mechanism, combined with the advertisers need to join the quiz customization, the three cooperative seats were bought within a short period of time. For many people may rush to work in time to watch the game consumers, to office time, you will see in the building LCD TV has the latest World Cup scoreboard, which is Focus Media through 3G technology and LCD TV transmission And interact, and this list also with the "lottery ticket" to cooperate, if you want to buy the next football lottery, then to the office you may be concerned about "lottery ticket" to operate.

Translating ads into thematic content, embedded in the consumer's context, rather than bluntly promoting ads, is something that needs to be changed in response to this revolutionary brand.

Second, a strong link with the mobile Internet on all possible advertising and marketing platforms where the brand appears to stimulate consumer behavior.

Today's consumers need access to valuable information when they come into contact with the media. When consumers see valuable information, his next move is action. This consumer behavior, which may be triggered at any time, is worth all the brand's attention, and the brand should bring consumers immediate access to all possible brands wherever they appear. As Internet companies seize the entrance, the brand also needs to seize the entrance on the mobile Internet.

For example, when a user sees a product advertisement on a building TV at the elevator port, the user may immediately open a mobile client of an electronic merchant. The built-in WiFi in the building TV screen will send the product sale page to the mobile phone of the electronic merchant Client, forming a deal. O2O is the basic form of marketing in the era of mobile Internet. If it is possible to stimulate desire through communication, it can be translated into action by combining with the Internet.

What the brand urgently needs to think about is not how to disperse, but how to integrate and synergize the online and offline entrance. Because, no matter how consumers 'online information patterns change, consumers' offline living space remains the same. Therefore, the brand can not just seize the online entrance, consumer life, office space, lifestyle, fine places, can become the era of mobile Internet, offline super large-scale traffic shut-down Department.

Third, big data integration at each terminal and portal, and through data mining and management, forms a strategy for real-time marketing improvement.

Big data is very hot today, big data is not a simple concept of precision big data advertising, big data should become a marketing management and operation of the system. In the consumer and mobile technology can be associated with the terminal and marketing platform, may form a big data entry, for enterprises, how to go through the behavior of these big data to form consumer feedback, and take real-time marketing to become big data Application of the key.

Now many platforms on the Internet, both marketing and big data platforms, such as search, Weibo, WeChat, e-commerce, applications on the mobile Internet, etc. However, many physical marketing channels are also forming a big data entry, it is worth enterprise attention. It is reported that Focus Media will complete the 30 cities in the end of September 100,000 Wi-Fi and ibeacon deployment point in the opening Wi-Fi services Focus Media coverage of apartment buildings, office buildings, stores, Shopping mall, theater, etc. can Obtain the user's daily path and visit traces to form a huge daily data of more than 2 billion, similar to the accumulation of data resources in the physical operation, if well applied in these space-based media, consumer data, Can help the brand solve a lot of marketing problems.

The mode of brand communication needs to be completely reshaped today. Such remodeling requires a deep understanding of advertising and a deep insight into the consumption patterns. With the help of online and offline mobile Internet technologies, , Content, entertainment to do brand blasting, through the establishment of O2O entrance, offline integration of big data to redefine the spread.

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